Pitching Planner: Week 1

by Marshall Bauer

The Pitching Planner will be a weekly column that will be run on Sundays here at Rotoprofessor. The column is a great tool, especially for those of you in head to head leagues with starts limits or those with weekly roster settings. The column will have two main features: Two Start Options and One Start Sleepers.

With the season starting on a Thursday, the plan was to do one column for the first four days and the first full week combined into one, since it appears as though that is what the major fantasy league sites will use for those in head to head leagues. Alas, the proper information needed was not out there at the time this article was written. I could have taken the rotations and just placed the starters in line, but with so many teams having off days in there, it would have been difficult to predict as many teams will skip a rotation member, and I would rather not put false or likely false information out there for you guys to use.

Since this column will chronicle a short week, four days, there won’t be any two start pitchers, so the Two Start Options will not be running as normal this week. Instead, I will rank every starter who is projected to make a start in the opening days of games in the same way that I will do the Two Start Options.

One Start Sleepers are guys who are available in the majority of leagues and have a good matchup, have been on a roll, etc. Since everyone will get one or zero starts during this period, there is no need for One Start Sleepers due to me ranking every starter.
A player will be ranked given an amount of stars: 4 and 5 stars options are guys that I feel are must starts no matter the league size or format, 3 stars are guys that I feel are must starts unless you are in extremely shallow leagues, 2 stars are guys who I would lean against starting unless you are in a deep league or have no other options, and finally, 1 star guys should not be started under almost any scenario.


Tim Lincecum – San Francisco Giants – @ LAD, THU
Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers – vs SFG, THU
Chris Carpenter – St. Louis Cardinals – vs SD, THU
Jered Weaver – Los Angeles Angels – @ KC, THU
Roy Halladay – Philadelphia Phillies – vs HOU, FRI
Ubaldo Jimenez – Colorado Rockies – vs ARI, FRI
David Price – Tampa Bay Rays – vs BAL, FRI
Dan Haren – Los Angeles Angels – @ KC, FRI
Felix Hernandez – Seattle Mariners – @ OAK, FRI
Josh Johnson – Florida Marlins – vs NYM, FRI
Tommy Hanson – Atlanta Braves – @WAS, SAT
Matt Cain – San Francisco Giants – @ LAD, SAT
Cliff Lee – Philadelphia Phillies – vs HOU, SAT
Roy Oswalt – Philadelphia Phillies – vs HOU, SUN

Four Stars
Justin Verlander – Detroit Tigers – @ NYY, THU
CC Sabathia – New York Yankees – vs DET, THU
Yovani Gallardo – Milwaukee Brewers – @ CIN, THU
Ryan Dempster – Chicago Cubs – vs PIT, FRI
Jon Lester – Boston Red Sox – @TEX, FRI
Jonathan Sanchez – San Francisco Giants – @LAD, FRI
Chad Billingsley – Los Angeles Dodgers – vs SFG, FRI
Francisco Liriano – Minnesota Twins – @ TOR, SAT
Ervin Santana – Los Angeles Angels – @ KC, SAT
Ted Lilly – Los Angeles Dodgers – vs SFG, SAT
Shaun Marcum – Milwaukee Brewers – @ CIN, SAT
Brett Anderson – Oakland Athletics – vs SEA
John Danks – Chicago White Sox – @ CLE, SUN
Tim Hudson – Atlanta Braves – @ WAS, SUN
Matt Garza – Chicago Cubs – vs PIT, SUN
Jhoulys Chacin – Colorado Rockies – vs ARI, SUN
Hiroki Kuroda – Los Angeles Dodgers – vs SFG, SUN

Three Stars
Derek Lowe – Atlanta Braves – @ WAS, THU
Edinson Volquez – Cincinnati Reds – vs MIL, THU
Brett Myers – Houston Astros – @ PHI, FRI
CJ Wilson – Texas Rangers – vs BOS, FRI
Ricky Romero – Toronto Blue Jays – vs MIN, FRI
Carl Pavano – Minnesota Twins – @ TOR, FRI
Trevor Cahill – Oakland Athletics – vs SEA, FRI
Edwin Jackson – Chicago White Sox – @ CLE, SAT
Carlos Zambrano – Chicago Cubs – vs PIT, SAT
Wandy Rodriguez – Houston Astros – @ PHI, SAT
Brian Matusz – Baltimore Orioles – @ TB, SAT
James Shields – Tampa Bay Rays – vs BAL, SAT
Ricky Nolasco – Florida Marlins – vs NYM, SAT
John Lackey – Boston Red Sox – @ TEX, SAT
Colby Lewis – Texas Rangers – vs BOS, SAT
Daniel Hudson – Arizona Diamondbacks – @ COL, SAT
Max Scherzer – Detroit Tigers – @ NYY, SUN
Phil Hughes – New York Yankees – vs DET, SUN
Jordan Zimmermann – Washington Nationals – vs ATL, SUN
Wade Davis – Tampa Bay Rays – vs BAL, SUN
Clay Buchholz – Boston Red Sox – @ TEX, SUN
Jaime Garcia – St. Louis Cardinals – vs SD, SUN
Gio Gonzalez – Oakland Athletics – vs SEA, SUN

Two Stars
Tim Stauffer – San Diego Padres – @STL, THU
Fausto Carmona – Cleveland Indians – vs CHW, FRI
Mark Buehrle – Chicago White Sox – @ CLE, FRI
Ian Kennedy – Arizona Diamondbacks – @ COL, FRI
Jeremy Guthrie – Baltimore Orioles – @ TB, FRI
Mike Pelfrey – New York Mets – @ FLA, FRI
Kyle Drabek – Toronto Blue Jays – vs MIN, SAT
AJ Burnett – New York Yankees – vs DET, SAT
Clayton Richard – San Diego Padres – @ STL, SAT
Jake Westbrook – St. Louis Cardinals – vs SD, SAT
Travis Wood – Cincinnati Reds – vs MIL, SAT
Jonathan Niese – New York Mets – @ FLA, SAT
Jorge De La Rosa – Colorado Rockies – vs ARI, SAT
Jason Vargas – Seattle Mariners – @ OAK, SAT
Brett Cecil – Toronto Blue Jays – vs MIN, SUN
Randy Wolf – Milwaukee Brewers – @ CIN, SUN
Bronson Arroyo – Cincinnati Reds – vs MIL, SUN
R.A. Dickey – New York Mets – @ FLA, SUN
Javier Vazquez – Florida Marlins – vs NYM, SUN
JA Happ – Houston Astros – @ PHI, SUN
Scott Kazmir – Los Angeles Angels – @ KC, SUN
Doug Fister – Seattle Mariners – @ OAK, SUN
Barry Zito – San Francisco Giants – @ LAD, SUN

One Star
Luke Hochevar – Kansas City Royals – vs LAA THU
Livan Hernandez – Washington Nationals – vs ATL, THU
Kevin Correia – Pittsburgh Pirates – @ CHC, FRI
Jeff Francis – Kansas City Royals – vs LAA, FRI
John Lannan – Washington Nationals – vs ATL, SAT
Carlos Carrasco – Cleveland Indians – vs CHW, SAT
Paul Maholm – Pittsburgh Pirates – @ CHC, SAT
Kyle Davies – Kansas City Royals – vs LAA, SAT
Brad Penny – Detroit Tigers – @ NYY, SAT
Justin Masterson – Cleveland Indians – vs CHW, SUN
Nick Blackburn – Minnesota Twins – @ TOR, SUN
Matt Harrison – Texas Rangers – vs BOS, SUN
Bruce Chen – Kansas City Royals – vs LAA, SUN
Dustin Moseley – San Diego Padres – @ STL, SUN
Ross Ohlendorf – Pittsburgh Pirates – @ CHC, SUN
Joe Saunders – Arizona Diamondbacks – @ COL, SUN

Scheduling Notes:
It is unknown at the time of the writing of this article as to who will start for Baltimore on Sunday. It sounds like it is going to be Chris Tillman, but Brad Bergesen is also a possibility. Either of them could fall into the two stars, but would more likely be a one star option pitching at Tampa Bay.

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