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RotoProfessor Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Looking At Stars On New Teams

One of the best things about blogs like these is that you can get several opinions on some very important questions or very interesting players. This is why we like to do a RotoProfessor Roundtable.

I have posed the same questions to a few of the writers here at RotoProfessor and we have all offered up our own opinions. Ideally you can learn something from each of our answers to this question.

For the first week the questions asked was: Which player on a new team this season has most increased in fantasy value?

Here are the answers of three RotoProfessor writers:

Ray Lin’s Choice: Dwight Howard – C, Houston Rockets

While Howard may not have as much net gain in value as some other players on new teams, the combination of the expected improvement in team chemistry and leadership role will cement his fantasy floor as a Top-5 center. Read more

Fantasy Basketbal Roundtable: Discussing DeMarcus Cousins Draft Stock

Each week this preseason and also during the season we are going to be doing a fantasy basketball roundtable. There will be one question asked and each of the RotoProfessor writers will offer an answer. Our goal is to give you the readers as many opinions and viewpoints as possible as you prepare for your drafts.

Periodically throughout the year we will also be bringing in guest bloggers. While we pride ourselves in bringing quality fantasy basketball analysis there are lots of other good fantasy blogs out there that are very much worth your time and we want to spotlight some of those blogs and writers who work hard. For our first week we are welcoming in Scott Malewig from

For our first roundtable I decided to pose a question about one of the most polarizing players in the NBA, DeMarcus Cousins. I asked each writer at what point they would select Cousins in a fantasy draft. Here are the answers:

Will Overton
I am divided on DeMarcus Cousins. Part of me looks at his numbers from last year and find myself wiping some drool off of my computer. Another part of me remembers the antics he has been a part of in the past and absolute basket case that he can be. Cousins could be this year’s Andrew Bynum, or he could completely implode. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Bust Edition

Last time we discussed the sleepers. This time we’re taking a look at who will be the biggest bust in the 2011-12 fantasy basketball season.

Patrick from Give Me the Rock got us started.

The aged Tim Duncan is an obvious choice given that this might be the year that he finally falls off a cliff. But I’ll go out on a limb all by myself and say Jrue Holiday. Everyone loves the guy – from Doug Collins to Sixers fans to fantasy owners – and it’s easy to see why when you watch him make his opponents look silly on the court. But the GMTR statistical projections we did before the start of the season suggest that there is a good chance he doesn’t actually improve this season. That sounds crazy since he’s a 21-year old point guard who is entering his third year in the league, but 6 of his 10 closest player comps going back to the year 1990 actually regressed on a per-36 minute basis in their age-21 seasons. In addition, Holiday already averaged over 35 minutes a game last season, so it’s not like can simply play more minutes this year to improve his overall numbers.

Statistical projections are only a part of the story though. Holiday is off to a slow start this season (averaging only 2.8 assists to go along with his 15.5 points) due in part to guys like Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams sucking up Sixers’ possessions with a lot of long two point attempts instead of letting Holiday attack the basket. Holiday’s assists will go back up eventually as he’s given more control of the offense, but as long as Iguodala is considered “the man” on this Sixers team, we may have to wait for Holiday to take that huge step forward everyone is expecting. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Who Is This Year’s Breakout Fantasy Player?

We are bringing back the fantasy basketball roundtable this year between three different fantasy basketball blogs. Every week one member of the roundtable will propose a  question to the writers on all three sites and all those who choose to will answer.

Hopefully this will lead to lots of good discussion, and hopefully a healthy amount of friendly disagreement as well. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll even learn something by reading what we all think.

To kick things off for our first fantasy roundtable the question was posed by Will from RotoProfessor Basketball. Here is the question and the collection of answers that was received this week:

Who will be the guy this year that comes out of nowhere and ends up being a top 50 fantasy player? Think this year’s Dorell Wright who did this last season. 

Ryan from Lester’s Legends
The player that I think will come out of nowhere to earn a spot in starting fantasy lineups and join the mid-to-upper echelon of fantasy players is Jeff Teague. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Our Most Shameful Draft Picks

Another fantasy basketball roundtable took place last week and this time the topic of discussion was our most shameful draft picks up to this date. As tough as it was for all of us to admit them, we all have some pretty embarissing picks.

There were answers ranging from sleepers turned bust like Anthony Randolph to underperforming guys taken in the top 30 like Chris Bosh.

To read the full roundtable and everyone’s shameful ways check out fBasketballBlog

Here is the full question and my own answer to it…

Who has turned out to be your most shameful draft pick? Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Waiver Wire Bargains

It’s time once again for the weekly roundtable where we have a panel of some of the best fantasy basketball bloggers out there discussing a different topic related to, what else, fantasy basketball. This week it is Rotoprofessor’s turn to host the roundtable and so I have all the answers for you, to the question I asked everyone.

This week’s roundtable focused on the guys that not enough people are focusing on. Here is the question…

Looking at the owned percentages on different popular fantasy basketball sites, who is one player you feel is still being overlooked and should be added in more leagues?

And here are the answers straight from the experts themselves…

Nels Wadycki from Give Me The Rock
Landry Fields
is sitting at about 39% ownership, but providing stats at almost Top 100 level talent. It simply cannot be possible that 60% of leagues have only 8 teams in them. I know you have to factor in “dead” leagues when you look at ownership percentage, but you also have to factor in that Fields is not just playing, but <em>starting</em> for the fantasy goldmine that is the Knicks. He’s averaging 6.4 rebounds which is nice for someone you can play at the Shooting Guard position. Speaking of things that are nice from a Shooting Guard, how about 55% from the field and 82% from the line? Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Buy Low Candidates

After a bit of a lapse the Fantasy Basketball Roundtable is back this week! This week we have 11 different responses as everyone offers a different option for a guy they like as a buy low player who might not be off to the most ideal start.

Here is the link to all the responses over at Damn Lies and Statistics

This week’s question was this:

Of players who have disappointed so far this season, who is the best buy-low candidate?

Here are the responses for both Daniel and myself.

Daniel: Gilbert Arenas
Arenas has underperformed due to injury issues. Big surprise. Still, I think he’s a very nice buy low candidate. John Wall is proving that he is ready for the big stage. Arenas is already feeling the pressure to perform with the rookie. In his two games back, Arenas’ points have been limited and his other stats have been virtually non-existent. I think his points will increase as he and Wall get comfortable with one another. Sure, Arenas has never been a pure point guard himself, but playing with Wall should help him get a few assists. More than anything, Agent Zero will be playing harder than he has in a while due to this new pressure to perform. When you factor in Hinrich off the bench and how he could fit with Arenas when Wall is sitting, Agent Zero looks like an even better option. He’s not the kind of buy low that you should go out and give up a 2nd round pick for, but keep him on your radar. His lack of minutes and, therefore, stats so far this season should make for an easy grab. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: How High Should You Draft Stephen Curry

Rotoprofessor participated once again in the weekly fantasy roundtable and the topic of discussion this week was Stephen Curry. To see the full list of responses from some of the very best fantasy basketball blogs on the internet head on over to this week’s host site Give Me The Rock and check out the full article.

Here was this week’s question and both myself and Daniel’s responses.

What do you think of Stephen Curry going at an average of 7.9 in Yahoo drafts? That’s above Danny Granger, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Amar’e Stoudemire, and David Lee… What do you think of Curry’s prospects compared to those other potential first round picks?

Will Overton’s Response

I can absolutely see why Curry is being taken at this point in the draft, the potential is absolutely through the roof and it’s exciting to think about just what Curry could do.  I’m getting sucked into the mania like everyone else, I have him ranked number 9 in my recent Top 200. That puts him in the first round for me and it puts him above all the big men mentioned above. The reason for this is that in my opinion all those big men are real close together and you should be able to land one of them on the turn, whereas if you miss out on Curry I think there is a bit more of a drop off to the next point guard.   Read more

Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Taking My Talent to South Beach

This is the first installment of the fantasy basketball roundtable. Each week rotoprofessor will be a participant in a panel of fantasy basketball bloggers all responding to a particular question. The host site where all the answers are can be found is Lester’s Legends this week and you can get the full roundtable by following this link. The host site will change every week so make sure to check in to see where you can find everyone’s views.

Here are the thoughts of both myself and rotoprofessor contributor Daniel Shirley on how Lebron’s fantasy value will be impacted by his joining the Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Daniel Shirley’s Take on Lebron

He’s still Lebron. Just a different Lebron.

I dropped Lebron to #5 and Dwyane Wade #3 in my fantasy rankings. Does this mean I think Wade is a better player? Not necessarily. I just think the new dynamic in Miami will play out in a way that has a slightly more positive impact on Wade’s stats. I’ve tried to scale the whole argument down into just a few points, so here goes:

Lebron James demands the best defender available. That’s no secret. In the past, teams playing the Heat were forced to play their best defender on Dwyane Wade. Of course, most NBA teams have more than one good defender. When you’re talking about the skill level and speed of Wade, though, the slightest downgrade at defender can translate into a big statistical difference. If teams choose instead to place their best defender on Wade and their second best on James, expect the Heat to go undefeated. Read more