Results From The First Rotoprofessor Mock Draft

Sorry everyone, as I just realized that I hadn’t posted the results from the first Rotoprofessor Mock Draft held last week.  If anyone is curious, you can check it out at:

Let’s hear who everyone thinks did the best job drafting!


  1. Tuscon Mets says:

    Oops forgot to finish… Tuscon mets is the worst team by far. Has this guy ever played before?

  2. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Buster Posey in the 4th Round? Really??? That seems a bit high for him….

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    Nick, unfortunately that is where he’s going at this point (for better or worse). His ADP is around 44, so if you want him you are going to have to reach.

    Not a strategy I would endorse, however.

  4. foolintherain says:

    Really interesting approach to go for all OF to start and not stock up on the elite middle infield options. It seemed to work out very well for your team in the end. I don’t know if I’d have the cojones to do that if I were in a league drafting from scratch.

  5. Rotoprofessor says:

    It really wasn’t the plan going in, but I wanted to get the best value I could early and it just seemed to be in the form of an outfielder every time.

    I would make the picks of Braun, Holliday & Rios every time, with the way the draft fell. Pence I may not have selected, but with the picks that came after him, again I liked the value.

    It was certainly interesting to see the way it played out, but that’s what mocks are for, right?

  6. E-Z says:

    What were the setups in this mock? Was it just against a bunch of random people? What were the rosters, because it looks like some people took the 2 catcher concept pretty seriously (McCann/Martinez for instance) when others didn’t.

    I’m only just starting my analysis for the year but a few things jump out a little.

    I think you bit on Rios a bit early, especially at the end of a run on OF. I think there was better value out there and Rios might well have been there for round 5.

    Although I think that is about the ADP for Rence, I don’t like that pick at all. Konerko suits your needs much better.

    Any plans to do a couple of mocks with guys from the site this year?

  7. Rotoprofessor says:

    EZ – It was the first RP Mock of the year. We will be doing several more over the next few weeks (which will be announced here on the site).

    It was a 2-catcher league, which is why a few people probably reached for catchers.

    I understand what you are saying regarding Konerko, but I am not a fan of his. I think at that point it is extremely early for him, especially since it is unlikely that he matches last seasons numbers. Would it surprise anyone if Carlos Pena matched his production in 2011?

  8. E-Z says:

    Thanks RP – I missed that. I try to take a step back from fantasy until Feb otherwise I become totally obsessive! I’ll be interested to know when the next one is although it would depend a lot on the timing as I’m a Brit.

    I’m not a big Konerko fan, and I’m more likely to have jumped at one of the higher 1B, it’s just that I feel that he fitted a need much more than Pence, who could easily be replaced by another 5 guys beneath him.

    I think relying on Davis and Pena would bring you trouble. Pena brings power to the table but I could easily see him batting .220 or .230. Davis has upside but that is a very risky 1B combo.

  9. Rotoprofessor says:

    That’s what mocks are for though, isn’t it? See what works and what doesn’t. Trust me, never planned to go so OF heavy, but the value felt like it was there, so I stuck with it.

    Coincidentally, the projections had me finishing first or second (don’t remember which). I probably am higher on Rios than many other people are, which is why I took him at that spot. I didn’t think he’d get back to me and I actually have him valued a few spots higher than some of the OFers that went before him.

  10. E-Z says:

    I agree totally RP. The mocks are a great tool for trying out strategies and seeing where other people are going.

    I’m still in fantasy spring training, I’m only now starting to put together rankings and lists of who I might target.

    Did you use your own projections for ranking your team or someone elses? I’m interested on how you scored it.

  11. Mock Draft Central does the projections during the draft, actually.

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