Injury Report: Russell Westbrook out 4 – 6 Weeks – Who Will Step Up In OKC?

by Will Overton

How unlucky can one team be? The big knock on the Thunder is that they are too reliant on their two big stars. Well Kevin Durant went down in the preseason and is out for another month at least. Last night the other half of the dynamic duo hit the shelf, fracturing his wrist and is set to miss 4 – 6 weeks himself. I don’t know what that means for the Thunder, but I don’t think it’s going to be good. What it means to fantasy owners is what I want to focus on though.

Durant and Westbrook made up over half of the Thunder’s offensive production last season and now they’re gone. They are not going to score 50 points per game, clearly, so someone is going to step in their stead.

I think two of the guys who will step up are Serge Ibaka and Reggie Jackson. At this point I wish I had ranked Ibaka in the top 20 like everyone else, but who knew this was going to happen. Meanwhile Reggie Jackson could be back as soon as tonight for the Thunder and he’s got a chance to really shine, but he’s also owned in 91% of leagues. Throwing out an offer for him might be worth a try, but I doubt he’ll come to you cheap. Read more

The Sixth Man: Daily League Preview For 10/31/2014: Tim Duncan, Robin Lopez and More

by Will Overton

Injuries are already taking their toll on fantasy basketball and we’re only a couple of days into the season. Keeping a close eye on who is and who is not playing each night will go a long way for you in your daily league lineup making.

Let’s take a look at six players (two at each position) you should be looking at as you set your lineup for tonight. All of information referenced is based on game play at Fantasy Score. However if you do play on other sites in the industry, the same logic and thought process applies as well.

  1. Brandon Knight, G, Milwaukee Bucks, $4,700: The Sixers not having Michael Carter-Williams is a nice bonus for the guards of their opponents. On opening night we saw the great Donald Slosn torch the Sixers, and if he could do it Brandon Knight certainly should be able to do it. Knight put up huge numbers in his first game despite not shooting well (5 – 17), with 22 PTS, 13 ASTS, 8 REBS, 2 3PTS and 1 BLK. Knight should have no problem taking Tony Wroten and the Sixers to task for his second big game in a row. Read more

The Sixth Man: Six Daily League Targets For 10/30/14 Games: Josh Smith, Ricky Rubio and More

by Will Overton

The season is underway and while we certainly can’t overreact to one night, we can learn plenty in one night though about minutes, at least for the immediate future. The thing with daily leagues is that you aren’t worried about the rest of the season, you’re worried about that particular night and that night only. So reacting to recent games makes more sense.

Let’s take a look at six players (two at each position) you should be looking at as you set your lineup for tonight. All of information referenced is based on game play at Fantasy Score. However if you do play on other sites in the industry, the same logic and thought process applies as well.

  1. Josh Smith, F, Detroit Pistons, $4900: You could pretty clearly see last night that Josh Smith was the Pistons primary offensive weapon and really the only guy looking for his shot most of the night. He also should log a ton of minutes with the Pistons frontcourt being weak and Greg Monroe being out of action due to suspension tomorrow night. Smith do it all kind of stat upside makes for a very nice daily league play and right now he should be at his best, this is a really good value.
  2. Rodney Hood, F, Utah Jazz, $2,200: The Utah Jazz are pretty deep on the wing, but Rodney Hood has carved out a nice little spot for himself and looks to be a regular part of the rotation. Hood is a strong three-point shooter and will also get some steals for you, and he isn’t a bad rebounder either. Hood is most like the first man off the bench and should see around 25 minutes in this game against Dallas.
  3. Devin Harris, G, Dallas Mavericks, $3,000: While it was Jameer Nelson starting in the Mavs first game of the season, it was Devin Harris who came off the bench and outplayed him and also played just one few minute. Harris put up 17 points, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 threes in game one. I expect Harris to play a similar amount of minutes tonight against the Jazz and he could very well give Trey Burke fits for another nice game.
  4. Ricky Rubio, G, Minnesota Timberwolves, $5,600: This isn’t the most favorable price, but Rubio should match this value and I believe surpass it against the Pistons. Logging 36 minutes last night it seems like Rubio is going to play a whole lot of minutes this season as he tries to prove he can be the man for this team. Rubio showed last night his do a little of everything game with 12 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, and that was against Mike Conley who is a better defender than Brandon Jennings who he’ll square off with tonight.
  5. Marcin Gortat, C, Washington Wizards, $5,200: We saw how dominant Nikola Vucevic was in the season’s first game, but we also saw how the Vucevic and the Magic frontcourt was schooled by Omer Asik as well. If Asik can post big numbers on the Magic frontline defenders, then Gortat should be looking at least 20 and 10. Last night’s game with 18 points and 7 boards was a nice start to the season, but it should only get better tonight.
  6. Anderson Varejao, C, Cleveland Cavaliers, $4,500: I don’t know how minutes are going to shake out in Cleveland, but I do believe that Varejao will get enough minutes to post nice numbers against the aging Samuel Dalembert and the Knicks. When Varejao has been healthy the last couple of seasons he’s posted nice numbers, and even with the addition of Kevin Love and LeBron James I think he can still rack up plenty of double-double games, including tonight.

Minutemen: Biggest Playing Time Gainers For 2014 – 2015 Season

by Ray Lin

The injury bug is biting fantasy basketball as hard as it has in quite some time to start a season. With stars like Kevin Durant, Paul George, Michael Carter-Williams and Victor Oladipo in the infirmary at tipoff, many minutes are up for grabs across the league.

For fantasy players in leagues both shallow and deep, this means there are some names to pay attention to and possibly grab if they’re able to take advantage of their increased playing time.

Below are 5 players who will be getting considerably more minutes on the floor at least in the early going, and could have some immediate fantasy impact.

To look at each player’s ceilings, I look at their per-40 minute projections from ESPN Advanced Stats — this is NOT to mean I think they’ll average 40 mpg, but simply that this is the best-case scenario potential upside. The TS percentage is the player’s projected True Shooting Percentage, which is what the player’s shooting percentage would be if we accounted for free throws and 3-pointers (for reference, 50.0 TS% is above-average while 60 TS% is elite). Read more

The Sixth Man: Six Daily League Targets For 10/29/14 Games: Derrick Rose, Nerlens Noel and More

by Ray Kuhn

Alright, now we can started for real. Tuesday was just the appetizer, and tonight is the main entrée. We have a full slate of games, and plenty of options to choose from. There will likely be many different options, but look for all of the usual suspects and main stars to be targeted. Tonight’s contests will be won by the rookies or the players who come out of nowhere that are owned by less than 5% of the teams in tournaments.

Let’s take a look at six players (two at each position) you should be looking at as you set your lineup for tonight. All of information referenced is based on game play at Fantasy Score. However if you do play on other sites in the industry, the same logic and thought process applies as well.

  1. Otto Porter, F, Washington Wizards, $2,200. Porter’s rookie season was a disaster to say the least as he averaged just 2.1 points a game last season. And that is what his priced his based on. For starters, there is no place to go but up for Porter. But more importantly for you, it looks like he will start the season getting some serious minutes, and likely starting, at shooting guard for the injured Bradley Beal. Porter averaged 14.8 points, 4.4 assists, 2 assists, and 2.4 steals a game in his last five preseason games,  and looks primed to bounce back this year. We are looking at a likely minimum of 20-25 points here. Read more

Injury Report: Breaking Down The Impact Of The Steve Nash And Victor Oladipo Injuries

by Will Overton

With the regular season starting up today the injuries will start to pile up with it. I hate to look at the downside of things on this glorious opening game night, but it’s part of the game and it’s part of fantasy basketball.

We won’t be able to touch on every injury that happens on RotoProfessor, but we will do our best to keep you informed on injuries and their impact as much as possible. We’re going to take some time today to look at a couple injuries that happened over last weekend and will impact the fantasy season.

We’re going to look at two different injuries to two guys in very different spots in their career. We’ll break down the Steve Nash injury, the one which has likely ended his career. Then we will look at the Victor Oladipo injury and the impact it has to see the young up and coming guard shelved for a while. So let’s get started: Read more

The Sixth Man: Six Daily League Targets For 10/28/14 Games

by Ray Kuhn

This is it. Finally it is here. We don’t have a full slate, but three games are still better than nothing as we kick off the NBA season tonight. It is always better to play on nights when there is a large amount of games, but I don’t blame you at all for getting a few lineups in to get things started.

Let’s take a look at six players you should be looking at as you set your lineup for tonight. All of information referenced is based on game play at Fantasy Score. However if you do play on other sites in the industry, the same logic and thought process applies as well.

  1. Boris Diaw, C, San Antonio Spurs, $2,700. Just to put this in perspective, the maximum value is Anthony Davis at $9,000. That highlights how much of a value Diaw could in fact be. In general we know Spurs players are difficult to get a read on, but injuries should give Diaw an opportunity for even more playing time than usual. Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter will both be out tonight, so seeing Diaw on the floor for 30 minutes wouldn’t be shocking. The fact that he is eligible at center also helps. Diaw isn’t much of an offensive threat, but he is a well rounded contributor. Read more

Daily Fantasy Leagues: What Are They And Why Should You Play Them?

by Ray Kuhn

What is the best part about playing Fantasy Basketball?

I don’t think anyone would argue if you said cashing the winner’s check at the end of the season and being on the receiving end of championship accolades. Of course people are going to give different answers, such as the camaraderie, the competition, the fact that it is a six month marathon, and they aren’t exactly wrong, but they are all secondary. Banners fly forever and cash is king. Finishing in the money is the objective here.

The one thing that is a close second to success, is Draft Day.

You start out with a clean slate, do your preparation, and the future is bright and limitless.

However in season long leagues, each of these only take place once. What if I told you it was possible to experience both each and every day over the next six months?

Well thanks to Daily Fantasy and websites such as Fantasy Score, it is possible. And it has the potential to be profitable. Read more

The All-Undrafted Teams: Highlighting Some Of The Best Undrafted Players

by Will Overton

The season starts tomorrow night and most drafts were likely completed over the weekend. Now that most drafts are over we can start looking at who didn’t get drafted that should have and start talking waiver wire adds already which is always fun.

Attentions are starting to shift from draft mode to season mode and it’s time to start analyzing our roster and see where our drafting may not have worked out or one of our guys got hurt and now we have an open spot.

To highlight some of the best players that went undrafted I have made a first and second all-undrafted teams. To qualify for this team you had to go undrafted in 90% or more of leagues. Here are the guys I think should’ve been drafted that were not and should be considered as adds in the early part of this season: Read more

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