Weekly Fantasy Stock Report

by Will Overton

Every Saturday I will be doing a fantasy baseball stock report where I will be taking a look at who is hot and who is on a cold streak in the world of fantasy baseball. When I do this I will also try and take a look at the week ahead and who has some favorable matchups and who doesn’t. Since we are just about to enter the first week of the season, which is a glorious time of year, I will just be taking a look at certain guys I expect big things from and other I don’t like as much based on matchups.

Guys I Like

Orlando Hudson: Hudson got off to a hot start last year, and I expect it again this year. I actually like all of the Twins to have a big start this week. They are all good lefty hitters and they have 3 games against lefties. The matchups against Angels and White Sox aren’t the most favorable, but I still think Hudson manages and puts together a big week.

Vladimir Guerrero: I like him this year more than most. He’s always been a great hitter in Arlington with a .394 Batting Average. He’s playing all 6 games in Arlington and he’s facing the Blue Jays and Mariners who he has always hit well against also. And with the exception of last year he is also a typically hot starter batting around .320 in the month of April. Add to it than none of the pitchers he faces really does much to scare me other than King Felix and he could be a very nice play.

Chase Headley: The Padres schedule consists of 6 away games. Headley was 97 points better on batting average last year on the road. And the Padres six games are in Arizona and Colorado, two very hitter friendly parks and Headley raked at Chase Field last year where he hit .353. A few Padres guys including Kyle Blanks and Wil Venable could be good sleepers this week in deeper leagues.

James Loney: All but one of his homers came on the road last year. All 6 games are on the road this week. Not to mention his BA was also fifty points higher on the road as well. He’ll be facing Pittsburgh who’s staff strikes fear into no one and play in a park that Loney hits well in. He ends the week against the Marlins and while Josh Johnson is tough to face, he gets the 4 & 5 guys before him.

Guys I Don’t Like This Week

Grady Sizemore: He’s never been a great starter out of the gates and he’s never been good on the road. In the last 3 years he is 64 points better hitting at home with 34 more RBI at home as well. He’s got Chicago and their underrated pitching staff for 3 of the games and he doesn’t typically hit well in that park. I’d play him still, but don’t expect big things right out of the gate.

Alexei Ramirez: Got off to a slow start last year and there’s a chance things may start out slow again. His splits against lefties are far better than against righties and he only faces one lefty this week. He also is a bit better on the road than home and he’s got a full week of home games.

Nyjer Morgan: The guy was atrocious against lefties last year hitting a weak .175. He’s got 3 lefties on tap for this week including Cole Hamels and Johan Santana and a tough matchup against righty Roy Halladay. So while he got off to a pretty good start last year he will likely be pretty hit or miss this week. If you have other options I probably would sit him at least against Hamels and Santana.

Dan Uggla: Things aren’t stacking up well for Dan Uggla to get off to a good start. He struggled last year against both the Mets and Dodgers hitting under .200 in both cases. And in Citi Field he hit .133 which is where his first 3 games were. He’s also a pretty much perennial slow starter. Not a good combination for Uggla owners this week.


  1. Dave says:

    It’s odd that you should put Daniel Murphy on the players that you like this week since he went on the DL a few days ago and is expected to be out for as long as 6 weeks. Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis are expected to platoon in his absence.

    Not too fond of Hudson either. I know he started fast last year hitting in front of Manny but came crashing down after awhile and finished badly. He’s done very little in spring training to show that he’s ready to go again.

  2. Will says:

    I appreciate the heads up Dave. I somehow missed Murphy going out. Went on vacation last week and I guess I should’ve been keeping up better while I was gone. Will fix that up, sorry.

    I don’t know if I am buying Hudson for the whole year, but he’s a fast starter and I like the way the schedule stacks up for him this week. Not convinced he can sustain it for the year though.

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