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Minutes Watch: Keeping an Eye on the Changing Rotations in the NBA

by Joel Gibson

It seems simple enough and common sense that when being matched-up in the playoffs you must make the most out of every advantage you have against your opponent. During the post-season in order to win it is essential to take some gambles and ride some hot streaks. Remember your opponents got to the post-season because they have a loaded squad as well.

In order to win you might have to change your rotations a bit. You might need to grab some waiver wire guys and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. It is the postseason. You have to do whatever you have to do to win.

The following players have been seeing increased minutes and production lately. They may be on your waiver wire and worth picking up.

Ed Davis: PF, Memphis Grizzlies: Davis was performing at an exceptionally high level while in Toronto and was an absolute “Must-add” guy. He scored (efficiently even), he rebounded and he also blocked some shots. Read more

Market Watch: Predicting Potential Trade Deadline Fallout

by Joel Gibson

The trade deadline is right around the corner. Right now is your last chance to grab game changing players for fantasy at a low price. There are many players being involved in trade rumors this year, by keeping up with the rumors you can be a smart buyer this year as opposed to someone who gives up a high quality upside player for below their improved value.

Buy: Al Horford: PF/C, Atlanta Hawks: Josh Smith is reportedly heading out of town (where to remains to be seen). Horford may very well be moving back to his natural power forward position where only a handful of players can come close to competing with his versatile skills.

Horford is not only a talented player, but he is a true competitor. He loves the underdog role and with Smith gone, the offense will most likely go through him from here on.  Horford by most accounts is already a top 50 player this year, grab him before he becomes a top 20 player for the remainder of the season. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Crystal Ball: A Look Ahead At Week 2

It’s becoming more and more popular in fantasy sports to go to a weekly lineup format. For one it takes a little bit less time and is therefore more convenient. And it is also brings out a bit more strategy I think. In a weekly lineup league you have to consider matchups and try and determine who your best set of guys will be. Not just plug in anyone and everyone who has a game on a given day.

I know these weekly lineup leagues aren’t for everyone, but they are growing more and more popular and therefore I think it’s important that I dedicate some time to these leagues. I think the information here also can apply to head to head leagues that have weekly game limits and transaction limits, another idea I like if you don’t go with the weekly lineups.

I have three players/teams list here that I like this week based on recent performance and upcoming schedule. I also have three players/teams that I’d stay away from this week for the same reasons. Let’s take a look:

Players/Teams I Like This Week

Chris Kaman – C, Dallas Mavericks: I like most of the Dallas Mavericks this week, but I am especially highlighting Kaman as he may be someone you’re on the fence about since he missed most of the first week. I have absolutely no reservations about using Kaman this week however. He looked great in his first game scoring 16 on 8 – 9 shooting in just 20 minutes. I expect him to start and produce all week. The Mavs don’t really play any formidable defenses this week and the only strong defensive center Kaman will face is Tyson Chandler in New York. I love the matchups for him against the Bobcats and Raptors frontcourts. Read more

Reason to Believe: The Small Sample Size Edition

by Dave Freeman

In any fantasy sport, one argument you’ll hear ad nauseum is that a guy’s positive or negative performance is due to “small sample size.” Especially when someone goes off at the beginning of the season, the narrative you most often hear is that it’s only one or two games and you really need wait to see how everything shakes out.

That’s all well and good – most of the time at the beginning of the season guys just get a hot hand going and it means little for the rest of their seasons. (To wit: I’m watching the Suns game right now and Shannon Brown is going nuts in the 4th quarter. I do not imagine, given the situation in Phoenix, that Brown is worth targeting. He’s just hot tonight). That said, there’s always at least one 2011 Ryan Anderson: the guy who came into the season somewhere between sleeper and quietly hyped that ends up returning early round value and winning a lot of leagues.

Here at Rotoprofessor, we’re all about helping you figure out which guys are legit and which guys aren’t. The ability to distinguish between such players is perhaps most important at the beginning of the season, when talent is still readily available and precisely because the sample size is small. I’m of the opinion that you should be super active with pickups and low-end trades early in the season because one or more of them is likely to stick. Read more

Monday Morning Lineup Decisions: Play Arron Afflalo, Sit Paul George and More

This is it gentlemen and ladies too, maybe. Championship week is upon us. Some of you may have started your championship week last Monday, but this is the big week for most in head-to-head and for those in roto leagues, hopefully its close enough to make this last set of games interesting. In most instances this last week of games will include next week through the end of the season on next Thursday.

There is zero room for error so think hard through your lineup choices this week, just don’t overthink it in the process. Take a look at your players upcoming schedules and also consider injuries and guys being shut down.

Here is a list of some of the guys I do and do not like this week.

Guys I Like This Week

Arron Afflalo – SG, Denver Nuggets: I wonder how many people are really aware of just how good Afflalo has been since the all-star break and how deserving he really is of must start status, every single week. So far in the month of April Afflalo is averaging 19.6 points per game, 4.3 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 2.0 three-pointers. Afflalo has gone from a good defender, decent three-point shooter to the focal point of the Nuggets offense. On top of being on fire for two straight months now, Afflalo also has a nice set of six games coming up including Minnesota and Phoenix. It’s time to give this guy his dues. Read more

Getting The Most From Your Team: How To Manage A Maximum Game Limit

Part of the fun of fantasy basketball is the strategy that it takes to succeed. No offense to fantasy football, I love fantasy football, but fantasy basketball takes more than just logging on twice to pick up a few players and then set your lineup. There is a lot that goes into fantasy basketball and to succeed you have to be willing to pay close attention. One of the most strategic pieces to fantasy basketball is managing a maximum game limit.

Not all fantasy leagues use a maximum game limit, but most of them do and if you are ignoring yours you will be in trouble eventually. It’s sometimes frustrating to constantly be monitoring how many games your guys have played, but there is a way to play within the limit and be successful.

Here are some tips on how to stay within your limits and make the most of the games you do have. 

1.       Do NOT Go Under Your Limit: Sometimes people freak out about maximum games played and anytime they see their pace go into the red they panic. The absolute worst thing you can do when you’re playing in a league with max games is not use all of your games. We’re early in the season and you could still be trying to figure out who gives you the best chance to win. Read more

Looking Ahead at Your Head-to-Head League Playoffs

by Tim Barrett

In H2H leagues, the goal of the regular season is to make the play-offs. Once the play-offs begin, it’s anyone’s game. Many owners are content to “run whatcha brung”. And this is where you can gain an advantage. Some teams have better play-off schedules than others. Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, New Jersey, Sacramento, Phoenix and Washington have great schedules – 4 games per week for the play-offs. Minnesota, New Orleans & Houston all play 3 games less with Houston only playing 2 games for the first week. With the trade deadline looming in most leagues, here’s a look at some possible player trades and some waiver wire pick-ups to take advantage of the play-off schedules.


Kevin Martin – possible trade partners: Ray Allen, John Wall

Luis Scola – possible trade partners: Martin Gortat, DeMarcus Cousins, JaVale McGee

Kyle Lowry – possible trade partners: Beno Udrih Read more

Ten Tips To Become A Better Fantasy Basketball Trade Maker

One of the best parts of fantasy sports is trading. There is just something so satisfying about working out a deal that is both exciting and sometimes nerve wrecking. But don’t be fooled, trading in fantasy basketball, or any other sport is not a crap shoot, it’s an art and if you can become a good trader your going to stand a lot better chance of finding your name at the top of the standings. Here are ten tips to become a better fantasy basketball trader. 

1.      Patience Pays Off

Don’t get frustrated when the first deal you offer someone doesn’t go through, and don’t always assume you have to accept the first deal you’re offered just because your team needs help. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to make a deal happen and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve spent a week or two going back and forth with people trying to work out just the right deal, your goal is to not settle and get the most out of a deal as possible. If you are working with someone who is cooperative than feel free to take your time. When you get offered a deal let the other person know why you’re not accepting and who you like and don’t like in the deal and than counter. Chances are if they don’t like your counter they’ll at least have the courtesy to do the same as you and the more information on the table the easier it’ll be to work something out. But just like in the big leagues, it doesn’t always happen right away, in fact in my experience I rarely have my first offer accepted or accept someone else’s.   Read more