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Fantasy Fallout: The Fantasy Value Winners And Losers From The Trade Deadline

by Will Overton

The trade deadline was not as eventful and action packed as some expected it would be. And while the big names, such as Kevin Love or Blake Griffin stayed put, there were still nine trades in total and at least some fantasy impact along the way.

You’re going to find plenty of articles about which teams won and lost at the deadline, but this is a fantasy basketball website. We’re looking at who the winners and losers are from a fantasy basketball perspective only. So let’s start breaking down the value risers and droppers:

Fantasy Value Winners

Donatas Motiejunas – Detroit Pistons: There was a lot of buzz about how the Pistons had to give up a first round pick to get Motiejunas, but not Tobias Harris. While that does seem off, it says something that the Pistons were willing to part with that pick. Motijunas has struggled to get on the court this season because of injuries, but he’s working his way back right now from his latest back injury and should be on the court again soon.

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Fantasy Fallout: A Fantasy Breakdown of Yesterday’s Deals; Including Tobias Harris to Detroit

by Will Overton

The trade deadline is still a little bit over 24 hours away still, but the action has begun. Yesterday we had our first two trades of the week, one a pretty big move, the other smaller one. Both of them though have some kinds of fantasy repercussions attached though. We will look at both of these trades and give our take on who the fantasy winners and losers were:

The Detroit Pistons trade Ersan Ilyasova & Brandon Jennings to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Tobias Harris

This was the big newsmaker of the day yesterday as the Detroit Pistons are hoping they made the move necessary to lock themselves into the playoffs this season, and also setting themselves up for next few years as well. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Trade Deadline Movers Stock Report

by Will Overton

The lead up to the trade deadline was unusually quiet with no deals at all being made the days leading up to the deadline when we usually see at least one or two deals come a little early. With about two hours to go before the deadline though everything started going nuts. ‘

I think it might be easier to name the point guards in the league who didn’t change hands than to name the ones who did. Throw in some big man moves as well and the last two hours of the deadline really made up for the lack of action leading up to that point.

We aren’t going to break down each deal one by one, though if you couldn’t keep up and fear you may have missed a deal here is a full list of deals that were made. What we are going to do is look at some of the moving pieces whose stock is up and some whose stock is down. We’ll certainly be covering more in the coming days, but this is a good recap stock report to help you sift through all of the shaking and moving. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: The Fantasy Impact Of The Celtics Latest Trades

by Will Overton

The Celtics have no intention of waiting for the trade deadline to get their deals done and they have definitely jumped the gun on the other sellers this season. Already a busy team, the Celtics made two more trades yesterday to make the weekend a little more interesting.

Let’s look at the two trades separately and what their fantasy impact is projected to be.

Brandan Wright Traded to the Phoenix Suns

This is now the third team this season that Wright will play for. Wright was dealt to Boston from Dallas as part of the Rajon Rondo deal. In fact he was thought to be one of the better pieces headed to Boston in that deal. Since arriving in Boston though he was never really able to put much together and he never really got much of a chance to make an impact. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Reaction To The Three Team Deal Involving The Thunder, Knicks and Cavs

by Will Overton

You have to love coming home from a long day at work and finding that a fairly large three team trade went down in the NBA. We aren’t in full blown trade season just yet, but we’re close enough now that we will see these kind of random trades pop up every so often now.

Last night’s deal was a three team deal in which the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder were trying to shore up their shooting guard position for a playoff run and the New York Knicks just wanted to shed some cap space.

Here are the details of the big deal from last night:

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Dion Waiters
Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: J.R. Smith & Iman Shumpert
New York Knicks Receive: Lance Thomas, Lou Amundson & Alex Kirk

Also not involved in the deal, but worth noting, the Knicks waived Samuel Dalembert after the deal was made final. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Rajon Rondo Dealt To Dallas In A Blockbuster Deal

by Will Overton

The hot stove that is usually saved for January and February got started a little bit early this year. The Dallas Mavericks landed a really nice Christmas present for their fan base as they landed Rajon Rondo in a trade with the Boston Celtics.

For the Mavericks I really believe this sets them up as a potential NBA Championship contending team. This is a fantasy basketball blog though and so you came here to see what this trade means for fantasy basketball owners, not for Mark Cuban.

Let’s start by looking at the official parameters of the deal and all the players involved:

Dallas Mavericks Receive: Rajon Rondo & Dwight Powell
Boston Celtics Receive: Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder, Jameer Nelson, 2015 1st Round Pick & 2016 2nd Round Pick Read more

Trade Market Watch: Buy, Sell and Hold: What To Do With Serge Ibaka?

by Will Overton

A fantasy basketball owner who stays put is usually a fantasy basketball owner who won’t have much success. Sometimes you have that killer draft that doesn’t need tweaking later on, but that’s a very rare case and usually the winner has done some work to improve their team during the season.

There are two ways you can do this, the waiver wire and trades. If you’re diligent with the way you handle the waiver wire it can be a great source, but sometimes the big move you need to make can’t be done on waivers and you have to pull the trigger on a trade.

The key to making good trades is all about timing. You want to sell a guy at the right time and buy a guy at the right time. You also need to know when to hold on to a guy even though you may want to sell or buy them based on their performance thus far.

Each week I will check in with one guy I think you should sell high, buy low and hold on to. So without wasting any more time let’s get to it: Read more

Familiar Faces In New Places: Breaking Down Three Point Guards Who Have Relocated

by Will Overton

The offseason was a busy one and while we broke down some of the bigger moves we saw, there isn’t enough time or space to break down each move individually. To cover as much ground as possible and get enough information into your hands as possible we are grouping some of the offseason moves together by position. Last week we hit on shooting guards, and today we’ll break down some point guards who have moved teams.

In our point guard breakdown last week we hit on a couple of point guards moving teams, Jose Calderon and Isaiah Thomas. There were plenty of guys moving teams though and so we’re going to hit on three more today. As you can see when looking at my feelings on Calderon and Thomas, moving teams can move a player’s value up or down and it’s important to know which way each guy is headed.

Here are three of the point guards in new places this season: Read more

Trade Deadline Winners and Losers for Fantasy Basketball: Evan Turner, Aaron Brooks and More

by Will Overton

This was one of the quietest and most underwhelming trade deadlines I can remember. The best player to get moved was arguably Evan Turner. There were a lot of factors that went into this quiet trade deadline, but a big part was no one wants to let go of their draft picks right now.

Still, even with the quieter deadline there was still fantasy impact made. Most moves make some kind of an impact. The thing is that it’s not always the guys who get traded that gain or lose value, a lot of times it’s the guys who were left behind on their former teams. 

When someone leaves, someone else has to fill the gap and that guy gets an automatic fantasy bump, at least until we see whether he can hold his own or not.

Here are three guys I think gained value and three guys I think lost value this week with the trade deadline.

Value Up

Aaron Brooks – PG, Denver Nuggets:  While Aaron Brooks had his moments in Houston he never really got a consistent chance to shine on the court. He was always behind Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley and so he only got his chance when one of those guys were hurt. Brooks is really the only true backup point guard on the Nuggets now and with Ty Lawson banged up he has a chance to make an immediate impact. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Breaking Down The Impact Of This Week’s Trades

by Will Overton

The trade deadline is still over a month away now, but the action is already starting as teams begin to identify their needs. Teams are also starting to make decisions on which direction their team is headed in for this season.

There were a couple of trades that went down this week. One more prominent and one more under the radar. Both trades could have some fantasy significance though going forward. Here is my breakdown of both deal and their impacts:

Luol Deng traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum
The Cavs killed two birds with one stone in this deal. Cleveland desperately needed a reliable, veteran, scoring presence on the wing. More specifically at the small forward position where the Cavs have been cycling players in and out without ever finding the right fit. The other thing they did was unload Andrew Bynum which was clearly an experiment gone wrong. Read more