The Sixth Man: Daily League Preview For 11.13.14: Tony Wroten, Pau Gasol, and More

by Ray Kuhn

Daily fantasy basketball is a roller coaster ride. You have to have a short memory but also learn from both your successes and failures. If you are new to this feature then welcome aboard, and if not, then welcome back.

Let’s take a look at six players (two at each position) you should be looking at as you set your lineup for tonight. All of information referenced is based on game play at Fantasy Score (USA Today’s DFS engine). If you do play on other sites in the industry the same logic and thought process is applicable.

  1. Tony Wroten, G, Philadelphia 76ers, $4,800. At this point, it is clear that Wroten has earned the right to remain in the starting lineup even once Michael Carter-Williams returns. Wroten, by averaging 41.29 FP’s in seven games has certainly earned continued playing time, but his value will likely take a slight hit upon MCW’s return. I wouldn’t expect Wroten’s 21.9 points per game to continue, but there will likely be a few games of adjustment for MCW beginning on Thursday. Regardless of that, Wroten is still a great value who should be used as he has proved to be productive player.
  2. Courtney Lee, G, Memphis Grizzlies, $2,900. The main thing here is that players like Lee who are averaging 33 minutes a night should not be this cheap. When looking for value plays, you want to target guys you will be getting lots of minutes, and right now Lee is it. He is a consistent source of offense for the Grizzlies and is averaging 15.2 points per game.
  3. KJ McDaniels, F, Philadelphia 76ers, $3,800. Ok, I know it is crazy that I am selecting two players from the worst team in the league. But if you think about it, it actually does make sense. On a young team, the players are often going to be unknown and cheap, and there is opportunity. McDaniels has been making strides towards earning a starting spot, but there is still work to be done. He has gone over 20 FP’s in each of his last four games, and is growing more confident by the day. The fact that McDaniels blocks 1.7 shots a game also helps.
  4. Pau Gasol, F, Chicago Bulls, $5,800. I’m trying to find a place to spend the money I’m saving with the above three picks, but I will have to try harder after Gasol. He is arguably the best forward taking the floor tonight, and his price has still not adjusted for all of the scoring he is doing in Chicago. So far through eight games with his new team, the forward is averaging 18.4 points and 11.1 rebounds per game.
  5. Andrew Bogut, C, Golden State Warriors, $4,300. Bogut can score, but he doesn’t make his offense a priority. That is a shame since the Warriors have one of the most prolific offenses in the league. However for Bogut’s price, he does enough rebounding (10.3 per game) and shot blocking (1.9) to be a very good value. I wouldn’t let the fact that he is only averaging 6.3 points per game scare me off if I’m looking to save money at the center position.
  6. Joakim Noah, C, Chicago Bulls, $7,000. Noah has gotten off to a slow start so far this season and has also missed two games with an illness, so it is understandable that he has fallen off your radar. However in his last two games, Noah has begun to show what he is capable off with 36.25 and 39.50 FP’s respectively. If you want to ignore the DeMarcus Cousins and Marc Gasol matchup, then Noah would be the way to go.

Below is a lineup I am using tonight:

Guards: Tony Wroten, Courtney Lee, Stephen Curry

Forwards: KJ McDaniels, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki

Center: DeMarcus Cousins

Flex: Kyle Lowry

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