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Stats Breakdown: Using Rebounding Rate To Identify Fantasy Basketball Rebound Standouts

by Ray Lin

Only looking at rebounds per game isn’t looking at the bigger picture. If someone plays significantly more minutes than someone else of similar rebounding skill level, naturally it wouldn’t be surprising for the first guy to have a higher RPG.

However, if we look at it by an per rebounding opportunity basis, we get a much better read on who is really the most efficient on the glass. Let’s use ESPN’s defensive and offensive rebounding rates to examine 6 players who may have been better rebounders than you thought. Rebounding rate is the percentage of missed shots that a player rebounds.

We’ll look at all of the players who played less than 30 minutes per game but ranked in the Top 10 of either Defensive Rebounding Rate and/or Offensive Rebounding Rate. Let’s take a look: Read more

Stat of the Day: Evan Fournier’s 14 Points Alongside Victor Oladipo

by Ray Kunn

Entering the season, Evan Fournier really didn’t have much value. We were talking about a shooting guard entering his third NBA season after averaging 8.4 points per game last season.

But then a Victor Oladipo injury changed things.

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Stat of the Day: Bojan Bogdanovic’s 22 Points

by Ray Kuhn

We know that Nets’ coach Lionel Hollins is not happy with Brook Lopez. Mason Plumlee is also struggling for Brooklyn as he scored just two points on Monday and is averaging only 6.0 points per game this season. Kevin Garnett cannot play more than 20-25 minutes a night at this point, so something has to give. Someone needs to step up.

And perhaps that someone can be Bojan Bogdanovic.

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Stat of the Day: Lance Stephenson’s 9.5 Rebounds per Game

by Ray Kuhn

Lance Stephenson is becoming a well rounded player. Allowed to depart Indiana over the summer due to some character concerns, Charlotte’s new addition has yet to show any of those so far this season. And that bodes well for his fantasy outlook since Stephenson is a talented player.

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Stat of the Day: Brook Lopez’s 5 Rebounds to Andrew Bogut’s 14

by Ray Kuhn

Brook Lopez is a big man. So, the general impression is that he would play in a manner befitting of his size. But as new Brooklyn Nets Lionel Hollins is beginning to notice, that is not the case.

Hollins pulled Lopez a week ago as he was being dominated in the post by Nikola Vecevic, and that is not the only center battle he has lost so far this season. Nikola Pekovic also got the better of Lopez, but perhaps the bigger symbol of Lopez’s struggles was his performance against Andrew Bogut on Thursday.

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Stat of the Day: Zach LaVine Played 34 Minutes Wednesday Night

Zach LaVine has a great deal of talent and potential. However, he is raw. But with Ricky Rubio sidelined for the immediate future with an ankle injury, the Timberwolves need him to grow up quickly.

The 19 year old was drafted this past June by Minnesota after spending one season with UCLA and it was expected he would spend at least the early part of the season adjusting to the NBA from the bench. In the first four games of the season, LaVine didn’t get off the bench for two of them and combined for 13 minutes in the other two games.

Minnesota does have veteran Mo Williams around, but there is no potential or future with Williams. He is a solid veteran point guard, but he is clearly not part of the greater plan. So it does make sense for Flip Saunders to give LaVine a chance to see what he can do. After all, the Timberwolves aren’t expected to contribute this season anyway, with the development of young players being the ultimate goal.

From a fantasy perspective, the first indicator of value is minutes. And in the past two games, LaVine played 26 and then 34 minutes respectively. If you are going to look strictly at the box scores, the first inclination would be to leave the rookie on the waiver wire.

In his first game of extended action, LaVine went 2-5 from the field scoring five points while adding four assists and six rebounds. Wednesday night against the Rockets, he was 2-9 from the field scoring eight points with three rebounds. But, beyond his minutes, what really struck me were LaVine’s nine assists.

That and Saunders speaking highly of the rookie after the game made me optimistic for his outlook moving forward.

“I believe we’re seeing Zach grow up right before our eyes,” Saunders said.

Now, we don’t want to overreact here, but anytime a coach says that, it is a good thing. LaVine is not having success offensively, but he is at least showing he can be a play maker. The talent and potential is there, but I’m not sure LaVine will much consistent value this season outside of the deepest leagues. But he does need to be on your radar, and could be a good source of assists at a minimum.

However, he does find his offensive game, look out.


Stat of the Day: Anthony Morrow Shoots 11-16 from the Field

by Ray Kuhn

The Oklahoma City Thunder are a mess. Kevin Durant, out. But that would be alright because Russell Westbrook could pick up the slack right?

No Westbrook is out too. Jeremy Lamb has missed time this year. Perry Jones and Andre Roberson also are sidelined.

So will score for the Thunder?

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