Trade Deadline Winners and Losers for Fantasy Basketball: Evan Turner, Aaron Brooks and More

by Will Overton

This was one of the quietest and most underwhelming trade deadlines I can remember. The best player to get moved was arguably Evan Turner. There were a lot of factors that went into this quiet trade deadline, but a big part was no one wants to let go of their draft picks right now.

Still, even with the quieter deadline there was still fantasy impact made. Most moves make some kind of an impact. The thing is that it’s not always the guys who get traded that gain or lose value, a lot of times it’s the guys who were left behind on their former teams. 

When someone leaves, someone else has to fill the gap and that guy gets an automatic fantasy bump, at least until we see whether he can hold his own or not.

Here are three guys I think gained value and three guys I think lost value this week with the trade deadline.

Value Up

Aaron Brooks – PG, Denver Nuggets:  While Aaron Brooks had his moments in Houston he never really got a consistent chance to shine on the court. He was always behind Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley and so he only got his chance when one of those guys were hurt. Brooks is really the only true backup point guard on the Nuggets now and with Ty Lawson banged up he has a chance to make an immediate impact.

Brooks is looking for a new contract next season and so he wants to show off a bit these last couple months. Brooks can be a lights out shooter from downtown and if he gets a chance to run the point some he’ll get 3 – 4 assists per game down the stretch too. Brooks could be a nice plug and play guy down the stretch to boost your threes.

Byron Mullens – PF/C, Philadelphia 76ers: Mullens is going to have to compete with Arnett Moutrie for playing time, but after this trade deadline the cupboard is bare for Pholadelphia’s big men.  I like Moutrie as well and I think Moutrie might be the better player. However, I think Mullens might be the better fantasy player. The Sixers not only need to fill a void in the frontcourt, but also a void for scoring with Evan Turner gone. Mullens won’t get blocks like other big men, but he will get a decent amount of rebounds just by default. He’ll also a nice amount of three pointers and probably score anywhere from 12 – 14 PPG. Mullens isn’t a great player, but he can be a surprisingly nice fantasy player.

Kent Bazemore – PG, Los Angeles Lakers: This might have a little something to do with how much I like Kent Bazemore, which is a lot. Still, he was going nowhere in Golden State without injuries, but he has a chance to show off a bit in LA, even though their backcourt is crowded. In his first game he got 33 minutes and made it count with 15 PTS, 4 ASTS, 2 STLS, 2 3PTS. If he’s putting up numbers the Lakers will make room for him. Bazemore is still raw, but he has so much upside in my opinion. I would definitely take a run at him in dynasty leagues.

Value Down

Evan Turner – SG/SF, Indiana Pacers: This one seems obvious to me. Turner has gone from the star of the show in Philadelphia to a bench role in Indiana. Turner won’t be playing 35 MPG anymore and he won’t score 17 PPG. Turner is going to help the Pacers, but he isn’t going to help fantasy owners nearly as much anymore. I wouldn’t drop him until we see him for a couple weeks and see what role he will have, but expect a big dropoff. Turner’s presence could also have a negative impact on Lance Stephenson who could lose a few minutes to him.

Spencer Hawes – C, Cleveland Cavaliers: Maybe you are sensing a theme here. Guys going from prominent roles in Philly to backup roles in other places. Hawes was a top 15 center in fantasy basketball. A legitimate multi-category contributor. Hawes will still get playing time in Cleveland, but he needs Anderson Varejao to stay on the sidelines for a while to really make an impact. Obviously hold on to him now with Varejao out, but when Andy comes back you’re going to have to monitor his playing time closely.

Shaun Livingston – PG/SG, Brooklyn Nets: Livingston has been getting a lot of minutes playing both backup point guard and also logging a lot of minutes at shooting guard. Even though Jadon Terry left town in comes Marcus Thornton. Livingston isn’t likely to play 30 MPG as he has been doing lately. Thornton is a really nice piece for the Nets and while Livingston is tall, Thornton is much more of a natural shooting guard than Livingston. If you own Livingston, you can probably drop him now.


  1. John says:

    Jose Calderon is on the waiver list… should I drop Jeremy Lin for him?
    My point guards: Jeremy Lin, Dj Augustin, Kendell Marshall.

  2. L says:

    Thinking about picking up Arnett Moutrie, but who to drop?

    PG Mike Conley
    PG Mario Chalmers
    PG Patrick Beverley
    PG DJ Augustin
    G Brandon Knight
    SG/SF Terrence Ross
    SG/SF Danny Green
    SF/SG Kyle Singler
    SF/SG Martell Webster
    F Tobias Harris
    PF Paul Millsap
    PF/C Jordan Hill
    PF/C Byron Mullens
    C Spencer Hawes
    C Jonas Valanciunas
    C Timofey Mozgov

    IR Kawhi Leonard
    IR Eric Bledsoe

    O Al Horford

    Was considering Jordan Hill if he drops below the 20-25 minute range, but he’s gotten the minutes the last two games; however, I wonder if that was because of the match-ups or if other players ran into foul problems? The other player was Timofey Mozgov, but outside of Sunday’s game he was proving to be a decent shot blocker for my team with up-trending minutes in his previous 4 games.

    • L says:

      Also, I’ll be adding Kawhi Leonard pretty soon to the roster, so I’ll have to make a consideration on another player to drop due to his return.

      • Will Overton says:

        It’s tough. Mullens and Mozgov would be the two I would consider cutting. How are you set for threes? If you need boards more than threes I’d probably drop Mullens for Moutrie.

        • L says:

          I’ve been pretty solid on 3s but with Leonard set to return I’m probably looking at dropping Webster who’s been one of my most consistent and best 3 guys; plus, with this team I’ve relied on 3s, steals, blocks, and turnovers as my real competitive categories with rebounds and free throw % being the toss-ups. Sadly, despite having 4-6 PG eligible players most of the season I haven’t been able to be competitive in assists which is really pathetic, but I find it hard to cut any of them as they all manage to bring some value through steals, 3s, and FT% — plus they get solid playing time verses what’s mostly available on the waiver wire; though a tough decision will probably have to be made once Bledsoe returns — not sure if I’ll just end up going thin at a different position. Wasn’t blown away with Moutrie’s production on Monday and disappointed by Mullens playing time, but I remain hopeful that he’ll see that time increase going forward given Moutrie doesn’t have a major breakout game.

  3. L says:

    I’m pondering between these trades in preparation for the Playoffs…

    DJ.Augustin for Terrence Jones


    M.Chalmers for Terrence Jones

    Do you think it’s a good idea and who do you think is the better player for me to move for Terrence Jones? I initially thought DJ.Augustin given how strong my team is in 3s, but with the soon exchange of M.Webster for K.Leonard I wonder if keeping DJ.Augustin over M.Chalmers isn’t the better play given the rate at which DJ attempts 3s per game; however, with the re-introduction of P.Millsap, K.Leonard, and eventually E.Bledsoe my FG% could become competitive once again and then moving DJ.Augustin over M.Chalmers possibly makes more sense with that added category factored in because of DJ’s higher FG attempts at a low percentage.

    • Will Overton says:

      I think Augustin brings more to the table for you than Chalmers does. I would definitely be willing to move Chalmers for Jones.

      I also much prefer Steven Adams over Arnett Moutrie right now.

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