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Buyer Beware: What Should We Make Of Dennis Schroder’s ADP Rise?

by Will Overton

There is a growing buzz in fantasy basketball circles around Dennis Schroder and his upside now that he has taken over full time starting point guard duties. Watching ADP reports can be a very telling thing early on in the draft season. You learn which guys are really rising up the list, and one of those guys is Dennis Schroder.

On ESPN just in the last week has risen from being the 101st pick overall on average to the 72nd pick overall. Meanwhile on Yahoo! the average draft pick slot for Schroder is up to 65 and it’s also rising there.

When Schroder was going around 90 – 100 on ESPN he was a value pick, a steal really. Now that he has jumped into the sixth round range though, is he still a good value? And with the way and the rate he is climbing, I assume he’ll jump another 10 – 15 spots still potentially. So let’s dive into just how high you should be taking Schroder and where his true value lies. Read more

ADP Report: Using ADP To Identify Sleepers And Busts Among Big Men

by Will Overton

We have been breaking down our sleepers and busts using average draft position the last couple of weeks. Last week we hit on the point guards and earlier this week it was the swingmen that we touched on. Today we are going to wrap up the series by touching on the big men who are being under or over drafted.

There are going to be a ton of fantasy basketball drafts around the world going on this weekend and you need to be prepared going in. Finding sleepers and avoiding busts in your draft room is all about recognizing where a guys value is and taking advantage of the current trends by not reaching beyond a guys value and also waiting if you can for the guy you really want. Read more

ADP Report: Using ADP To Identify Sleepers And Busts At Point Guard

by Will Overton

The truest definition of a sleeper in fantasy leagues is a player who performs better than the position in which he was drafted. So when we’re talking about sleepers that doesn’t necessarily mean breakout players. If everyone is predicting a breakout and drafting him accordingly, they’re not a sleeper.

Conversely a bust is someone who performs worse than the position in which they were drafted and if a guy who is predicted to fall off, does in fact not reach the stats he usually posts, it’s not a bust because people saw it coming.

With this in mind the best way to identify sleepers and busts in my opinion is by looking at and analyzing ADP reports. This is what we are going to do, dissect the ADP reports on Yahoo and ESPN for the point guard position to help identify players I feel are sleepers and busts. Read more

Preseason Story Watch: Breaking Down The Jazz Backcourt

by Will Overton

As the preseason carries on there are certain storylines developing that call for the attention of fantasy owners. One of the stories owners need to be watching is the way things are unfolding in Utah’s backcourt.

The Jazz aren’t a “flashy team” necessarily and don’t often get much attention. However, there are plenty of reasons for fantasy owners to be paying attention to this team during the preseason. Is Derrick Favors going to emerge into a star this season? Does Rudy Gobert have sleeper value and the ability to unseat Enes Kanter as the starting center? And then the question we’re looking at, who in the Jazz backcourt do fantasy owners want to own?

There are four key pieces to the Jazz backcourt picture right now and we are going to take a close look at each of those four guys and what their potential value might be for fantasy players: Read more

ADP Analysis: Finding Value By Analyzing Draft Results

by Will Overton

Fantasy basketball draft prep is all about finding good value. In the first round it’s not as much the case because the first round guys are pretty well set this year. A reach might be going five picks or so above their ADP.

The value picks start taking place in the mid rounds, possibly as early as round two or three even. The easiest way to identify value can be through looking at ADP on popular sites like ESPN and Yahoo and getting a feel for where certain guys are going.

In this post I am going to throw out some names of guys who are being undervalued and overvalued in my opinion based on ADP compared to my own personal rankings from my draft guide:


Ricky Rubio – PG, Minnesota Timberwolves (ESPN ADP: 22.1, Yahoo ADP: 23.4, RP Rank: 46)

I wish I didn’t have to include Rubio on this list because it makes it sound like I don’t like him and I do, I really do. He’s probably one of my favorite players to watch play. Being fun to watch isn’t enough to make him a low end second round or high end third round guy though. Read more

Is Carlos Boozer A Bust? A Look At How Much Value Is Left In Carlos Boozer

At only 30 years old Carlos Boozer shouldn’t be considered as over the basketball hill yet, but he certainly seems to be entering the downside of his career. Despite being just 30 years old, Boozer has a lot of life on his legs with 10 seasons under his belt.

Last season Boozer did do something he has struggled to do for much of his career, stay healthy. It was a shortened season, but in some ways that made it even harder for a lot of guys to stay healthy. Here are the numbers he posted in that full season:

29.5 Minutes Per Game
15.0 Points Per Game
8.5 Rebounds Per Game
1.0 Steals Per Game
0.4 Blocks Per Game
53% Field Goal Percentage
69% Free Throw Percentage Read more