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Fantasy Fallout: Rudy Gay Shipped to Sacramento

by Will Overton

We continue to hear about how unmovable the contract of Rudy Gay is, but for the second straight year he has been moved and both times it’s been well before the trade deadline. This year it’s the Raptors sending the volume scoring small forward to the Sacramento Kings in a seven player deal.

Here are the specifics of the trade…

Sacramento Receives:
Rudy Gay – SF
Aaron Gray – C
Quincy Acy – SF

Toronto Receives:
John Salmons – SF
Greivis Vasquez – PG
Patrick Patterson – PF
Chuck Hayes – C

There are a few key fantasy players involved in this deal and ripple effects that will touch on the value of other players on the respective teams involved. Let’s break things down one side at a time starting with Sacramento. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Will Derrick Williams Fantasy Fortunes Turn In Sacramento?

by Will Overton

We’ve heard it’s been coming since before the season started and now it has happened. The Timberwolves traded Derrick Williams yesterday afternoon after a frustrating start to the season. Williams has played 20+ minutes in just one of the last 12 games and has four DNP’s in that time frame.

Williams needed a fresh start and the Timberwolves gave it to him by trading him to Sacramento for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, a more defensively gifted and offensively useless small forward. Mbah a Moute can be a nice role player with his defense, but this is about fantasy basketball, so we’ll be focusing more on Derrick Williams. The big key for Williams is how he’s used in Sacramento and how often he is used.

In the second half of last season we saw some of Williams offensive potential coming through as he averaged 15.0 PPG and 6.3 RPG while shooting 45% from the field and making 0.9 3PG after the all-star break. However, with a healthy Kevin Love back this year Williams was forced back to the bench. The T’Wolves have tried and tried to make Williams a small forward, but he just doesn’t have the athleticism to hang with other small forwards on defense. Williams quickly became a man without a role in Minnesota and the writing was on the wall for his leaving town. Read more

Trade Reaction: Gortat is Headed to DC

by Ray Lin

Merely four days until opening night of the 2013-2014 NBA season, the rebuilding Suns sent Marcin Gortat, Shannon Brown, Malcolm Lee and Kendall Marshall to the Wizards for Emeka Okafor and a 2014 first-round pick.

The centerpiece of the deal, Gortat, had been one of the higher floor centers in fantasy. Not a flashy draft pick by any means, the Polish big man was expected to approach a double-double on a nightly basis along with 1.5+ blocks a contest. His role and statistical expectations won’t change a whole lot in Washington, but the trade does send some fantasy ripples through the players around him. Trevor Booker will now probably have to compete with Nene for minutes at the 4. Kevin Seraphin was a nice late-round sleeper who the Wizards had been spending extra time coaching on defense, but now stands to lose considerable minutes and should now only be seen as a deep flyer for fantasy squads starved for PF/C depth.

Read more

The New Look Nets: Whose Value Is Up and Whose Is Down in Brooklyn

by Will Overton

There was a lot of maneuvering and jostling for position in the NBA this offseason. Lots of teams made splashes in free agency and on the trade market, but none of them as big as the Brooklyn Nets who reshaped their team in an effort to compete with the Miami Heat.

The Nets biggest offseason splash was when they traded a handful of last year’s role players to the Celtics for a trio of stars who give them a big boost. Headed to Brooklyn in that deal were Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry. The Nets didn’t even stop there, they continued on in free agency, somehow, adding Andrei Kirilenko.

It’s certainly hard to argue with the fact that the Nets got a whole lot better this offseason and they certainly could be in line to chase the Heat this season. If you’re reading this though you’re more worried about what it all means to fantasy owners and the value of the players involved. Read more

Waiver Worhty: Buy Ricky Rubio, Sell Kevin Martin and More

by Joel Gibson

The trade deadline was a disappointment for most fantasy owners this season. For those who stashed away Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, I feel your pain. Utah reportedly called San Antonio today wondering if they were still interested in Al Jefferson and were shocked to hear the deadline had already passed.

For those of you who gambled on traded for Favors or Kanter, safer bets rarely come along.  However, they are bets and sometimes things just do not happen the way they should.  Regardless, several players remain on the rise for the second half the season and several players will see digression in their production.

Buy: Jeff Green: SF/PF, Boston Celtics: Green has all the tools to be a very successful NBA player. He has elite athleticism, strength, ability to finish around the rim and a good catch and release jumper.

Celtics captain Paul Peirce has put the Celtics on his back since Rondo went down.  Pierce owners have no doubt enjoyed the increase in his peripheral stats but have got to be frustrated with his percentage dips. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Fantasy Basketball Winners and Losers from the Trade Deadline

What an anti-climactic trade deadline. We heard rumor after rumor and without fail an hour later we’d see a report claiming the previous rumor to be dead. Another rumor would pop up and we’d go through the same thing all over again, all day long.

Despite the lack of excitement there were still deals made and in the end there was still fantasy value impacted. Nothing happened to the level we expected, but sometimes the smaller deals have the most fantasy impact in the end.

I’m not going to break down the winners and losers as far as teams go, in some cases it’s pretty obvious (looking at you Sacramento, shameful). This is a fantasy basketball site and so my winners and losers are strictly in terms of fantasy value alone. Here is the way I see it shaking out after the uneventful day:

Fantasy Value Winners

Thomas Robinson – PF, Houston Rockets: Here is the day’s big winner. The number five pick in last year’s draft traded from Sacramento to Houston for not much of anything in return. I don’t know what Sacramento was thinking, but this was a no-brainer for Houston. As for Robinson, not only is he leaving a team in which he was barely playing, he’s joining a team that just traded away their two power forwards and Robinson should start right away. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Fantasy Value Winners and Losers in the Rudy Gay Trade

Things tend to get very interesting and at time very busy in the NBA around this time. Last night kicked off the official start of the mid-season trading session with the first big trade of the season. Rudy Gay was the big piece relocating in the deal, but in all there were three teams and six players involved in the trade.

The final deal ended up looking like this:

Toronto Raptors Receive: Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi
Memphis Grizzlies Receive: Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye and a 2nd Round Pick
Detroit Pistons Receive: Jose Calderon

That’s a lot of movement and its three teams who look a whole lot different now than they did yesterday. When a move like this happens the effects are seen on a lot more than just the players involved. The ripple effects are felt by many players and fantasy value changes quickly.

Here are the winners and the losers from this deal that went down last night, some players who were involved and others who weren’t, but will feel the effects. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: James Harden Moved From Oklahoma City To Houston

This is something you certainly don’t expect to see. One of the key members of the defending Western Conference Champions who are supposed to be on their way to a big time dynasty just got traded three days before the NBA season is set to start. Contract negotiations were crumbling and the Thunder decided they needed to act, and thus we got what happened last night when James Harden was moved to Houston for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and a solid return in picks.

Whatever you think of the trade you have to know that there is fantasy impact here. Harden is a guy who is pretty universally considered a top 25 – 30 fantasy player this season and now he’s going to be playing on a different team.

Here is the way I see things shaking out in terms of what happens to the fantasy value of the players involved;

Houston Rockets Receive James Harden From Oklahoma City Thunder
Clearly the Rockets are the getting the best and most well known player involved and have every intention of locking him up long term in a deal that many believe is almost done already. On the Thunder Harden was the third option on offense and spent his time coming off the bench as the team’s sixth man. Harden still played 31 minutes in Oklahoma City last season, but he could very well see 35+ this season as the Rockets starting shooting guard. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Breaking Down This Summer’s Biggest Trade

Let me just start by saying it’s good to be talking about fantasy basketball once again. After a couple of months off I am ready to dive back in and start talking some basketball. So let’s go ahead and get right to it.

As I considered what to write about in my first post back I decided to hit on the thing that the NBA world spent the entire summer talking about, Dwight Howard and the mega-trade that came out of it. You may have gotten tired of hearing about it, I know I certainly did. But it doesn’t change the fact that there was a whole lot of fantasy significance involved in this move.

It took four teams, 12 players and multiple draft picks to make this deal happen, but it finally did happen. I’m not going to try and tackle all 12 players involved in that deal, but I am going to look at the top four guys, one going to each team involved. Each guy will have his value impacted, but it’s a matter of how much and in what way it’ll be affected.

Here’s my take on how each of the four big parts of this deal will be affected:

Dwight Howard Traded to the Los Angeles Lakers
It turned into a three ring circus and Dwight Howard turned a lot of people off, but he got what he wanted, he got out of Orlando. Dwight could never get the help he wanted in Orlando and grew tired of trying to carry the team on his back alone. In Los Angeles he certainly won’t be in that same position as he’ll be taking the court every night with Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Monta Ellis Finds A New Home – What Are The Fantasy Implications?

The first big trade of this year’s trade deadline period went down last night. It didn’t take the NBA world by storm because it was two bad teams swapping disgruntled and injury plagued players, but it should have your attention if you play fantasy.

There will be ramifications to just about every trade that goes down over the next couple of days and so fantasy owners should be paying close attention. And it’s not always just the players involved in a deal who are impacted for fantasy purposes, but many times it’s the players left on the teams involved.

Here is my breakdown of last night’s Warriors and Bucks deal and the fantasy implications involved.

Bucks Get

Monta Ellis: At first glance this might be seem like a tough deal for Monta Ellis, but maybe not as much as you think. The Golden State Warriors were an up tempo team that fit the style of Monta Ellis, but things were starting to change. The tempo was slowing a bit under Mark Jackson and the team wasn’t getting as many possessions or points. Meanwhile the Bucks play a much more up tempo system than some might think. In fact the Bucks average the second most field goal attempts per game, just 0.2 behind the Sacramento Kings. Read more