Fantasy Basketball Links: 11/1

We have a couple of good game night breakdowns here and a whole lot of links discussing the early season free agent market which is always important to keep an eye on. You don’t want to jump ship on one of your guy’s to soon, but you also don’t want to miss out on some of the guys on the waiver wire who will be gone soon.

  • Give Me The Rock gives their daily take on the previous night’s action.
  • fbasketballblog discusses some of the conclusions fantasy owners might be making after week one and the relevance of those conclusions. Plus there’s an Office Space clip, so it’s obviously worth looking at.
  • Win My Fantasy League gives you some players you should be adding to your team before it’s to late.
  • Roto World analyzes the waiver wire market in the early going and how you should be looking at it. He also breaks down some of the top PG’s to be adding.
  • ESPN has even more free agent pickup advice for you.
  • Yahoo’s Court Report has more of the same as well, as they also dive into the free agent pool and look for treasures.

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