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Head-to-Head: Who Should You Pick Between Deron Williams and Ty Lawson?

Most drafts are done as the season has started, but we have one more fantasy head to head we want to delve into. I know there are still plenty of people left drafting and there are also trades to be made so the information here can still be used.

We are going to look at two point guards who are playing in a new place this season and we’ll discuss which one has the most value for this season on their new team. Ray Kuhn will argue on behalf of Ty Lawson and his upside while Will Overton will argue that Deron Williams will have the better season.

These two point guards are being drafted near one another in most leagues around the 7th or 8th rounds and you need to know which one you should be taking, so let’s see the argument for both guys. Read more

Head to Head: RotoProfessor Writers Debate Who The Better Rookie Point Guard Will Be

There are going to be a lot of good debates going around this preseason about who to draft and where. One of the debates I have already heard getting tossed around quite a bit is which rookie point guard you should draft first; D’Angelo Russell or Emmanuel Mudiay?

I think it’s clear that both of these point guards have very bright futures in the NBA and especially in fantasy leagues with both of them having the ability to do a little bit of everything. The question is which one make the biggest impact as a rookie and therefore which one should you draft first.

Rotoprofessor writers Will Overton and Ray Kuhn come down on different sides of this debate and are going to give you their arguments for each side. Give it a read and decide for yourself which rookie you trust more on your fantasy squad… Read more

Fantasy Throwdown: Joakim Noah vs. Serge Ibaka

by Will Overton

We talk a lot about how you can’t go wrong in the first couple of rounds and that’s not where you win your leagues. There’s truth to that, but that doesn’t mean you can go blindly into your draft and take just anyone. Everyone should go in with a preference in mind.

I am going to try and help fantasy owners navigate things a bit. Owners are going to face some tough calls in the draft room this year and while both choices might be good ones, one will end up being better than the other and you want more than good, you want the best.

We will be doing a few of these fantasy throwdowns comparing two guys with similar draft stock and discussing which one is the better pick. I will make a case for each guy and then offer my personal choice. For our first throwdown we have two big men coming off career years, Joakim Noah and Serge Ibaka. Both guys are likely second round picks who would be steals in the third round. Which one should come off the board first? Let’s take a look: Read more

Head to Head: Russell Westbrook vs. Stephen Curry – Who Is Fantasy Basketball’s #2 Point Guard?

by Ray Lin

All three of the expected top fantasy point guards are coming off legitimate injuries — not the kind of security you’d want from a first-round pick. And yet, that’s where we find ourselves at the “one” going into the 2013-2014 season. Despite missing 12 games with a knee ailment last year, Chris Paul returns to his perennial throne atop most point guard rankings and a consensus Top-3 overall pick.

After CP3, though, things get a little hairy. Kyrie Irving is not far behind, but for the time being the debate remains one between Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. Both are coming off of not-so-minor injuries. Curry and his cranky ankle never seem to get along — after a red-hot start to the playoffs, it eventually knocked him out and subsequently dashed the Warriors’ chances against the Spurs.

Westbrook, meanwhile, tore the meniscus in his right knee against the Rockets in April and missed the rest of the season after undergoing surgery. Here are the arguments for each of them as the runner-up point guard in fantasy hoops. Read more

Marc Gasol vs. Al Horford: Who Is Fantasy Basketball’s #1 Center?

Outside of the much publicized LeBron vs. Durant discussion there isn’t a more interesting debate to me in fantasy basketball this season than the one about which center should top the rankings list.

It’s been a spot long reserved for Dwight Howard, but as the rest of the pack has caught up to Dwight his shortcomings have become more of an issue. If you’re playing head to head he’s probably still the top guy on this list, but in a roto league I don’t think he sits atop the center throne any longer.

In this article two different sides will be presented for who should be number one, with an argument for Marc Gasol and one for Al Horford, two centers on the rise. Why is it important might be your question. If they are close in value, which they are, why not just wait a round and take whoever is left? Chances are you won’t be able to. If you are keying in on a center in the middle of round two, the other one is going to go shortly after and won’t likely make it back to you.

So while the gap might be small between them you may very well have to decide one or the other and you want to make the right choice. Here are the arguments for each side: Read more

Head-To-Head: Who Is Fantasy Basketball’s Top Center?: Dwight Howard vs. Amare Stoudemire

Last year there was absolutely no debate on this one question. Who should be the first center off the board in my fantasy basketball draft? This year, things might be changing thanks to what Amare Stoudemire did in his first season as a New York Knick.

There is no question that Amare Stoudemire has certainly closed the gap between number one and number two in the fantasy basketball center rankings. The question we must ask is; Has Amare surpassed Superman for number one? I am going to break down the two guys, offer my own projections and make my own pick for who is number one.

Keep in mind that I am making these projections based on the way things are right now, and when free agency and trading starts things could look differently.

First of all let’s look at the reigning fantasy basketball big man champion.

The Case for Dwight Howard

We know all about D-12’s free-throw shooting issues and how maddening that can be for a fantasy basketball owner who doesn’t like to see that 1 point in any category for his team. Taking Howard means you than have to be conscious for the rest of the draft to build a team around Howard to overcome for his poor free-throw shooting in order to salvage a couple of points at least. Read more

Head-to-Head: David Lee vs Amare Stoudemire

David Lee and Amare Stoudemire have a lot in common with each other, including the fact that they are both elite big men in fantasy basketball. In fact they are typically within a few spots of each other in most rankings, including my own. Mock Draft Central has Lee at around 14th and Amare a little over 21 in early drafts.

Regardless, both men are both double-double machines and they have both benefited from working in up tempo offenses. There isn’t much separating the two of them for fantasy purposes, yet there will be many owners at the top of the second round looking for that top big man who will be deciding between these two. So the intent of this article is to take a close look at both men and cast my own judgment on which one should be taken when pitted head-to-head against one another. Let’s start with the former Knick and then we’ll continue to the newest Knick.

David Lee
What’s to Like: He became an offensive force last year in New York making him more than just a great rebounder. He averaged a steal per game last year which is a good total for a center and it evens out the fact that he isn’t a great shot blocker. Also different from most big men, he has a nice touch from the free throw line. He only averaged 4.1 attempts per game last year, but he made 81% which is very good from your center.  Another thing Lee got better at last year is passing as went from 2 assists to 3.6 last year. If he draws some attention down low this year he can find the open man and there are plenty of guys in Golden State who can score off good looks. Read more