A Second Opinion: Daniel Shirley’s Top 200 – Part 1

by Daniel Shirley

It’s always good to get a second opinion on things, especially in fantasy sports. So with that in mind I have offered up my own Top 200 guys for you to read through and compare with those already posted on this site. Don’t be afraid to challenge any of these or ask any questions you might have about certain guys.

101.        Jose Calderon, Tor PG
102.        Tyrus Thomas, Chi PF
103.        Anderson Varejao, Cle PF, C
104.        Corey Maggete, Mil SF
105.        Anderson Varejao, Cle PF, C
106.        Carl Landry, Sac PF
107.        Channing Frye, Pho PF, C
108.        Wilson Chandler, NY SF, SG
109.        Ron Artest, LAL SF
110.        Nicholas Batum, Por SF
111.        Elton Brand, Phi PF
112.        Robin Lopez, Pho C
113.        Yao Ming, Hou C
114.        J.J. Hickson, Cle PF
115.        DeMarcus Cousins, Sac PF, C
116.        Thaddeus Young, Phi SF
117.        Serge Ibaka, OKC C, PF
118.        Kenyon Martin, Den PF
119.        Beno Udrih, Sac PG, SG
120.        Andris Biedrins, GS C
121.        Richard Hamilton, Det SG, SF
122.        Jameer Nelson, Orl PG
123.        James Harden, OKC SG
124.        Anthony Morrow, NJ SG, SF
125.        Lou Williams, Phi PG, SG
126.        Charlie Villanueva, Det PF, SF
127.        Shawn Marion, Dal SF, PF
128.        Jarrett Jack, Tor PG, SG
129.        Chris Andersen, Den C, PF
130.        Brad Miller, Hou C
131.        Jonny Flynn, Min PG
132.        Josh Howard, Was SG, SF
133.        Greg Oden, Por C
134.        Carlos Boozer, Chi PF
135.        Spencer Hawes, Phi C
136.        Evan Turner, Phi SG
137.        Wesley Johnson, Min SF
138.        Carlos Delfino, Mil SF, SG
139.        Linas Kleiza, Tor PF, SF
140.        Josh Childress, Pho SF, SG
141.        Tiago Splitter, SA PF
142.        Tayshaun Prince, Det SF
143.        George Hill, SA PG, SG
144.        Wesley Matthews, Por SG
145.        Shane Battier, Hou SF
146.        Mehmet Okur, Uta C
147.        Reggie Williams, GS SF
148.        Marvin Williams, Atl SF
149.        Luke Ridnour, Min PG
150.        Brandon Rush, Ind SG
151.        Dorell Wright, GS SF
152.        Kirk Hinrich, Was SG, PG
153.        Grant Hill, Pho SF
154.        Amir Johnson, Tor PF
155.        Matt Barnes, LAL SF
156.        Corey Brewer, Min SF, SG
157.        Mike Bibby, Atl PG
158.        Rodrique Beaubois, Dal PG, SG
159.        Jason Thompson, Sac PF
160.        Darko Milicic, Min C
161.        Martell Webster, Min SF
162.        Derrick Favors, NJ PF
163.        DeJuan Blair, SA PF, C
164.        Nate Robinson, Bos PG, SG
165.        Ersan Ilyasova, Mil SF, PF
166.        Richard Jefferson, SA SF
167.        Ty Lawson, Den PG
168.        Jermaine O’Neal, Bos C
169.        Courtney Lee, Hou SG
170.        Jamario Moon, Cle SF
171.        Anthony Tolliver, Min PF, C
172.        Kelenna Azubuike, NY SF
173.        Brendan Haywood, Dal C
174.        CJ Miles, Uta SF
175.        Mike Dunleavy, Ind SG, SF
176.        Shaun Livingston, Cha PG
177.        DJ Augustin, Cha PG
178.        Derek Fisher, LAL PG
179.        Ronnie Brewer, Chi SG
180.        Drew Gooden, Mil PF
181.        Tracy McGrady, Det SG
182.        Rasual Butler, LAC SG, SF
183.        Francisco Garcia, Sac SF, SG
184.        Taj Gibson, Chi PF
185.        Arron Afflalo, Den SG
186.        Kyle Lowry, Hou PG
187.        Thabo Sefolosha, OKC SG, SF
188.        Hakim Warrick, Pho PF
189.        DeMar DeRozan, Tor SG
190.        Ramon Sessions, Cle PG
191.        Michael Redd, Mil SG
192.        Raja Bell, Uta SG
193.        Nick Collison, OKC PF, C
194.        Glen Davis, Bos PF
195.        Al Thornton, Was SF
196.        Jonas Jerebko, Det SF, PF
197.        Shaquille O’Neal, Bos C
198.        Quentin Richardson, Orl SF, SG
199.        Julian Wright, Tor SF, PF
200.        Udonis Haslem, Mia PF

110. Yao Ming- Houston may have finally figured out how to manage their star big man. Yao needs quality over quantity. He should see a decrease in minutes from Game 1 on this year as the Rockets try to get a full season out of him. Although I think this will help them as a team and Yao as a player, fewer minutes are fewer minutes. I see him as a solid backup. He’s not going to wow you with his stats, but you know what you’re getting night in and night out. (That is, unless he just gets hurt anyways.)
112. Robin Lopez- Will Overton wrote a story detailing Lopez’s sleeper status for the coming season. I agree with him, and I think you should go back and read the whole article here
115. DeMarcus Cousins- I like Cousins moving forward, but I think some may overvalue him this year. I’ll ave a short analysis and some projections for him in the coming week. Check it out and let me know what you think.
118. Kenyon Martin- I don’t think he’s going to magically get better, but, with Carlos Boozer gone, he has to get more looks. If Melo gets traded, he should get even more touches, but I would say the quality of his scoring chances hinges on Carmelo being on the floor with him.
|134. Carlos Boozer- Yes, Boozer is hurt. He’s going to miss some substantial time at the beginning of the year, but I don’t see that as a reason to pass on him. For one thing, I love him playing with the roster already in place in Chicago. He was a top 25 pick for me before the injury, so I definitely think he’ll do well in his new city. The fact that it’s a hand injury is reason for encouragement, too. Sure, he won’t be able to practice much if at all, but he should still be able to get himself in relatively good game shape. Don’t reach on Boozer like I’ll be tempted to, but he should give your team a nice boost when he comes back.
136. Evan Turner- I wanted to put Turner higher. Watching the preseason has me absolutely dying to. I tried to prepare myself for this, though. I knew it was coming. He’s definitely showing his promise in the preseason, but I think you see a difference come the regular season when defenders are playing a little more seriously. I think Turner has the makings of a very good pro, but I see this year as a learning experience. I guess it’s obvious how good I think this guy is when I think a learning season for him will still put him in the top 150.
152. Kirk Hinrich- I just like the way this guy plays. That doesn’t enter in here, though. Sure he’s competing for playing time with John Wall and Gilbert Arenas, but I think he fits well as a complementary guard to either of those guys. His ability to shoot the three and run the floor make him a very solid part of a nice 3-guard attack.
168. Jermaine O’Neal- He is not who he once was. That said, I think the Celtics will be a good fit for him as far as numbers go. The age of the Celtics’ lineup forces them to have a deep bench. It’s also what I see as the dominant factor in a slight resurgence for Jermaine O’Neal.  KG and Shaq will need plenty of rest during the season to preserve them for a playoff run. Kendrick Perkins is a solid player, but he’s not enough of an offensive threat to hold O’Neal off the floor on a team that, at times, struggled to score in ’09-’10.
181. Tracy McGrady- This guy has seen more hate for just his play on the court than I’ve ever seen. Not to say he hasn’t deserved the criticism. The major point to make here is the rest of his team. The cupboard is fairly bare in Detroit, and I think TMac takes advantage of this fact to have some stats that don’t really fit his skill level.
194. Udonis Haslem- I’ve seen him hovering around the 200 mark in just about every set of rankings I’ve seen this year. Yes, he will be competing for touches in the Miami offense, but I think the way in which teams will be forced to defend the Heat will open up the floor for more opportunities for Haslem. I think his rebounds and points each see a slight increase. Nothing spectacular, but solid and predictable. There are a lot worse things to be in fantasy sports.
195. Shaquille O’Neal- Another Boston big man here. Shaq is not young anymore, that’s for certain. On this team, though, that doesn’t matter. The Celtics’ style of play should fit the center well. He’ll be able to stay rested due to the deep bench. Boston’s half-court sets and point guard play should help him take advantage of the middle, and the already strong defense may help him get a few more blocks. I don’t know that we’ll see a rebirth of the Big Nostradamus, but I would bet on a solid year.

Feel free to take the chance to have your opinion heard and sound off on these rankings. And make sure to look out tomorrow for my Top 100.

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