Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 12/1/16

by Will Overton

Tonight’s slate is a little bit smaller than last night, but the talent pool is very top heavy with a number of strong choices. In just the six games being played there are six players with a price tag over $9,000. That means you need to make the right choice on who to play from the top and who to grab for some savings to afford those top choices. I’m going to give you a few of the guys I particularly like tonight for DFS games:

Giannis Antetokounmpo –PG – Milwaukee Bucks @ Brooklyn Nets
There will be a game or two in which I find room for James Harden, because I really do think he blows up tonight on the Warriors in a potential statement game. That said, I am bumping down a couple grand in most games and rolling with Giannis Antetokounmpo instead. The Greek Freak has been on fire lately, dropping 50 point fantasy games like it’s nothing. Giannis is taking on the Brooklyn Nets tonight and that is a prime matchup for him to showcase his game and further establish himself as one of the elite in fantasy basketball. Read more

Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/28/16

by Will Overton

After some massive slates of games over the weekend we are back to that average range of games we are used to. Tonight’s schedule features seven games, which is a nice number to give you enough options at the top and bottom to diversify your lineups. We are here to help you win some money in DFS if we can and we are giving you our top three options for the night and some bonus notes as well for good measure:

George Hill – PG – Utah Jazz @ Minnesota Timberwolves
After a hot start to the season George Hill ended up sidelined for two weeks, but he hasn’t missed a beat. In two games since coming back from that injury Hill has 45 points combined and has knocked down eight three-pointers in the two games. Hill has been a scoring machine so far in Utah, and playing with Gordon Hayward these last two games haven’t slowed that down. You’d like to see more assists, but he’s getting steals, making threes and grabbing boards as well as scoring points so the fantasy points are racking up without assists and the price tag of $6,600 in a matchup with Ricky Rubio and Minnesota is too good to pass up. Read more

Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/18/16

by Will Overton

Saturday is dominated by college football and Sunday belongs to the NFL, but it’s Friday right now and the NBA owns Friday Night. We have some solid matchups to look forward tonight including Cavs vs. Pistons, Warriors vs. Celtics and Spurs vs. Lakers.

With 10 games of NBA action also comes some really fun DFS NBA opportunities as well. If you’re watching the games tonight anyway, you might as well make it a little more interesting and have some cash on the line in DFS. If you are looking to make some lineups for tonight we are here to help by giving you some of the guys we really like on tonight’s slate: Read more

Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/16/16

by Will Overton

There are 11 games on tap tonight, including all three of the big price tag guys in Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Anthony Davis. We also have King James, the Warrior crew and many more big name guys. With this many games you really have to do your homework and find the best plays, and we’re going to help you out best we can. We are breaking down the top three plays of the night for us and also hitting on some bonus notes:

DeMar DeRozan – SG – Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State
I am all in on DeMar DeRozan at this point and I will be using him yet again tonight. DeRozan has fallen under 40 Draft Kings points just one time all season and in his last three games he is averaging 50.7 Draft Kings points. Thus far the Warriors do not have the same defensive grit that they did last season and DeRozan should be able to make some things happen against them. The price tag is going up for DeRozan, but the next tier options aren’t all that appealing at shooting guard and at $8,600 you can still fit another higher priced player with DeRozan without completely breaking your team. Read more

Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/15/16 Games

by Ray Kuhn

Tuesday’s often have a smaller slate of games, but this season things have been better, and there are five games on tap tonight. Of the 10 teams taking the court, two teams (Brooklyn and Miami) will be playing on back to back nights. They are slated to take part in the highest scoring game of the night against the Lakers (over/under of 219), and it is a game to target when rounding out your team. The fact that neither team has any true stars helps in roster construction, as there are value plays abound.

As far as stars in action tonight, the Cavaliers are 5.5 favorites at home against Toronto (over/under of 210.5) and Portland is facing the Bulls at home in the second highest scoring game of the night (213.5). There is no reason not to build your roster around two or three studs tonight as LeBron James is the only player above $10,000 tonight ($10,300).  Read more

Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/9/16 Games

by Will Overton

If all this election stuff has you down, distract yourself tonight with some daily fantasy basketball. After several nights in a row with medium schedules, around 5 – 7 games a night, we are moving into a big slate tonight again. On tap tonight is 11 games to be played and that’s a nice player pool to choose from to differentiate your teams.

We are going to break down who you want on your team tonight from the top of the board to the value plays at the bottom. Let’s look at our top three plays and some bonus notes as well:

John Wall – Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics: We’re not giving John Wall enough respect for his stat lines so far this season with the likes of Russell Westbrook and James Harden out there doing such crazy things. Wall comes in at $3,000 – $4,000 cheaper than those guys too, which means you can afford another big name with Wall. In four out of five games Wall has gotten a double-double and four out of five games he has cleared 20 points. Read more

Waiver Worthy: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

by Will Overton

We’re not even two full weeks into the season at this point, but there are already a whole lot of snap judgments being made about players and some rather irrational moves going down based on a very small sample size.

Working the waiver wire in the early parts of the season can be a little tricky. You definitely don’t want to miss out on adding a guy who can give your team a boost for the next several months or even the whole season. At the same time you don’t want to cut bait on a guy who just has a couple bad game to start the season and you end up seriously regretting a few weeks later.

We’re going to look at a handful of guys who have been cut in a large amount of leagues already this season. I’m going to break down their slow start and tell you whether I think that guy is a treasure preparing to break out, or a guy who belongs in the trash heap of the waiver wire: Read more

The Four Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/02/16 Games

by Will Overton

A 10 game slate the day after a nine game schedule is like a NBA DFS player’s dream as we have grown accustomed to one big day followed by a smaller slate. Hopefully you picked up some cash last night and we can keep the good vibes rolling tonight. Let’s take a look at some the guys I will be targeting in DFS tonight:

Damian Lillard – PG – Portland Trail Blazers
Winning in DFS games isn’t only about finding value and sleepers at a cheap price, though that is a big part of the puzzle. You also have to know who to pay up for at the top because you obviously can’t afford all the top players. There’s been a lot of buzz about the likes of Russell Westbrook and James Harden, but Damian Lillard is doing his best to keep up with them so far this season. Lillard also comes in at $3,300 cheaper on Draft Kings then what Westbrook is. Read more

The Four-Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 11/01/16 Games

by Ray Kuhn

Tuesday’s are often a big night in the basketball community, and tonight is no different. There are eight games on tap, and with them they bring a lot of tough choices. Slates like this are my favorite because there are enough games that you are forced to make difficult decisions when building your lineup, but you aren’t overwhelmed with too many options either.

Let’s take a look at some of the players we are targeting for tonight’s action. What is also nice about the eight game slate, is that there are multiple ways to build a lineup (all prices referred to are from Draft Kings). We must also note that, due to the World Series, the match-up between Cleveland and Houston (which has multiple top fantasy options) was moved up to start at 6pm and is not part of this evening’s slate.

Stephen Curry – PG – Golden State Warriors

While it might seem odd to include Curry here, things are a little different so far this season. We are only a few games into the season, but Curry has yet to distinguish himself in 2016. In fact, Damian Lillard is $300 more than Curry tonight, but it is for a valid reason. And it is by that same logic that Russell Westbrook and James Harden’s prices this season have been almost $3,000 more than the Golden State point guard.

Logic that makes sense in fact. Read more

The Four-Point Play: Highlighting DFS Targets For 10/28/16 Games

by Will Overton

After a small slate of games last night I am looking forward to a broader schedule and more player choices tonight with eight games to be played. More games means more opportunities to diversify your lineups from the others. That said, you want to make the right choices and when you have this many options that can be tough.

I’m going to give you my take on three guys I plan to use in all of my lineups and then add in some extra notes as well:

James Harden – Houston Rockets @ Dallas Mavericks: With so many of the league’s top players on the slate tonight it may be difficult to choose who to pay up for and who to avoid. The featured piece of my lineup and the one guy I will pay up for no matter the cost, is James Harden. Read more