The Other Brother: Marcus Morris Is Red Hot And You Should Know About It

by Will Overton

This has been a season in which Markieff Morris has finally emerged on the radar of all of fantasy basketball owners. Markieff has only gotten better as the season has gone along and he’s been a top 50 player for the last month of the season.

There’s still another Morris though who is getting overlooked while Markieff takes center stage. Marcus Morris is the twin brother of Markieff who also plays for the Suns. Thanks to some shakeups in the Suns’ frontcourt Morris has taken on a prominent role on the team for the last month alongside his brother and much like Markieff he has been showing up big in his opportunity.

In the month of March Marcus is averaging 11.6 PPG, 6.9 RPG, 1.0 SPG and 1.4 3PG. These aren’t numbers that outdo his brother by any means, but the difference is you won’t find Markieff on the waiver wire and Marcus is owned in less than 10% of ESPN leagues right now. So if you already own Markieff that’s great, but Marcus is someone you can pick up and get a nice boost for the fantasy playoffs. Read more

The Resurgence: What A Trade To Oklahoma City Did For Enes Kanter

by Will Overton

When we reached the trade deadline this year Enes Kanter was just a guy in Utah who hadn’t quite lived up to his potential. A guy who people labeled as the one in the way of Rudy Gobert getting more playing time.

Now Enes Kanter is in Oklahoma City, the starting center for one of the league’s best teams. Now Enes Kanter is an absolute monster who has been dominating since he arrived in Oklahoma City and only seems to be getting better and better with every game.

Since arriving in OKC Kanter is averaging 17.7 PPG and 10.9 RPG in 15 games. Kanter has only gotten better over time as well and is gaining more confidence with every game. Kanter has seven double-double’s in his last eight games and has 18 points or more in all eight of those games too. Did this change of location really make all the difference for Kanter or is this simply a mirage? Read more

Waiver Worthy: Guys To Target In Dynasty And Keeper Leagues

by Will Overton

The fantasy playoffs are underway in most leagues, and in roto leagues the chase for the title is likely down to just a shortlist of teams. In all of those cases if your that team on the outside looking in, it is a very place to check out. For the sake of the others in your league I hope you wouldn’t, but if you’re in a dynasty or keeper league checking out could be a huge mistake.

Moves you make now can certainly impact your team going forward and you need to stay tuned into things. The nice thing is in a lot of cases you’re looking at a different kind of player pool. You don’t care what a guy can do for you this season, only what their future holds for you.

What you should be looking for is who is flying under the radar that has a big future. When you’re looking one of the things you want to find is someone who has been coming on late which could be setting the stage for next season. The other thing to watch for is someone with a lot of upside and promise who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to show it. Read more

How Should We Deal With Resting Players?

by Ray Kuhn

And down the stretch we come. The problem though is that NBA teams are treating the season’s final games a little differently than fantasy owners.

For fantasy owners, the playoffs are up ahead. Every game, every minute, and every rebound are of the utmost importance. Either your playoff hopes or fate in the playoffs are at stake constantly now. No longer is the season a marathon, it is now a sprint.

I am not saying you have to treat your season long league like a daily lineup you entering at Fantasy Score, but it wouldn’t hurt to at least take on some of that mindset.

Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Does Andre Iguodala Now Have Value?

by Ray Kuhn

Welcome to the new NBA. No longer can we expect players to play a full 82 game season. Well at least under the current schedule filled with back-to-back games and four games in five nights.

So what gives? Clearly coaches don’t care about fantasy owners. But just because players are being rested at increasing frequency, it does not mean we are without opportunity.

Now, we just have to work a little harder to find said opportunity. And it comes to us from places we might not have expected. This forces you to be on top of every lineup situation and to have contingency plans in place.

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Fantasy Fallout: Serge Ibaka’s Injury Gives Opportunities to Others

by Ray Kuhn

When it comes to injuries this season, Oklahoma City is doing it right. Go big or go home.

Russell Westbrook has missed his share of time. The same could be said for Kevin Durant. Until this week, Serge Ibaka was the one exception. Now with the news that Ibaka will be missing the next four to six weeks after having knee surgery, we must ask who will receive the biggest fantasy windfall.

And as usual, the answer will not be a clear one.

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Why You Still Should Care About Bad Teams: Alexy Shved is Worth Owing

by Ray Kuhn

You are forgiven if you aren’t paying any attention to the New York Knicks. Honestly, why should you? Not only are they terrible, but chances are most fantasy players haven’t heard of more than three or four of their healthy players.

The Knicks are not the only team in this boat, the Philadelphia 76ers are another, but these teams cannot be forgotten. Just because they are painful to watch, it doesn’t mean that they are devoid of fantasy value.

And at this point in the season, you should be looking for and taking value from wherever you can find it.

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Late Bloomer: Why You Should Be Keeping An Eye On Rodney Hood

by Will Overton

Sometimes it can take rookies a little while to get their footing in the NBA. Around this time of the season it’s important to lookout for some of those guys who people were high on early in the season, but they fell off the radar after a poor showing the first month. This might just be the time they start to adjust to the flow of the game and find their rhythm on the floor.

One of those guys looks to be Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz. In the preseason Hood was touted by many, including me, as a late round sleeper who had an NBA ready skillset prepared to contribute on a bad team. He wasn’t as ready as I expected though. Hood battled injuries for much of the first few months and when he was on the court he just wasn’t on his game, he was shooting well below 40% and just couldn’t get in to the flow of the offense ever.

Things look to be changing for Hood lately though. The Utah Jazz as a team are surging right now, Winners in 12 of their last 15 games and winners of five in a row. Since rejoining the team in late February Hood has gradually worked his way up the depth chart and has started the last two games for the Jazz. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Finding Value In The Miami Heat Bench

by Will Overton

Watching rotations can be a very helpful thing for fantasy owners trying to find value on the waiver wire. I’ve said it many times before, knowing who is getting playing time and how consistently can tell you a lot.

There are always a few teams in particular that are worth paying extra attention to. One of the teams that jumps out at me as a rotation to watch right now is the Miami Heat. Injuries have turned this team into a mix and match unit as of late with lots of moving parts. A lot of those parts are guys who were nowhere near anyone’s radar a couple weeks ago.

The Heat are finally just about healthy again though and should be running their main unit featuring Goran Dragic, Dwayne Wade, Luol Deng and Hassan Whiteside. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen Henry Walker, Tyler Johnson, Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers all get significant minutes filling in. The question now is who stays in the rotation with everyone healthy because there really isn’t room for all four to come off the bench. Read more

What Has Sparked Rodney Stuckey’s Sudden Rise And How Long It Can Last

by Will Overton

Every year we seem to reach this point, the point in the year where Rodney Stuckey spends a month or two looking like he’s found another gear, turned a big corner. It’s at these times that we can’t help but ask if Stuckey has more to him than we’ve yet seen.

Rodney Stuckey has been on an absolute tear for the last 12 games of this season. This was really on display last night in his best game so far where he posted 34 PTS, 7 REBS, 6 ASTS and went 6 – 9 from downtown. This is the version of Stuckey that we watch and wonder if he can’t still become a bigger piece to a team than he is now.

This latest run of Stuckey’s was sparked by the Pacers moving him to the bench and replacing him in the starting lineup with C.J. Miles. Let’s look at what Stuckey has done for the last 12 games to get the full picture of what he has been doing:

18.8 Points Per Game
4.3 Assists Per Game Read more