Peter Bourjos: A Sleeper Source Of Stolen Bases

Speed is something that fantasy owners are always on the hunt for.  It doesn’t matter if the player can hit for average or power, as long as he can steal bases he’s going to have some value.  Peter Bourjos, a prospect for the Los Angeles Angels, has been flying under the radar but could quickly burst onto the scene in 2010 and become a must own fantasy option thanks to what he brings to the table with his legs.

2009 Statistics (Double-A):
437 At Bats
.281 Batting Average (123 Hits)
6 Home Runs
51 RBI
72 Runs
32 Stolen Bases
.354 On Base Percentage
.423 Slugging Percentage
.326 Batting Average on Balls in Play

What You Need To Know:

  • Was drafted in the tenth round of the 2005 draft (#313 overall)
  • He will turn 23 on March 31
  • Baseball America ranked him as the Angels #2 prospect heading into 2010, as well as the organization’s fastest baserunner and best defensive outfielder.  They talked a lot about his defense, which may be his ticket to the Major Leagues, but also said “He has a quick bat and made significant improvement at the plate in 2009, more notably with his discipline and pitch recognition.”
  • He struggled with his stolen base success rate last season, successful on 32 of 44 attempts.  That’s something that he needs to improve.  In 2008, he had gone 50-for-60 at high Single-A.
  • While he doesn’t have extreme power, he did have 14 triples last season.  His doubles dropped (from 29 to 16), so keep an eye on that.  It doesn’t matter if he hits HR, as long as he can consistently get doubles and triples, he’ll score a ton of runs for the Angels.
  • He has greatly improved his strikeout and walk rates, posting marks of 17.6% and 9.7%, respectively.  That could help to explain his decrease in doubles, as he could have been slightly less aggressive.  With more experience and more work better results should follow.
  • He proved that he has the potential to hit for a very good average last season.  With his speed, the .326 BABIP is extremely realistic.  In fact, would it surprise anyone if he was even higher than that?
  • With the loss of Chone Figgins, Bourjos is the type of player the Angels need at the top of the order.  Granted, the outfield is full with Juan Rivera, Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu, but it’ll take just one injury to give him an opportunity.
  • He was ranked as the #50 prospect on the Rotoprofessor Top 50 Prospect for 2010 list in the draft guide (click here for more information).

Final Thoughts:
He’s the type of player that could get an opportunity around mid-year, then all of a sudden becomes a must use option because of the speed.  If you are in a keeper league and can stash him away, I would.  If you are in a deeper league where speed is an asset you covet, I’d stash him away if you have the room.  Speed is not the easiest thing to find and Bourjos has the talent to make a big impact.

What are your thoughts on Bourjos?  Is there any chance he makes an impact in 2010?  Is he a player you want to stash?

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