Want Your Voice Heard?

by Jimmy Hascup

Since I know most of the loyal readers out there normally send your fantasy trades/trade offers/questions over to the Rotoprofessor, I’m going allow you to do the same to me for the next week and a half.

If anyone would like to get some trade advice or have me assess whether or not you “won” or “lost” a trade, please email me at fever22@gmail.com. Make the subject heading along the lines of “RP Trade Advice.” Depending on how many emails I get (or don’t get), I will post it up and provide a brief rundown of how I think you did. Then, we can get all the readers to weigh in on it, as well.

You can also email me – or post on the site – if you want me to write about someone specific. Also, if you have a “story of the night” that you feel strongly about, shoot me an email, and I’ll give you credit for the idea on the next morning’s recap!

I’m not the RP, but I’ll do my best to post something on most days he’s not around, or pass it along to him when he gets back. You guys have been instrumental in the site’s success and I want your voice to be heard, too!

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