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Sunday Morning Fantasy Basketball Links: December 1

by Will Overton

We try and give you a diverse selection of fantasy basketball coverage here at RotoProfessor. However, we can’t cover everything all the time. Lucky for all of you, there is a ton  of really good content out there on the web covering all kinds of fantasy basketball stuff:

  • If you’re suffering from the absence of our morning recap today may I recommend that you check out Broken Leagues. It’s a new site, but their daily recaps are top notch and you should enjoy their breakdown of last night’s action.
  • One of the more fascinating teams for me so far this season is the Phoenix Suns. With their mix and match frontcourt and incredibly exciting backcourt they are a fun team for fantasy study. A few days back Eric Ong of Points in the Paint did a really good breakdown of the team with some good information.
  • Are you into daily fantasy basketball games? I’m personally a pretty big fan of them as they can be a nice little side game to play alongside the grind of full year fantasy. If you’re into it or want to get into it then The Fake Basketball is a must read. Always good stuff on who to start and who to sit on a daily basis. Read more

Saturday Morning Reading: Fantasy Basketball Links From Around The Web

by Will Overton

It’s time for some more Saturday Morning reading time. As always, we try and give you the most comprehensive coverage possible here at RotoProfessor, but even we can’t cover everything. Fortunately there are some other good sites out there on the web that also deserve your attention.

Here are some links to kill some time this Saturday:

  • Let’s be honest most of us playing fantasy sports are a little bit nerdy about numbers. If you’re one of those people, and you likely are, you’re going to love this article done by Ryan Knaus over at RotoWorld. Knaus goes deep into the numbers looking at a variety of topics. Enjoy this one guys.
  • Want more strategy talk? Of course you do, we love strategy talk, we love numbers, we love fantasy basketball. Points in the Paint brings the goodness once again as they talk about drafting based on value vs. position. It’s an interesting discussion and it could help shape your approach to drafting when the time comes. Read more

Saturday Morning Reading: Fantasy Basketball Links From Around The Web

by Will Overton

There is lots of good fantasy basketball content out there on the web and while we think we cover a lot of stuff here at RotoProfessor there is always more to absorb and you want to have as much knowledge in your head as possible come draft night:

  • One of the more talked about players in fantasy basketball this preseason is Eric Bledsoe who has landed himself in a new starting role this season. We’ve talked a good deal about him here at RotoProfessor, but the more opinions you can get the better so see what Points in the Paint had to say about him.
  • Another popular topic this preseason is injuries. There is a lot of discussion on injuries whether it is guys still recovering from injuries last season or even guys recovering from injuries two years ago who haven’t played yet. If you want a nice breakdown of several of the big injuries being talked about you can get it at RotoExperts.
  • A really popular up and comer in drafts this season is Andre Drummond in Detroit. As a rookie last season many fantasy owners grew frustrated with his minutes not being steady despite his clear potential. Recently CBSSports posted an interesting article discussing new Pistons coach Mo Cheeks plans for Drummond this season. Read more

Saturday Morning Reading: Links To More Great Fantasy Content

Here at RotoProfessor Basketball we try and bring you as much in depth, solid knowledge as possible. We want your heads to be overflowing with draft prep work when you enter your draft room so that you can dominate as much as possible.

Because of that desire we want to share some more good links with you this morning. Obviously we want you to read everything we put out, but there is a lot of other good stuff out there too from other people like us who work hard to make you better at this game

Here are some solid links to help further your goal of fantasy basketball domination:

  • The guys over at Points in the Paint are always good with their player breakdowns. Recently they took a look at Kawhi Leonard and discussed his ADP and where that fits with his talent and upside. It’s a must read before you get in the draft room.
  • This one is a little old, but just like everything else at Hoops World it’s very solid. Tommy Beer takes some time and breaks down four rookies and four second year players who could be studs in the making. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Links: 2/25/13

On a night with only a few games it seems more beneficial to look at fantasy basketball as a whole rather than just the games played last night. Playoffs are closing in on us and soaking up as much knowledge as you possibly can is vital at this point. I have for you here some of the best links on the internet to better your fantasy basketball knowledge:

  • One of the things I look forward to every week is reading Brian McKittish’s ‘Weekly Dish.’ This week McKittish draws attention to some fun numbers while also giving us his Top 130, a list he keeps all season long. I don’t always agree, but it’s a good read.
  • This one was done a few days ago, but The Fake Basketball put together a nice little midseason list of the guys who have exceeded expectations so far and the guys have fallen below expectations so far. If nothing else it’s a fun one.
  • Need some more trade deadline fallout discussion? Rick Kamla of covers his winners and losers from the deadline. Kamla does a nice job of discussing the ripple effects of the trades that were and also the trades that were not. Read more

Fantasy Basketball Links: February 8

I appreciate all the loyal readers who come to RotoProfessor for their fantasy basketball information and analysis. There is lots of good stuff out there on the internet though from hard working and solid bloggers like those of us here at RotoProfessor. I want to take a minute and shine a light on some of those guys with some really helpful links that should help you out a ton if you take the time to pay a visit:

  • To get the lowdown on the rookies in the NBA and their changes in fantasy value give the Rookie Roundup over at The Fake Basketball a read, solid group of guys there and this is a really informative piece.
  • Need something to listen to while you’re working? You can always count on Fantasy Basketball Coaches to produce a quality podcast. Their most recent one is dealing with the three way trade that went down last week.
  • Having a hard time keeping up on all the rotation changes going on in the league right now? Adam Levitan over at Roto World has you covered in his most recent regular column, ‘Rotating Rotations.’
  • There are injuries all over the place lately it seems and one of the biggest was Pau Gasol’s. If you are wanting to know what effect Gasol going down has on fantasy basketball ESPN has it covered for you.

Fantasy Basketball Links: 12/2/12

If you have the luxury of a nice Sunday Morning/Afternoon at home with your laptop or table and a nice warm cup of coffee, allow me to provide you with some reading materials. I’ve gathered together some links to some of the better fantasy basketball material out there on the web right now to help you improve your team. We have recaps, waiver talk, trade talk and lineup decisions all covered in these links. Make sure to check them out:

  • If you weren’t able to watch every NBA game all at the same time last night, and you didn’t have hours to pour over every box score, Fantasy Basketball Coaches has you covered. The daily recap covers Larry Sanders huge game, Anderson Varejao’s continues success and more.
  • Not sure where to look to fill some holes on your team? Yahoo! Offers up a nice list of some top waiver wire targets that you should be considering as potential adds to your team this week.
  • Over at The Fake Basketball there is a very informative article about what they call the Fantasy Rollercoaster, looking at whose value is spiking, whose is dropping and who you should buy low on. Some really good stuff here about Kevin Seraphin, one of my personal favorites, Ricky Rubio and many more.
  • The weekly leagues are becoming more and more popular every year it seems. If you playing in a league where you only set your lineup once a week, you need to check out this week’s ESPN Fantasy Forecaster. They break down each team’s schedule and tell you who has the best matchups. This week they are eyeing the Clippers as having a favorable schedule.

Fantasy Basketball Links: 3/30/12

Keep yourself up to speed on all things fantasy basketball by checking out these following links:

  • Here is a very interesting article from ESPN on the perils of playing streaky players, even stars, in the fantasy playoffs.
  • It was an abbreviated night in basketball with only four games played, but to get the fantasy recap on the games that were played make sure you check out Give Me The Rock later today.
  • This won’t be of much help to your fantasy team this season, but Damn Lies & Statistics has a really good article on the future of fantasy basketball and ways to improve it.
  • Yesterday I mentioned Derrick Favors as one of the guys I like as a playoff pickup, Ryan Lester wrote a whole piece about him the other day. Check it out, it’s well worth the read.
  • Yahoo’s Court Report has lots of good fantasy basketball nuggets for you to digest.

Fantasy Basketball Links: 3/20/12

Its time to take another trip around the world wide web and see what else is out there for helpful fantasy basketball content. Here are some links that need to read if you are serious about fantasy basketball:

  • The big news of the week is Wilson Chandler signing with the Nuggets and getting ready to join up for the rest of the season. Brian McKitish from ESPN discusses the signing and offers up his updated rankings.
  • The good guys over at Give Me The Rock have broken out another podcast which breaks down all the trade deadline deals and their fantasy impact. It’s well worth the download and listen.
  • Lester’s Legends has a breakdown of Gerald Henderson’s recent success and what fantasy owners should make of it. As someone who has always kind of like Henderson I enjoy this one.
  • If you have an eye on your H2H fantasy playoff matchups than check out Mat Buser’s latest Court Report. Buser breaks down some top free agents and their playoff possibilities.
  • One of my favorite guys to read, Matt Stroup from RotoWorld offers up thoughts on several players including Mike Dunleavy and Dorrel Wright. Quality read right here.

And after you’re done reading all of that good stuff feel free to stay here and ask a question or leave a comment. I would love to get some good fantasy basketball discussion going.

Fantasy Basketball Links: 2/27/12

We have some good stuff coming up in the next couple days with a special second half market watch and also my own personal second half top 100. But right now I want to give you some links to quality fantasy basketball info from around the web. Hope these links can help you out:

  • John Cregan is one of the best fantasy basketball guys on the web and he breaks down the best and worst second half schedules and what you should do with them in this week’s If You’re Hardcore column.
  • Last week Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends posted a quality piece on Isaiah Thomas who is turning himself into a very nice free agent pickup.
  • There is lots of good stuff to read in this week’s Courtside Seat on CBS Sports. This includes fantasy all-stars which can at least spark some good discussion. Give it a read and feel free to leave a comment here with your own fantasy all-stars of the first half.
  • Need some good pickup advice? Rotoworld Basketball has some good guys to target in free agency. They also have their mid-season awards posted.
  • Yahoo’s most recent Big Board has the top 106 players in fantasy basketball for the remainder of the season.

If you have questions or need any advice I would love to answer, and keep an eye out for what’s to come.