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Triple Crown Hoops Challenge Draft Recap: RotoProfessor Picks Number One

 by Will Overton

The old adage is very true, no one cares about your fantasy sports team as much as you do. We love to talk about our teams and our drafts, but people can grow tired of listening sometimes. That said, things can be learned by looking at others drafts and how they play out before you enter your own.

Last Thursday Night I participated in an experts league draft known as the Triple Crown Challenge as there are three different unique leagues. The league I am in is a head-to-head, nine category, league with 12 teams.

Here I am going to tell you who I ended up with, my personal best and worst picks and some other picks that stood out to me for good or bad. I ended up with the first pick in the draft which I don’t ever love having and really don’t love this year with eight guys who standout to me as elite options. Still all the same, I won’t complain about owning Anthony Davis! Let’s take a look at my roster and then break down the picks: Read more

ADP: Who is Being Drafted Too Early? Williams, Bryant, and Smith

by Ray Kuhn

There is a lot more to draft strategy than just simply selecting good players. Where you draft a player matters as you want to always avoid over drafting. If you draft a player earlier than you should, the rest of your team will then be negatively impacted. Two ways to avoid this, are to be aware of where player’s are being taken so far in drafts, and also to work on building a balanced team so you will not have to reach for any positions or statistical categories.

Using the ADP results found on ESPN, is very useful tool. Let’s take a look at three players that are being drafted earlier than they should be this draft season. They have a few characteristics in common that overvalued players generally have; injury problems, and playing for a big market team.

Read more

Fantasy Basketball Draft Recap: Daniel Shirley’s Take

by Daniel Shirley

This is my recap of the draft that Will and I were involved in last week. I feel like I always leave drafts thinking and talking fantasy sports more than I did before. Keep checking back with us throughout the season as Will and I continue to discuss the writers’ league. It should be interesting and informative.

This draft was for a 14-team, head-to-head league. I had the 13th overall pick.

My Team- By Round

  1. (13) Danny Granger, Ind SF
  2. (16) Steve Nash, Pho PG
  3. (41) Rudy Gay, Mem SF
  4. (44) OJ Mayo, Mem SG
  5. (69) Michael Beasley, Mem SF
  6. (72) Luis Scola, Hou PF, C
  7. (97) Al Harrington, Den PF, C
  8. (100) Hedo Turkoglu, Pho SG, SF
  9. (125) Evan Turner, Phi SG, SF
  10. (128) DeMar DeRozan, Tor SG, SF
  11. (153) Jonny Flynn, Min PG
  12. (156) Mario Chalmers, Mia PG
  13. (181) Kirk Hinrich, Was PG, SG
  14. (184) Brad Miller, Hou C
  15. (209) Chris Andersen, Den PF, C
  16. (212) Hakim Warrick, Pho SF, PF Read more

Breaking Down My Latest Fantasy Draft

Earlier this week I was able to participate in a draft for a league consisting of many different fantasy basketball blogs from around the web, and many that you read from my links posts and in the fantasy roundtable.  It was a ton of fun, and quite the challenge to draft with so many guys who really know their stuff. I thought I would give a quick rundown of what my team looks like and go over some of my thoughts on the rest of the draft as well. Just for reference this is  a head-to-head league with standard scoring categories, I had the fifth pick of the draft, and there are 14 teams in the league.

My Team

1. (5) Dirk Nowitzki (Dal – PF)
2. (24) Brandon Roy (Por – SG,SF)
3. (33) Darren Collison (Ind – PG)
4. (52) Devin Harris (NJ – PG)
5. (61) Chris Kaman (LAC – C)
6. (80) Robin Lopez (Pho – PF,C)
7. (89) Corey Maggette (Mil – SF,PF)
8. (108)  Ben Gordon (Det – SG)
9. (117)  Greg Oden (Por – C)
10. (136)  Amir Johnson (Tor – PF)
11. (145)  Rodrigue Beaubois (Dal – PG,SG)
12. (164)  Travis Outlaw (NJ – SF,PF)
13. (173)  Thaddeus Young (Phi – SF,PF)
14. (192)  Wesley Matthews (Por – SG)
15. (201)  Tyson Chandler (Dal – C)
16. (220)  Kenyon Martin (Den – PF)

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