Immediate Impact: Four Under The Radar Guys Likely To Have A Big Weekend

by Will Overton

Time is ticking and we have a big weekend full of basketball lying ahead of us. With 13 games tonight and several more over the course of Saturday and Sunday a lot of work can be done this weekend. It’s all about knowing who is playing well and who isn’t playing at all in some cases.

As we have been doing we are going to take a look at a few guys who stand out to me as strong plays this weekend. I will avoid the obvious ones such as Kevin Durant, but look more at the guys who you have to debate on playing or possibly add off from the waiver wire.

Here are some of the guys that I like this weekend:

Roy Hibbert – C, Indiana Pacers: I am bringing up Hibbert because I think there are a lot of owners out there who have no idea what to do with him. Hibbert has been off of his game lately including being benched two games ago and “rested” in the last game. All indications are that Hibbert will be back in action this weekend though for two games against the Heat and Thunder. Time is ticking for Hibbert to get back into his groove before the playoffs and the Pacers need that to happen. Hibbert loves playing the Heat and plays well against them. I think he gets back on track and despite recent events I would be keeping him on my team and in my lineup.

Gorgui Dieng – C, Minnesota Timberwolves: I am all in on Dieng from now to the end of this season. Nikola Pekovic is still dealing with an ankle issue and while the T’Wolves haven’t said it yet, I think he’s done for the year. If that’s the case Dieng should continue to roll as he has been. Dieng is averaging a double-double over the last 10 games. Dieng should also continue to be a shot blocking machine. Also, while Dieng isn’t an offensive juggernaut by any means, he has been good for 10 – 14 points every game and he is squaring off with two of the worst defenses statistically in the league with Houston and Sacramento.

Trevor Ariza – SF, Washington Wizards: This is another one like Hibbert where a guy hasn’t been playing well and owners have to decide what to do with them. Ariza has averaged just 10.9 PPG over his last 10 and is shooting just 38.8% in those games. In his last three games he is just 4 – 24 from the field and 1 – 12 from three. I realize I’m not making my case here so far. Ariza is a streaky guy though and he can turn it back on in a hurry. The Wizards seem content to let him play through these struggles as well. The real kicker though is that the Wizards have the Magic and the Bucks coming up. Two teams who play poor defense and don’t really want to win deep down. This weekend is setup for Ariza to bounce back and I think it’s coming.

Jordan Farmar – PG, Los Angeles Lakers: While I am not overwhelmed by the Lakers matchups against the Warriors and Grizzlies, I am on board with Farmar this weekend. Kent Bazemore is done for the season. Steve Nash is out tonight and could very well be done for the season as well. That leaves the inconsistent Kendall Marshall and Jordan Farmar to eat up the point guard minutes. Farmar just returned from missing 10 games and he came right out with 15 PTS, 8 ASTS, 5 REBS, 3 STLS, 2 BLKS and 2 3PTS. Farmar is capable of these stat stuffing games with enough minutes, albeit without the blocks typically. Despite the tough matchups Farmar has a good chance of making an impact.

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