The Sixth Man: Daily League Preview For 11/2/14: Norris Cole, Al Jefferson and More

by Will Overton

We only have four games tomorrow which gives us a smaller talent pool of players to choose from, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be found. There’s always value in daily leagues and if you’re playing the small schedule tomorrow we’re here to help you pick the best team.

  1. Darren Collison, G, Sacramento Kings, $4,800: Obviously it’s only been two games, but so far, Darren Collison looks pretty good in Sac town. Collison has been doing a little of everything so far with 30 PTS, 16 ASTS, 12 REBS and 8 STLS in these two games. That’s good for over 40 PPG on fantasy score. The threes haven’t even started falling yet, and when they do he  could score even more points in real and fantasy basketball. Guys who can do it all score big in these kind of games.
  2. Norris Cole, G, Miami Heat, $2,200: I’m a little surprised how big of a role Norris Cole has played so far in Miami, but he is justifying it by outplaying Mario Chalmers. Cole had seven assists against the Grizzlies and 23 points in game two. He’s also been knocking down a handful of triples and has a few steals. Cole has shown some upside the past two seasons, but never gotten much of a chance to show it off. Now his opportunity seems to have arrived and he seems determined to make the most of it.
  3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, F, Charlotte Hornets, $3,000: Can someone explain to me what got into Michael Kidd-Gilchrist this offseason? Gilchrist is doing what we knew he could do with rebounding and shot blocking, things that guys at his position don’t usually do at this kind of a rate. He’s also asserting himself more offensively as well, primarily by driving to the lane and getting himself to the free throw line. MKG showed more offensive game in the preseason and it doesn’t seem like a total fluke. He’s a great value at this price.
  4. Quincy Acy, F, New York Knicks, $2,200: Despite standing just 6’7 the Knicks seem to really like having Quincy Acy at the four next to Carmelo Anthony, and he’s certainly more capable of running the floor then Amare at this point. Acy seems to be up to the task to, pulling down 16 rebounds in two games while playing just 21.5 MPG. Acy would have played more in the last game, he ended up with 22 minutes, but he fouled out. With Samuel Dalembert hurt the Knicks will be relying on the rest of the frontcourt more and that means even more playing time for Acy.
  5. Al Jefferson, C, Charlotte Hornets, $8,100: I already mentioned that the Knicks may be without Samuel Dalembert today, and even if he is playing he won’t play many minutes I don’t think. That means a lot of time at center for Jason Smith and Amar’e Stoudemire should mean a field day for Al Jefferson. We haven’t seen a breakout offensive game yet from him, but Jefferson could be looking at a 30 pointer in this one.
  6. Chris Kaman, C, Portland Trail Blazers, $2,500: I’ve been a little bit surprised at how much Chris Kaman has played so far, 21.5 MPG, and how active he’s been on offense while in the game, 12 PPG. Kaman is 6 – 10 from the field in both games so far and has six rebounds in both games so far. He’s also getting shot blocking opportunities inside. Kaman won’t likely have many huge games because of the guys who play in front of him, but if he can do what he has done so far consistently he’s got value at this price.

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