Top 15 Dynasty League 3B For 2010: Take Two

Third base is shallow for 2010, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t youngsters who could emerge as mainstays in the not too distant future.  Let’s take a look at how things currently sit for Dynasty Leaguers:

  1. Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees
  2. Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
  3. David Wright – New York Mets
  4. Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals
  5. Pablo Sandoval – San Francisco Giants
  6. Mark Reynolds – Arizona Diamondbacks
  7. Kevin Youkilis – Boston Red Sox
  8. Aramis Ramirez – Chicago Cubs
  9. Chone Figgins – Seattle Mariners
  10. Adrian Beltre – Boston Red Sox
  11. Kevin Kouzmanoff – Oakland Athletics
  12. Ian Stewart – Colorado Rockies
  13. Pedro Alvarez – Pittsburgh Pirates
  14. Jhonny Peralta – Cleveland Indians
  15. Brandon Wood – Los Angeles Angels


  • I like Gordon Beckham as much as the next guy (ok, maybe not, which you can see by my write up on him by clicking here), but, since he’s being moved to 2B this season, it’s hard to rank him very highly for dynasty leaguers at 3B.  If he ultimately moves back, things will obviously change, but for now he’s going to stay ranked a bit lower.  In fact, he fell outside the Top 15.
  • His long-term usage at 3B is also a concern for Youkilis, but I can’t drop him any further than seventh overall.  While Adrian Beltre will be the man at the hot corner, Youkilis always manages to find his way over there.  Just look at his games played at 3B since 2004: 65, 24, 16, 13, 36 and 63.  Depending on your league rules, he’s likely to find a way to remain eligible there moving forward.  For more thoughts on Youkilis, click here.
  • Michael Young is a risk for yearly league owners, as he’s overvalued in my book (click here to view why).  At 33-years old for dynasty league owners?  Forget about it.  In fact, I’d rather take the gamble on some younger options.
  • Yeah, I’m high on Kouzmanoff (you can see why by clicking here, but keep in mind the sleeper article was written prior to his trade).  I do believe he’s in line for a big year, despite his surroundings, and would be alright with getting him as my starter.
  • Pedro Alvarez may get a chance to make an impact before year’s end, which earns him a spot on this list.  He’s a great player to take and stash away for dynasty leaguers.  Drafted second overall in 2008, he made his pro debut last year and made his presence felt.  Reaching Double-A, he hit .333 with 13 HR and 40 RBI in 222 AB.  This is the Pirates, so I’d fully expect him to get an opportunity before 2010 is over.  However, taking him as a starter would be a mistake, since when he debuts is a mystery.
  • Zimmerman or Wright?  That’s a debate that’s likely to rage on for many years to come, huh?
  • Brandon Wood should finally get an opportunity to show what he can do with full-time playing time.  We’ll finally find out if he’s real or fiction, though the strikeouts leave a lot to be desired.  As a flyer as a reserve (I would not draft him to start for my team, outside of deep AL-only leagues), he’s worth the gamble.
  • What about Jhonny Peralta?  Are we really about to write him off because of a down season?  He’s got the potential to come back full force in ’10 (click here for more on him).

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who should be higher on the list?  Who was left off that you feel belongs?

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  1. TY says:

    We need to see a full healthy year of wright with a full healthy Mets team… so i’ll count a healthy reyes, and bay as a FULL healthy team, even tho there should be a beltran and delgado in there…. once we see that and wright doesn’t perform then i’d MAYBE consider Zimmerman ahead of him, but until then there’s no way… they’re both young, but WRIGHT has that SB edge. Until his legs run out he has the Major advantage…. He’ll hit for higher average as well. Cant take ZIMM or WRIGHT.

  2. Keith says:

    Sandoval is way to high up. No way is he better then Youk or Reynolds. Sandoval’s line is nice for a CI, don’t get me wrong, but his runs, RBIs, and even HR totals don’t match Reynolds or Youk. Sure his .315 BA is nice but I want a 3rd baseman who gives me 90+ runs and around 100 RBIs. Yes, Reynolds BA is about as good as Pierre’s power but he gives an owner a 40/20 possibility. If his average was around 300 he’d be a top 5 pick. My solution to Reynolds is make sure you have Ichiro or Mauer on your team if you have him. That way the average doesn’t hurt.

    Also, I’d take Zimmerman over Wright but I understand why you might not. To me the extra 7-10 runs, 5-7 HR, and 5 RBIs beats a 5 point change in BA and 15 SB. Right now Wright is entering his peak power years. Zimmerman is 2 years younger and at 25 shouldn’t be at his power peak. Add 2-3 more years for Zimmerman to get stronger and I could see him becoming a 110/35/120/.295/7 guy. That line looks 15 points and 8 SB short of A-Rod’s numbers. This year Wright will be better but he shouldn’t be higher ranked in dynasty leagues.

  3. PigBodine says:

    i also think pablo’s ranked too high, and i’m down with the panda more than most. his power is unproven, although i think he’s a high contact/low walk .300 hitter to bank on for years to come. very much like a younger vlad (sans the speed) the ball just jumps off this kid’s bat. with the questionable line-up around him, leading to low run/rbi totals, i have to rank reynolds and youk ahead of the panda.
    reynolds high k style has me worried and i really like what youk has done in the past couple years. 5th in wOBA last year, with increasing FB totals, it looks like a legit (later career) power surge. combine that with a solid red-sox line up around him, i’m high on youk this year. the only worry about him is he does seem to be hampered by nagging injuries, this might be more concern to those in H2H leagues.
    as far as wright v zimmerman goes, look at wrights periferials he’s been solid as a rock- despite loosing some HR’s to the new park he’ll bounce back. zimmerman looks like he’s maturing very nicely and took the next step up in power last year, i think this 30 HR pop is for real. although he prolly won’t have another big hitting streak so we’ll see about his average. you basically can’t go wrong with these guys.
    for those who are forced/inclined to wait, i’ve always loved the crushin’ russian. kouzmanoff has shown he’s a solid rbi guy with some nice HR pop despite playing in one of the most cavernous home fields with a weak supporting cast. i think kouzmanoff is gonna display some late-blooming power. beltre should bounce back nicely, in a similar situation, moving to a much better line-up and a much better hitter’s park. 3rd base is gonna be tough this year if you don’t lock it up early, might have to reach in the early middle rounds, or hope for the best in the late rounds.

  4. PigBodine says:

    a solid deep sleeper, who won’t be paid much attention on draft day- and wasn’t mentioned on your list is edwin encarnacion. he struggled with a power sapping wrist injury last season, but had a very nice month when he came back. usually i sketch-out on a power hitter coming back from a wrist injury, but eddie dislayed some nice pop upon returning from the DL. aslo was perpetually in dusty baker’s dog house, so i think this change of scenery to toronto will do him some good. i would rank him 13 on this list, maybe behind peralta but definately ahead of alverez (this year anyway)and wood

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