Top 15 Catchers For 2011

Has spring performances caused any major movement in our catcher rankings?  If it’s his struggles or news about his playing time, one young catcher fell off the rankings.  Let’s take a look at who it was and how things currently stand:

  1. Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins
  2. Victor Martinez – Detroit Tigers
  3. Brian McCann – Atlanta Braves
  4. Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants
  5. Carlos Santana – Cleveland Indians
  6. Miguel Montero – Arizona Diamondbacks
  7. Kurt Suzuki – Oakland Athletics
  8. Matt Wieters – Baltimore Orioles
  9. Geovany Soto – Chicago Cubs
  10. Mike Napoli – Texas Rangers
  11. Jorge Posada – New York Yankees
  12. Chris Iannetta – Colorado Rockies
  13. Yadier Molina – St. Louis Cardinals
  14. Miguel Olivo – Seattle Mariners
  15. Russell Martin – New York Yankees


  • You can pretty much interchange Montero, Suzuki (click here for my ’11 projection), Wieters (click here for my ’11 projection) and Soto depending on your opinion of the group.  If you prefer Soto the best of the four, there certainly is nothing wrong with it.  If you like Montero the least, drop him down.  They all are basically on even footing heading into draft day.
  • With the news coming out that J.P. Arencibia is probably catching just three out of every five days, you have to drop him down draft boards.  At this point, he comes in just outside the Top 15 for me.  His preseason struggles don’t help matters, but they are not the biggest concern.
  • Second year players are certainly a risk, but is anyone shying away from Buster Posey or Carlos Santana?  Both players have the upside to leapfrog the other top choices and emerge as the elite of the position by year’s end.  Don’t let Carlos Santana’s .260 average from ’10 prior to his injury deter you.  He should carry a significantly better BABIP (.277) in ’11.
  • What are the chances that the Rockies actually stick with Chris Iannetta all year long?  They consistently have pulled the plug rather abruptly in the past, but he still is more than worth the risk, especially in two-catcher formats.

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Speaking of Chris Iannetta…. Jordan Pacheco has a decent chance to either make the Opening Day roster or get an early season call-up if Iannetta falters. Most people want to say that Wilin Rosario is going to be the next catcher in Colorado, but Pacheco has the much better bat, while Rosario has the better defense.

    So if the Rox are tired of a .240 average by Iannetta, and cannot rely on the sub-Mendoza Line Jose Morales, then Pacheco (age 25) might get the go-ahead

  2. Jason says:

    I really don’t get how so many rankings have Posada so low. He’s gonna DH for one of the best offensive teams in all of baseball. Without having to deal with the rigors of catching he’s not a bad bet to finish with 145 games played. He’s avg’d 20HR in 115 games the past 2 seasons behind the plate. Would it be any real shock if he went .270/25/90? And would it be any real shock if that line were better than all but Joe Mauer?… A lot of what if’s.. but.. #Justsayin

    • Tim Barrett says:

      You are assuming that at age 40 he will play more games than he has in the last 10 years and will hit more HRs than he has since the Steroid Era in 2003, and will be the full time DH the entire year with a .208 Road Avg (last year).

      Granted the ballpark, the line-up & DHing will help but I think that is offset by the declining skill set of a 40 year old.

      I think he’s ranked right where he should be.

  3. MJ says:

    Pacheco does not have a much better bat.

    78 .333 .396 .436

    270 .285 .342 .552

    Those are the numbers for both Pacheco and Rosario last season in AA. It was the first time at that level for both players, Pacheco at age 24 and Rosario at age 21.

    Assuming Rosario is completely recovered from his surgery, he is by FAR AND AWAY the better prospect. No question about it. Pacheco reminds me of John Jaso in Tampa. While Rosario has the chance to be a stud.

    • Nick Tenaglia says:

      Hi MJ,

      Agreed that Rosario is the better prospect long term, but I was talking about the 2011 season. Given Rosario’s injury concerncs, Pacheco’s age and advanced approach at the plate (146/148 BB/K in minors) Pecheco has a chance to get called up early in 2011 to replace Iannetta.

      In a keeper/dynasty league I would much prefer Rosario if I could wait a year or two on the catcher position.

      • MJ says:

        Nick –

        I would disagree with you on that. While Pacheco is 3 years older in age, they both have the same amount of experience at AA. Pacheco definitely has the better batting eye, but when it comes to catchers, most managers will prefer to go with defense over offense. And since Rosario is the better defender along with having the most upside with the bat, I would guess Rosario would have a better chance at getting the call this season. That is assuming he is 100% healthy. But Pacheco isn’t a bad second option.

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