Two Start Pitchers: Week 2

By Ryan Lester,

Here’s a look at the two-start pitchers for week 2.

Five Stars
Jon Lester: @MIN (Pavano), TB (Garza)
Jake Peavy: @TOR (Tallet), @CLE (Westbrook)
Matt Garza: @BAL (Guthrie), @BOS (Lester)
Clayton Kershaw: ARI (Kennedy), SF (Zito)
Adam Wainwright: HOU (Myers), NYM (Maine)

Four Stars
Brett Anderson: @SEA (Fister), BAL (Matusz)
Jair Jurrjens: @SD (Young), COL (Smith)
Cole Hamels: WAS (Marquis), FLA (Robertson)

Three Stars
Ricky Nolasco: CIN (Cueto), @PHI (Halladay)
Gavin Floyd: @TOR (Romero), @CLE (Carmona)
Brian Matusz: TB (Niemann), @OAK (Anderson)
Max Scherzer: KC (Hochevar), @SEA (Rowland-Smith)

Two Stars
Justin Duschscherer: @SEA (Rowland-Smith), BAL (Guthrie)
Jeremy Guthrie: TB (Garza), @OAK (Duchscherer)
Ervin Santana: @NYY (Pettitte), @TOR (Romero)
Carl Pavano: BOS (Lester), KC (Hochevar)
Andy Pettitte: LAA (Santana), TEX (Harden)
Ryan Rowland-Smith: OAK (Duchscherer), DET (Scherzer)
Rich Harden: @CLE (Carmona), @NYY (Pettitte)
Ricky Romero: CWS (Floyd), LAA (Santana)
Ryan Dempster: MIL (Davis), HOU (Paulino)

One Star
Fausto Carmona: TEX (Harden), CWS (Floyd)
Luke Hochevar: @DET (Scherzer), @MIN (Pavano)
Brian Tallet: CWS (Peavy), LAA (Saunders)
Greg Smith: NYM (Maine), @ATL (Jurrjens)
Doug Davis: @CHC (Dempster), @WAS (Marquis)
John Maine: @COL (Smith), @STL (Wainwright)
Jason Marquis: @PHI (Hamels), MIL (Davis)
Nate Robertson: CIN (Arroyo), @PHI (Hamels)
Johnny Cueto: @FLA (Nolasco), @PIT (Duke)
Bronson Arroyo: @FLA (Robertson), @PIT (Ohlendorf)
Ross Ohlendorf: @SF (Zito), CIN (Arroyo)
Chris Young: ATL (Jurrjens), ARI (Kennedy)
Barry Zito: PIT (Ohlendorf), @LAD (Kershaw)
Ian Kennedy: @LAD (Kershaw), @SD (Young)
Brett Myers: @STL (Wainwright), @CHC (Dempster)

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  1. Will says:

    I LOVE those matchups for Anderson & Hamels. Maybe more than a few of the 5 star guys actually.

  2. Eddy says:

    I love this format, much more organized

  3. Lester says:

    I don’t want to get too head over heals for Anderson yet. Though, I agree, he should be great this week.

    Same with Hamels. I want him to prove he’s back before I elevate him.

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