Waiver Worthy: Does Solomon Hill Have Staying Power?

by Will Overton

The Indiana Pacers loss of Paul George and Lance Stephenson was going to open the door for new players, we knew that, we just didn’t know who those players would be. There have been several under the radar guys stepping up, especially with George Hill and David West also hurt. Two guys in particular stand out among the Pacers though.

Those two guys are the swingman combination of Solomon Hill and Chris Copeland that have been anchoring this offense recently. So far this season Copeland is averaging 16.7 PPG while knocking down a remarkable 2.6 3PG. Meanwhile in the last five games Solomon Hill is averaging 15.8 PPG and one three per games.

In the fantasy world these two are being treated pretty differently. Copeland is owned in 94% of leagues right now while Hill is only owned in 11%. So why is Copeland owned in more leagues and is there really a big difference in fantasy value?

In fantasy purposes I do believe that Chris Copeland is the better player. He’s out scoring, rebounding and shooting Hill right now. Copeland is a game changer as a three point shooter and it’s absolutely right for him to be owned in 94% of leagues right now.

All of that said, I think the gap between Hill and Copeland is actually a lot closer than their ownership rates imply and Hill’s should be going up. Hill can be an explosive scorer, we saw that when he dropped 28 the other night on Washignton. Hill is also a threat with steals, 1.6 SPG in his last five, which gives him another dimension. Finally he’s shooting 47.6% while Copeland is shooting under 40%. I don’t have a problem with Copeland being owned in so many leagues, but it’s time for Hill to catch up.

The question is, does Hill retain his value even when David West comes back, much of Hill’s production has come since West has been sidelined with an ankle injury. I believe Hill’s versatility can and will keep him relevant though.

Recently Hill has been starting at shooting guard while Copeland and Luis Scola start at the forward spots. Shooting guard isn’t a natural spot for Hill, but he has the versatility to play there and the athleticism to keep up with the quicker guards in the league. Even if Hill gets relegated to a bench spot I see him playing close to 30 MPG with his ability to cover three different spots on the court and his ability to be an offensive threat which they need.

I think Hill is very much worth an add and he has staying power even when David West comes back.


  1. Steve says:

    Two questions: do you think Copeland’s minutes are at a greater risk than hill with the return of david west. I think Copeland’s game is better suited for a sixth man role & do you prefer Solomon hill to kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

    • Will Overton says:

      I do like Hill more than KCP based on the fact that he seems more consistent and does more things. Only way I would take KCP is if you really need threes. Copeland and Hill both lose a few minutes, but Copeland is versatile too in being able to play both forward positions.

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