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Injury Report: Looking At Guys Who Are Hitting The Shelf And The Impact Of It

by Will Overton

With the season winding down there may be a lot of people mailing it in right now. We’re not going to be mailing it in here at RotoProfessor though, we’re seeing this thing through for those who are still in the running for their titles.

With just a handful of games left for each team now things get a little unsteady. Injuries that might cause a guy to miss a game, or an injury they would normally play through, leads to them being shut down for the rest of the season if there team isn’t in the hunt for the playoffs.

We’re going to take a look at some of the injuries that have taken place in the last week and what that means for the rest of the team for fantasy purposes over the next few games: Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Does Anthony Davis Being Shut Down Create Fantasy Value For Someone Else?

by Will Overton

I am honestly a little bit surprised that the New Orleans Pelicans waited as long as they did to shut Anthony Davis down if what they are saying about his injury is accurate. This is already a lost season for the team and has been for a while.

Regardless of the timing, the decision has been made now and Davis is going to be watching the rest of the Pelicans games from the bench the next few weeks. Davis joins a list of other Pelicans who are sidelined, a list that also includes Ryan Anderson for now who missed last night’s game with a groin injury.

While the Pelicans team doesn’t have much to play for, there are players on this team who are going to get a big opportunity here who have plenty to play for and because of that they may make for some nice fantasy surprises come fantasy playoff time. Read more

Injury Report: Blake Griffin Still Out, The Grizzlies Have No Point Guards And More

by Will Overton

Staying on top of the injury news around the league can be one of the ways to get a leg up on your competition in fantasy basketball. It’s important to know when a guy goes on the shelf and even more important to know what the effect that injury is going to have on the team

Grabbing guys off the waiver wire who are getting an increase in minutes because of injury can be the kind of boost your fantasy team needs to get over the top. With that in mind here are some of the recent injuries around the NBA and a discussion of who will benefit:

Jae Crowder Sprains His Ankle
The Celtics are saying that Jae Crowder is going to miss at least a couple of weeks if not more with his high ankle sprain. With this we may very well just see the Celtics go three guards a whole lot more, but there are two guys on a lot of waiver wires who could benefit from Crowder’s absence. Read more

Does Danilo Gallinari’s Sprained Ankle Open Up Fantasy Basketball Doors In Denver?

by Will Overton

The oft-injured Danilo Gallinari is back on the injury report for the Denver Nuggets after an MRI reveals a badly sprained ankle. Gallinari is expected to be out for three to four weeks at least with this injury and he has been known to miss more time than expected.

This is a tough blow to fantasy owners because Gallinari was really having a nice season, averaging 19.5 PPG so far. Fantasy owners are tasked with finding a replacement for Gallinari now. We are going to look and see if there is anyone in Denver who could become waiver wire gold here, but we’ll also talk about other guys who are already owned who are affected positively.

If we are starting by looking to the waiver wire, the guy we should probably be talking about is JaKarr Sampson who the Nuggets recently signed to a multi-year deal. Sampson is 6’9, but despite the height plays a lot at shooting guard, while also running at small forward too. Read more

Injury Report: The Fantasy Fallout of Jimmy Butler and Chris Bosh Injuries

by Will Overton

The trade deadline last week produced some waiver wire value for fantasy basketball players, but the injuries that have taken place might have produced even more. Right around the all-star break two teams took huge hits in injury news. The Chicago Bulls lost Jimmy Butler for 2 – 3 weeks, while Chris Bosh may miss the rest of the season for the Miami Heat.

These two injuries are opening the door for other guys to step up an waiver wire value to be found. Let’s breakdown each injury and what the fantasy relevance of them are:

Jimmy Butler Dealing With A Knee Injury

At this point it’s possible that Jimmy Butler could be back in a couple weeks, but that’s no guarantee and the Bulls aren’t going to rush him back with a knee injury I assume. It was unclear initially who would be the big benefactor to this injury, but it seems that E’Twaun Moore has separated himself as the guy at this point. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: What Does The Marc Gasol Mean For Fantasy Owners?

by Will Overton

We posted our injury report yesterday discussing players going on the shelf and players coming off of it. As you could have almost guaranteed would happen, later the day that article was put up big time injury news broke. The Memphis Grizzlies announced yesterday that their franchise cornerstone and center Marc Gasol had broken his foot and would be out indefinitely.

There will be some trickle-down effect from this injury. We’re going to take a look at who is going to get the biggest bump from this injury, and whether or not there is a ready-made replacement at center for your fantasy team on the Grizzlies if you owned Gasol.

What we can do to start with is look at what happened Monday Night when the Grizzlies had to play three quarters of the game without Gasol. The Grizzlies relied on Zach Randolph to be their “center” while Matt Barnes and Jeff Green logged big minutes at forward. Read more

The Injury Report: Who’s Out And Who’s Coming Back

by Will Overton

Staying on top of the injury news around the league can be one of the ways to get a leg up on your competition in fantasy basketball. It’s a two-fold thing, you have to watch who is getting hurt and also who is coming back from injury. Both of these things will have an effect on the fantasy value of the specific players and the others on their team.

We’re going to look at a handful of guys who have recently gone on the shelf and also a few guys who are now on the mend as well and I’ll break down what it all means:

On The Shelf

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG – Detroit Pistons: The injury to the Pistons third year shooting guard came at a bad time after he put together a really strong month of January. Caldwell-Pope is now dealing with a groin strain that has him out until at least the 19th of this month. Fortunately for the Pistons and KCP owners, the all-star break falls during that time frame. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: What Does Derrick Rose Injury Mean For The Rest Of The Chicago Bulls

by Will Overton

In a truly sad turn of events the Chicago Bulls have watched their star point guard Derrick Rose go down with another torn meniscus in his knee.     Rose played just 10 games combined the two seasons prior to this one and just when you started to forget about that this happens and Rose is going back under the knife.

We don’t know yet that Rose’s season is over and we won’t know until he goes in for surgery. The odds are definitely not in his favor though and while fantasy owners shouldn’t drop Rose just yet, they shouldn’t be holding their breath either.

We know this is a blow to fantasy owners, but it’s a blow to the Bulls even more so. We are going to take a look at what the impact on the Bulls is going to be speaking from a fantasy perspective. We’ll look at the guys who will be taking over Rose’s spot as well as other effects coming from this injury. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Who Stands to Benefit from Carmelo Anthony Shutting it Down?

by Ray Kuhn

To start, this should not be coming as a surprise. In fact if the All-Star game were not in New York this season, Carmelo Anthony likely would have ended his season at least a month ago.

But after Monday’s game against Miami, it appears that we really do have confirmation that Anthony’s season will be officially over very soon. The only question, is how long after the All-Star game will Anthony and the Knicks wait to officially shut him down.

So as a fantasy owner, you need to be proactive here.

For as bad as the Knicks have been this season, they are still a source of fantasy production. However, most of that value has come from Anthony. So with their star sidelined, the Knicks have to replace 24.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game. Read more

Fantasy Fallout: The Fantasy Impact of the Dwight Howard Injury

by Will Overton

After a season that has been riddled by injuries Dwight Howard is now shelved for at least a month due to a knee injury. Howard had an injection in the knee yesterday and will definitely be out four weeks and then be evaluated again. So really we don’t know for sure when he’ll be back, we just know it won’t be for at least a month.

The loss of Howard leaves a pretty big void on the Rockets because they don’t really have another true center on the roster. Picking up the slack will be their trio of stretch four style power forwards Donatas Motiejunas, Josh Smith and the returning Terrence Jones. Also picking up minutes, and actually starting is a more traditional big man, though undersized for center, Joey Dorsey. Read more