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Market Watch: Who You Need To Buy, Sell & Hold

by Matthew Bellerose

With trade deadlines looming, it is a good idea to evaluate the standpoint of fantasy rosters as well as the major league rosters. If you’re drifting in the back end of the league, maybe some owners will make some poor decisions that you could benefit from. If you are one of the leaders, stay consistent and be smart through the all-star break. Try not to get too cute, but also know your weaknesses. Enjoy the All-Star break!


E’Twaun Moore SG Chicago Bulls

This is a major risk, but could produce major benefits for a month or more. The star Bulls guard, Jimmy Butler, had been ruled out for around a month, and Moore has been asked to fill the starting role. He is a player who has never had an opportunity to showcase his talents as he has averaged just over 16 minutes per game for his career. The Bulls are not backing down from playoff contention, and if they believe in Moore, than so should we. I expect a decent scoring touch, upwards of 16 a game, with a handful of assists and rebounds, and a solid amount of steals. He is a quick boost, and possible a longer term asset depending on the extent of Butler’s injury. Read more

Market Watch: Buy Low on Joe Johnson, & More

by Matthew Bellerose

We have come to the point of the season where the teams are starting to discover their futures. You should know by now whether you have a shot at making the playoffs, or are within enough point of your roto league championship. I wish you the best in your league. Keep building that team for the final push. It’s the last weeks that matter most, and moves now can set you up the best for the future.


Emmanuel Mudiay PG Denver Nuggets

This is quite a risk. However, the reward is sky high. Playing on a mangled Nuggets roster, there is plenty of room for his potential to show through. Coming back from an extensive injury, Mudiay is stepping into a larger role. This team is sort of a lost cause this season, and they might as well develop their budding star. He has played over 30 minutes in 3 of his last five games and has scored double digit points, 6 or more assists, and just under 2 steals a game in each of those games. He is not an option for your team if you are in a turnover league, or need to improve your field goal percentage. But if you need a long shot boost, get Mudiay.


Joe Johnson SG Brooklyn Nets

Johnson showed some flashes of his former self in recent games with a drastic increase in minutes. The Nets have a depleted roster, and the veteran Johnson cannot keep up his current pace for long enough, as shown by his two point performance in his most recent game. He averaged over 16 points a game in a four game stretch which is 5 higher than his season averages. At his age he is also a bit of a health risk, and he is not necessary for the future of the Nets. His value is at his highest of the season, so I would move him as soon as possible.


Jrue Holiday PG New Orleans Pelicans

I am a big fan of the backcourt for the Pelicans with Holiday and Evans. Now without Eric Gordon for a month, Holiday is going to step into a bigger role, and there is always room for assists with Anthony Davis on your team. He has posted 9 or more assists in his last four games, as well as averaging over 15 points a game. Those are excellent numbers, and I expect them to continue. These are around his career averages, and he should return to those, if not improve upon them for the remainder of the season. If you have him hold him, if you don’t, I would definitely throw out an offer to the owner.

Market Watch: Week 10: Buy Low On Kyrie Irving & More

by Matthew Bellerose

Welcome to 2016, where basketball continues to amaze. I was looking back at some of my old articles, because I found myself thinking about some of my previous recommendations. While there were some that I missed on (Selling Khris Middleton and Rajon Rondo, and buying Robert Covington), I think that I nailed some of my other recommendations. Selling Demarre Carrol, Derrick Rose, Robin Lopez, Mo Williams. While buying John Wall, Tyreke Evans, Wesley Matthews, DeMar DeRozan, Pau Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Karl Anthony Towns and Nerlens Noel.

If one were to assemble that team they were be in fantastic shape right now. Some of those might have been obvious, but my job is to help you realize what’s going on behind the public eye. I hope that this week helps, and that your 2016 is better than 2015! Read more

Market Watch – Week 7: Who To Buy and Who To Sell: Kristaps Porzingis and More

by Matthew Bellerose

This week has been quite the busy one; therefore I am adding a twist to this week. We are buying one, selling one, and holding one. We had a very sad week this week with the loss of the Golden State Warriors. I give partial credit to the Celtics for wearing the Warriors down in a double overtime battle. Enjoy the wonderful week!


Marc Gasol C Memphis Grizzlies

Gasol has the potential to be traded to a contending team, which will only bolster his stats. He, and the entire Grizzlies team, are not playing great this season. Signs are pointing to the beginning of the Memphis rebuild. This means that any of their aging players could be on the move. Gasol would be the biggest beneficiary of a trade. He would benefit from increased guard play around the perimeter, as there would be less defensive coverage on Gasol in the post. Read more

Market Watch – Week 6: Who To Buy And Who To Sell: Buying Orlando’s Backcourt and More

by Matthew Bellerose

Week 6 and players are becoming more difficult to sort. This week is all about the guards. There is some magic going around, and the Williams are not playing up to par. Keep looking to improve; there is a lot of season left!


Elfrid Payton PG Orlando Magic

Payton is in his sophomore season and he is playing much better than he was last year, yet I believe there is still room for improvement. He is on an improved team, and is improving drastically. His value is actually higher now than it was a month or so ago, but I think it will continue to rise. He is 12th in the league in assists, with a rising scoring average and shooting percentage. He is not necessarily a buy low, but rather a buy in general. He is a solid all around category contributor especially with the rise in points. If this trend continues he will definitely have great value for the remainder of the season. Read more

Market Watch: Week 5 – Buy/Sell Report: Buy Karl-Anthony Towns and More

by Matthew Bellerose

It’s week 5 and the Timberwolves are filling up the market. There are two to buy and one to sell. The 76ers won a game this week, Luke Walton is the coach of the month, and if you add up each of Stephen Curry’s highest scoring quarters the total is over 100. Enjoy the week and don’t let the Timberwolves best you.


Karl-Anthony Towns PF/C Minnesota Timberwolves

Towns has surprisingly seen decreased minutes as of late, and because of this his overall production has decreased. Gorgui Dieng has seen a spike in his minutes off the bench in place of Towns, hurting his stats. The first, and only, game that he played under 20 minutes was due to foul trouble. The recent stretch of games is most likely due to the coach deciding to rest him and lower his minutes. He is a franchise player and the Timberwolves do not want to overwork him in his first season. This is your time to go buy. Before these last five games he was averaging 16 points a game, and this stretch has brought it to fewer than 14 per game. This is your chance to buy low on a player with extreme potential for the remainder of the season. Read more

Market Watch – Week 4: Buy John Wall, Sell Deron Williams and More

by Matthew Bellerose

Robin Lopez has more victories over mascots than the 76ers have against other NBA teams, what a sad world we live in. The Warriors have as many wins as the Rockets, Pelicans, and Clippers combined, all of whom were playoff teams last year. This week there are two teams each with one stud to grab and one dud to let go. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving, sit back, relax, eat, and study fantasy basketball.


Tyreke Evans SG New Orleans Pelicans

Evans has put up a disappointing zero points so far this year, but has committed zero turnovers. Tyreke is finally returning after surgery on his right knee. People seem to forget how productive Evans has been in recent years. He has averaged around 15 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and more than a steal per game. He also comes with multiple position eligibility. He is currently not owned in every league, and if he is available in yours, go pick him up immediately. If an owner has held onto him since the draft, he may be a difficult asset to pry away, but I would certainly try. He is a very good fantasy contributor and can make a drastic impact on your team for the rest of the season. Read more

Market Watch: Who To Buy And Who To Sell: Sell Rajon Rondo And More

by Matthew Bellerose

Week 3 is all about the 3’s. Doug McDermott leads the way in the percentage categories (with more than 10 attempted), there are only two people that Stephen Curry is not doubling in the made category, and Jimmer Fredette is a solid 0-1. There are some shooters who are underrated; while others are just not producing enough other stats to make their 3’s worthwhile.


Nerlens Noel, PF/C – Philadelphia 76ers

One of Noel’s most attractive features is his defensive contributions of steals and blocks. In the teams last six games (Noel only played in four) he has only put up 2 blocks and six steals. While the per game average for the steals seems to be fair, the blocks need to rise to almost 2 per game to give the owners what they are looking for. He is attempting more than three more shots per game than he did last year. Read more

Market Watch: Who To Buy And Who To Sell: The Raptor Factor and More

by Matthew Bellerose

Basketball is in session. A solid two weeks in and the Warriors are still undefeated, mascots are endangered, and at least Nets fans have the 2019 draft to look forward too! This week was not too eventful, but there are still some players who have continued their slow start which only helps their value for buying purposes. There are not too many players who have started on a tear this season, but there are still a few whose value is higher than it should be.


Goran Dragic PG Miami Heat

Goran is off to one of the worst starts of his career trying to fit in with the new Heat offense. The past few years he has been able to offer 16 points, a steal and almost 5 assists and 4 rebounds a game. He is off to a cold start, shooting only around 40% when he is usually around 50%. Once the shots start falling, which should be soon, he can provide decent value at the point guard position. Read more

Market Watch: Who To Buy and Who To Sell: Derrick Rose and More

by Matthew Bellerose

The first week is in the books! We have learned the Stephen Curry can’t be stopped, Kobe Bryant refuses to go away, and the Pistons hate their bench. There is no reason to over-react to your struggling stars. In fact, it may be a good idea to trade for one of these slow-starters. There are also some bright bulbs that are shining brighter than expected that you might want to get off your hands while they’re still hot.


Gordon Hayward SF Utah Jazz

Hayward is off to a very slow start this season, which bodes well for all of those looking to help out an owner over-reacting to some of their slow-starters. He is the focal point of the Jazz offense, especially without Dante Exum, so ball will always run through his hands. Last year he averaged over 19 points, 4 assists and almost 5 rebounds and a steal and a half per game. This year he is only at 12 points and under 4 rebounds and 3 assists so far while averaging the same amount of minutes. There is a high expectation for him to return to form, especially after starting off the season completely on the road. Listen to some smooth Jazz and watch Hayward’s smooth stroke as he fills the box score each night. Read more