2012 – 2013 Rankings: Top 40 Power Forwards

I don’t think there is any question at all about who the number one power forward in fantasy basketball is. Kevin Love is an absolute stat stuffing machine and he took a big step forward last season. What happens after number one is tough to predict though. There are at least three guys, if not more, who could easily wind up at number two.

After the top guys you find a nice mix of aging guys who are on the downside of their career, young guys who have question marks and veterans trying to find success in a new home. This is the way I see the top 40 shaking out, but there is certainly a lot of room for movement this season.

  1. Kevin Love – Minnesota Timberwolves
  2. Josh Smith – Atlanta Hawks
  3. Pau Gasol – Los Angeles Lakers
  4. Dirk Nowitzki – Dallas Mavericks
  5. LaMarcus Aldridge – Portland Trail Blazers
  6. Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers
  7. Paul Millsap – Utah Jazz
  8. David Lee – Golden State Warriors
  9. Serge Ibaka – Oklahoma City Thunder
  10. Chris Bosh – Miami Heat
  11. Amar’e Stoudemire – New York Knicks
  12. Ersan Ilyavosa – Milwaukee Bucks
  13. Anthony Davis – New Orleans Hornets
  14. Ryan Anderon – New Orleans Hornets
  15. Kenneth Faried – Denver Nuggets
  16. Zach Randolph  – Memphis Grizzlies
  17. Kris Humphries – Brooklyn Nets
  18. Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs
  19. Carlos Boozer – Chicago Bulls
  20. Tristan Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers
  21. Luis Scola – Phoenix Suns
  22. David West – Indiana Pacers
  23. Derrick Favors – Utah Jazz
  24. Thomas Robinson – Sacramento Kings
  25. Brandon Bass – Boston Celtics
  26. Bismack Biyombo – Charlotte Bobcats
  27. Royce White – Houston Rockets
  28. Al Harrington – Orlando Magic
  29. Derrick Williams – Minnesota Timberwolves
  30. Antwan Jamison – Los Angeles Lakers
  31. Taj Gibson – Chicago Bulls
  32. J.J. Hickson – Portland Trail Blazers
  33. Steve Novak – New York Knicks
  34. Thaddeus Young – Philadelphia 76ers
  35. Jeff Green – Boston Celtics
  36. Gustavo Ayon – Orlando Magic
  37. Ed Davis – Toronto Raptors
  38. Elton Brand – Dallas Mavericks
  39. Trevor Booker – Washington Wizards
  40. Mirza Teletovic – Brooklyn Nets
  • A lot of fantasy analysts seem to be thinking that Dwight Howard’s presence in LA is going to hurt Pau Gasol’s value, I’m not sold on it. Howard isn’t as good offensively as Andrew Bynum was so I don’t think he takes points away, if anything Pau might get more shots as Howard will be willing to defer to him inside. Pau may lose a rebound per game, but Bynum was pulling them down pretty heavily last year too. I think Gasol is still in line for 18 points, 10 rebounds and 1.5 blocks which is still top two round production.
  • Because of the way Serge Ibaka can absolutely dominate one category in a way almost no one else can, he makes the top ten. But ideally you’d like to see more from him this season. Ibaka averaged just 9.1 points and 7.5 rebounds last season and those numbers need to come up at least a little bit to go with his 3.5 blocks or this is as high as his rankings will go.
  • I haven’t yet given up on Amare Stoudemire completely. No one is going to argue that last season was a down year for Amare, but there were a lot of factors involved. Amare was hurt, his teammates were hurt, the point guard was changing all the time. The team couldn’t get in a rhythm and neither could Amare. Even if he doesn’t get back to 20+ points is 18 points and 8 boards really that bad?
  • Admittedly I was wrong about Kris Humphries last season. I thought he played above his ability two years ago, but he proved me wrong in a big way last year. Humphries averaged 13.8 points and 11 rebounds per game last season with 1.2 blocks per game as well. The Nets are more talented this season, but Humphries has proven he’s an NBA starter and a beast on the boards.
  • Some may think I am a bit high on Tristan Thompson, but there is real potential here for a double digit scorer who can rebound and block shots. As a starter last season Thompson averaged 10.4 points, 7.5 rebounds and 0.9 blocks. The numbers aren’t eye popping, but you could see him get better from game to game last season and with a full offseason of work he has top 20 potential.
  •  Because it’s not clear how things will shake out in Sacramento’s frontcourt still it’s hard to gauge what kind of value Thomas Robinson will have. Robinson is a tremendous rebounder, but DeMarcus Cousins will steal a few rebounds from him as they share the inside. Robinson is an athletic power forward with a lot of upside, I just don’t know how high he’ll go this season.
  • Later on in the draft one of the best types of players to get are category specialists. Steve Novak is one of those guys as he is possibly the best three point shooter in basketball. In 18.9 minutes per game last season Novak still managed 2.5 3-pointers per game. Novak won’t be cracking the Knicks starting lineup anytime soon, but he doesn’t need to do what he does, come off the bench and knock down treys.
  • With enough minutes Gustavo Ayon can be one those guys who contributes in several categories without dominating just one. Ayon could be good for 8 points, 8 rebounds and a steal and block per game. It’s hard to know how exactly the Magic’s rotation will end up coming out, but Ayon proved with the Hornets he can contribute so I think he ends up seeing 20 – 25 minutes per game and being a sneaky fantasy play this season.

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