Fantasy Fallout: Trade Deadline Movers Stock Report

by Will Overton

The lead up to the trade deadline was unusually quiet with no deals at all being made the days leading up to the deadline when we usually see at least one or two deals come a little early. With about two hours to go before the deadline though everything started going nuts. ‘

I think it might be easier to name the point guards in the league who didn’t change hands than to name the ones who did. Throw in some big man moves as well and the last two hours of the deadline really made up for the lack of action leading up to that point.

We aren’t going to break down each deal one by one, though if you couldn’t keep up and fear you may have missed a deal here is a full list of deals that were made. What we are going to do is look at some of the moving pieces whose stock is up and some whose stock is down. We’ll certainly be covering more in the coming days, but this is a good recap stock report to help you sift through all of the shaking and moving.

Trade Deadline Movers Stock Up

Isaiah Thomas – PG, Boston Celtics: Earlier this week I talked about how Isaiah Thomas’ stock would go up in Phoenix if Goran Dragic did get traded. It turned out that Thomas was traded shortly after Dragic which threw all that out the window. Still, Thomas gets a nice bump in his stock by taking over point guard duties in Boston. The Celtics have been a team without a go to guy on offense all season and while Thomas might not be the ideal option, he will be their best option now. Thomas isn’t a traditional point guard, but he’ll be sharing the floor with Avery Bradley, Evan Turner and Marcus Smart much of the time who are all decent passers who can help get him the ball when he isn’t running the offense. It wouldn’t be crazy to see Thomas average 20 PPG the rest of the way.

Reggie Jackson – PG, Detroit Pistons: Much like Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Jackson goes to a new place and goes from sixth man to starting point guard. The Pistons sent D.J. Augustin out of town to get Jackson and so he is the guy at point guard in Detroit and there isn’t much behind him even. We have seen glimpses of Jackson being great including 20.2 PPG, 7.8 APG, 5.2 RPG, 1.3 3PG and 0.9 SPG in his 13 starts this season. Jackson put up those numbers in 38 MPG and by shooting the ball 18 times per game, but he could come close to those minutes in Detroit and I could see 15 shots per game. Jackson is playing with a big contract at the end of the year in mind and I think he will make the most of this chance.

Goran Dragic – PG, Miami Heat: Even though he was starting in Phoenix the change of scenery could still be very beneficial for Dragic. The Suns had a three headed guard combination and all of them wanted to play with the ball in their hands. In Miami Dragic will share the backcourt when he is healthy and Wade likes to play with the ball in his hands too. At the same time though there are scorers on this team for Dragic to get the ball too and Dragic is capable of playing with someone like Wade. Dragic should get better looks at the hoop playing off the ball and he should get more assists when he has the ball in his hands because he’s playing with better finishers.

Miles Plumlee – C, Milwaukee Bucks: The trade between Milwaukee, Phoenix and Philadelphia sent shockwaves around the league. One of the underrated pieces of the deal was Plumlee going to Milwaukee. The “other Plumlee” started the season as the starting center in Phoenix, but was eventually unseated by Alex Len and then hurt by the addition of Brandan Wright. The Bucks no longer have Larry Sanders and so Plumlee could get a nice chance to get more minutes in Milwaukee and fight his way back to fantasy relevance.

Isaiah Canaan – PG, Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers trading K.J. McDaniels was the surprise of the day for me. What they got back though is Isaiah Canaan who may very well step into a starting job in Philly next to Tony Wroten in the backcourt. Earlier this season Canaan started nine games and averaged 12.6 PPG and made 2.7 3PG. Canaan did that playing with James Harden and Dwight Howard. The Sixers don’t really have anyone even close to that talent level and so Canaan should be one of the Sixers top offensive weapons.

Trade Deadline Movers Stock Down

Arron Afflalo – SG, Portland Trail Blazers: We knew the Nuggets would make some moves, we just didn’t know how many and who it’d be. The Blazers landed Afflalo though in a move that really beefs up their bench which is exactly what they needed. I’m not as excited about this deal for Afflalo owners though as I am for the Blazers. Afflalo will be going to a bench role most likely in Portland and likely playing closer to 20 – 25 minutes than the 30 – 35 he was getting in Denver. Afflalo is a nice addition for Portland, but he may become expendable for fantasy owners at some point soon.

Enes Kanter – C, Oklahoma City Thunder: I think the Thunder made a wise move option for Kanter over the expensive Brook Lopez. Still, I like the move more for the Thunder than Kanter and his fantasy upside. Kanter is likely going to be the backup to the Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams combination. I’m just not sure that Kanter continues to play 27 MPG in OKC and I am almost positive he won’t be scoring 13.8 PPG anymore considering the other options in that offense. Kanter is likely to go from 14 and 8 to something more like 10 and 6 and since he doesn’t block shots those numbers don’t do a lot for me.

D.J. Augustin – PG, Oklahoma City Thunder: We talked about Reggie Jackson whose stock went up by leaving OKC, well the guy who he swapped places with will see his stock go down. Augustin will go from starting in Detroit, where he has averaged 20 PPG and 8 APG the last ten games, to being a backup guar in OKC, playing off the ball next to Russell Westbrook more than anything else. For those owners who have been living the high life with Augustin on their team lately the run has likely ended. He may still have some value, but it’s not going to be anywhere near what it has been lately.

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