OBP Supplement to Rotoprofessor Draft Guide Available for $3 by 3/4 – Pre-Order Now!

Considering that a lot of leagues have transitioned away from the “standard” 5×5 format, replacing average with OBP (or perhaps OPS), I have decided to offer an OBP supplement to the draft guide for just $3 (it will also be in Excel).  This supplement will not have all the features of the standard guide, so keep that in mind.  All of the rankings will be based on OBP and will include:

  • Top 30 Rankings/Tiers For C, 1B, 2B, SS & 3B (as well as projections for those rankings; please note it will not include projections for any player outside of the Top 30 or for SP)
  • Top 100 Rankings/Tiers For OF
  • Top 300 Rankings Overall (this will obviously include pitchers)

It will not include the Top 90 Prospect List, Projected Lineups, my comments on each player or any other feature include in the standard guide that is not listed above.  This is meant as a supplement to the standard guide featuring OBP, not as a separate stand alone guide.

Like the standard guide, this too will be updated as we get closer to Opening Day.

If you want to purchase both the standard draft guide (if you want to see all the features include in that guide, click here) as well as the OBP supplement, the cost will be $8 and you can click below:

If you want to purchase the supplement on its own it will cost $3 and you can click below:

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