Top 15 Shortstops For 2011: Take Two (AL/NL-Only Rankings Included)

After the top two options at shortstop, are there any players that you would consider a lock to produce in 2011?  Injuries, inconsistency and age all factor in to the subsequent players, causing fantasy owners to think twice before drafting them.  That’s not to say that there isn’t talent available, because there are numerous players who could put up big campaigns. 

Let’s take a look at how the shortstop rankings currently look:

  1. Hanley Ramirez – Florida Marlins
  2. Troy Tulowitzki – Colorado Rockies
  3. Jose Reyes – New York Mets
  4. Elvis Andrus – Texas Rangers
  5. Jimmy Rollins – Philadelphia Phillies
  6. Derek Jeter – New York Yankees
  7. Alexei Ramirez – Chicago White Sox
  8. Starlin Castro – Chicago Cubs
  9. Stephen Drew – Arizona Diamondbacks
  10. Alcides Escobar – Kansas City Royals
  11. Ian Desmond – Washington Nationals
  12. Juan Uribe – Los Angeles Dodgers
  13. Jhonny Peralta – Detroit Tigers
  14. Tsuyoshi Nishioka – Minnesota Twins
  15. Rafael Furcal – Los Angeles Dodgers


  • This is one position that it is basically 1 and 1a.  I know Tulowitzki struggled a bit early on, but he showed just how hot he has the ability to get down the stretch.  He’s one of the elite players in the game, let alone at a shallow position.  How can you not like him?
  • I’m not a believer in Elvis Andrus’ 0 HR from 2010.  Let us not forget that he hit six in his rookie campaign of 2009.  No, he’s not going to be a 10-12 option (most likely), but if he can hit 6-8 along with the SB and R, he’s going to be a great option.  Of course, there are now rumors that Andrus could be moved out of the leadoff spot in favor of Ian Kinsler, which would have a major effect on his value.  That’s something we are going to have to monitor throughout the preseason.
  • Are you someone that likes Alexei Ramirez as a fantasy option?  He is a good buy (click here for my thoughts on him), but if you miss out on him Ian Desmond is a viable alternative.  For a comparison between the two, click here.
  • Now in Kansas City, Alcides Escobar should see increased opportunities to run (the old management in Milwaukee hardly let any take their shots on the bases).  With his speed, that certainly should make him a viable, low-end option in 2011.
  • To see my 2011 projection for Jose Reyes, click here

AL/NL Only Rankings:

  AL-Only NL-Only
1. Elvis Andrus Hanley Ramirez
2. Derek Jeter Troy Tulowitzki
3. Alexei Ramirez Jose Reyes
4. Alcides Escobar Jimmy Rollins
5. Jhonny Peralta Starlin Castro
6. Tsuyoshi Nishioka Stephen Drew
7. J.J. Hardy Ian Desmond
8. Yunel Escobar Rafael Furcal
9. Cliff Pennington Miguel Tejada
10. Asdrubal Cabrera Ryan Theriot
11. Reid Brignac Clint Barmes
12. Marco Scutaro Jason Bartlett

What are your thoughts on the rankings?  Whose too high?  Whose too low?

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  1. tony says:

    I guess you do not believe Jed Jowrie will steal playing time from Scutaro at SS. Given his great September what is you slash line on Jed, he is getting alot of love in 3 keeeper leagues I am in.

  2. Charlie says:

    Going into the 2011 season, good to see you have Nishioka as a SS and not a 2B.

  3. Tito says:

    Even if Andrus is moved to the 9-hole, shouldn’t hitting “in front” of Kinsler (after the first time through the order) et al still result in plenty of runs scored? He should still run quite a bit, too.

  4. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Tito, while hitting in front of someone may result in better run production, by batting 9th, Andrus would see a huge drop in plate appearances.
    Here are some quick numbers based off the Rangers 2010 team statistics….
    The #1 Hitter in 2010 had 760 Plate Appearances and 684 At-Bats
    The #9 Hitter had 617 PA and 563 AB
    In 2010, Andrus had 674 PA, 588 AB, 88 Runs, 156 Hits, 64 BB (220 H+BB) and 32 SB. If we take this data we can establish some Relative Rates…
    SB Rate [ SB / (Hits + BB) ] = 14.5%
    OBP [ (Hits + BB) / PA ] = .326
    Run Rate [ Runs / (Hits + BB) ] = 40.0%
    So using these numbers we can project (assuming his skills remain constant, which is a big assumption) his 2011 stats from both the #1 and #9 spots in the lineup if he were to play in 162 games….
    PA = 760
    AB = 684
    Runs = 99
    SB = 36
    Hits + BB = 248
    PA = 617
    AB = 563
    Runs = 80
    SB = 29
    Hits + BB = 201
    So as the #9 hitter, simply because he is seeing less plate appearance, he will lose ~20 Runs regardless of who hits in front of him

  5. Rotoprofessor says:

    Thanks for the numbers Nick! I agree 100%. Andrus’ spot in the rankings is significantly going to be affected by where he hits in the lineup. Hopefully we get a good idea of things during Spring Training, but unfortunately we may not know for sure until the season gets going.

    As far as Nishioka goes, I need to see where CBS/Yahoo/ESPN has him eligible. I know the early talk was him playing SS and Casilla at 2B, though that doesn’t mean that is where his eligibility will be on draft day. His status is certainly subject to change.

  6. Tito says:

    Nick, that’s a good point about decreasing PA’s. However, as a young player (with sharpening skills), there is reason to believe he can improve in 2011. I’m not necessarily saying hitting 9th in 2011 will be better than leading off in 2011, but runs scored aside, he could be better than he was last year.

  7. Chris F says:

    Rotoprofessor: CBS has Nishioka listed as a 2nd baseman. I have been getting players ready for my keeper league there, and was looking at drafting him as a shortstop this year and I am kind of bummed about that…

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