Spring Cliche: Chipper Jones’ Health

When a younger, burgeoning player throws out a cliché you think to yourself, maybe…  hopefully…  there could be some merit to it.  What about when the words come from a 37-year old veteran?

That brings us to Chipper Jones, who recently was quoted by David O’Brien of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (click here for the article) as saying, “I’m as heavy now as I’ve ever been. I felt like I didn’t finish the year out strong, physically, last year. I just want to really try as best as I can to maintain my weight and strength throughout the course of the season.”

O’Brien notes that Jones reported to camp at 232 lbs., up from 225.  Will this make a difference in allowing Jones to not only stay productive, but healthy for the entire 2010 season?  Given his track record I have my doubts, but what about you?  Does this news help change your mind in giving him a chance?

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Picture courtesy of Icon Sports Media, Inc.

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