Question of the Night: Draft Position

We all have a preference of where we like to be on draft day.  Are you someone who likes to draft at the beginning or end of the round?  Are you someone who prefers to draft in the middle?  Let’s here where you like to draft and why!

Personally, I’ve always preferred to be in the middle of the round.  I have always felt like I could react to the trends of the draft better and get the players that I wanted.  When you are drafting on either end, there are a lot of times where you may “reach” on a player, because if you don’t take them in that spot there is no way they are going to be there in 20+ picks.  Obviously, there are also advantages to being on the ends of a round, but it has always been my preference to be in the middle somewhere.


  1. John says:

    people still do snake drafts?

  2. GAHHH says:

    second to last or 2nd (or 3rd to last or 3rd). i like to have one guy cornered in. if he has a 3B, you can wait a few picks. ditto with two. if they both have a 3B, you can pass on yours and take him 5 picks later.

  3. Micah C says:

    I’m with GAHHH. I prefer to pick close to the end of the round. My first pick is the ‘value’ pick: after everyone else has chosen, I take what’s overlooked. The second pick is my ‘reach’ pick, allowing me to get a jump on a player that I know won’t be there when my time comes back around.

  4. Paul says:

    If you are at the end, obviously sometimes you have to reach, but there comes a great value pick that wouldn’t have been a value pick in the middle. Also, you can construct the team much easier since you are picking 2 players in a row.

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