Wild Prediction: Ryan Braun’s RBI/R

Not too many players put up a season of 100 R and 100 RBI.  Even fewer manage to go 110/110.  What about 120/120?  You are getting into extremely rare air.  125/125?  Since 2002 you can actually count them using three fingers:

  • Alex Rodriguez (2002) – 142 RBI, 125 R
  • Gary Sheffield (2003) – 132 RBI, 126 R
  • Alex Rodriguez (2007) – 156 RBI, 143 R

Several other players have come close, but fallen just shy.  Albert Pujols was one run short in 2009 (135 RBI that season), as well as coming an RBI or two short on two other occasions.  Alex Rodriguez came within a run short in 2005 and Vladimir Guerrero also came close once upon a time.

That’s it.  It’s extremely rarified air, making today’s prediction one that is hard to imagine:

Ryan Braun will go 125/125 in 2011

How far-fetched is this?  When you think about it, of all the players in baseball Braun could actually be in a position to deliver this type of gaudy numbers. 

The 2010 campaign was not a “good” one for Braun and, more importantly, it was an extremely down season for Prince Fielder.  Braun needs the help in the lineup if he is going to achieve such big numbers and, with a contract on the line, you have to think Fielder is going to come back with a vengeance.  As it is, Braun managed to put up 103 RBI and 101 R in 2010.

That was despite hitting just 25 HR (he had hit at least 32 in each of the prior three seasons).  That was with Fielder picking up just 82 RBI.  Yes, Casey McGehee emerged (23 HR, 104 RBI), which only goes to help Braun reach this goal.  The stronger the lineup, the more opportunities there will be, especially to score runs.

We don’t know how the Brewers are going to stack their lineup.  Will Braun hit third ahead of Fielder?  Will he hit fourth?  I have to expect them to utilize Braun in the third spot, where he had tremendous success in 2009 (114 RBI, 113 R).

With a healthy Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart setting the table…

With a motivated Prince Fielder and a suddenly productive Casey McGehee…

It is hard to imagine any player putting up these types of numbers, but Braun certainly appears to be in position to at least challenge the mark.

Chance of Happening: 5%

What are your thoughts?  Is there any chance Braun can do it?  Why or why not?

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  1. yummy says:

    For this to happen Fileder would have to at least hit his weight for a BA and hit his waist size in HR. That would be north of 270 lbs. and larger than a 38in waist.

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