Head-to-Head: Who Should You Pick Between Deron Williams and Ty Lawson?

Most drafts are done as the season has started, but we have one more fantasy head to head we want to delve into. I know there are still plenty of people left drafting and there are also trades to be made so the information here can still be used.

We are going to look at two point guards who are playing in a new place this season and we’ll discuss which one has the most value for this season on their new team. Ray Kuhn will argue on behalf of Ty Lawson and his upside while Will Overton will argue that Deron Williams will have the better season.

These two point guards are being drafted near one another in most leagues around the 7th or 8th rounds and you need to know which one you should be taking, so let’s see the argument for both guys.

Ray Kuhn Arguing For Ty Lawson

It is all about a change of scenery. At least that is what both the Mavericks and Rockets are banking on with their acquisitions of Deron Williams and Ty Lawson, respectively. Neither left their former teams on the best of terms, but it is Lawson who will have the greater success both this season and moving forward.

Both Lawson and Williams are dealing with injury issues entering the season, but Williams is the only one I’m concerned about. Williams eclipsed 68 games just twice since 2009 and he can’t be trusted on for a full season of work. Additionally, Williams has been on a downward trend for the past four seasons going from 21 points and 8.7 assists per game to 13 points and 6.6 assists last seasons.

Lawson has been dealing with back issues throughout the preseason and last season, but it doesn’t appear it should truly impact him during the season. After dealing with alcohol abuse issues and spending some time in rehab this year, the point guard had what was termed his worst season as a professional.

But, was it really that bad? And might it bode well for Lawson’s future this year?

Statistically, Lawson’s scoring average did dip after averaging between 16.4 and 17.6 points per game over the last four years he put up 15.2 points per game last season. However, Lawson did average a career high 9.6 assists.

The Rockets are a team built to win now, and in Lawson they have a third piece to pair with James Harden and Dwight Howard. Lawson was acquired for his ability as a play maker, and also to take some of that burden away from Harden who can concentrate more on defense and on his role as a scorer.

Now that Lawson has confronted his issues with alcohol, this might be the most clear headed he has been and it should set him up for a successful debut season in Houston.

Will Overton Arguing For Deron Williams

If I am drafting someone to run my real NBA team I am taking Ty Lawson. I think Lawson is the more skilled point guard at this point in their careers. I would also take Lawson for the long haul in a keeper or dynasty league.

We’re talking about this season though and a big part of fantasy basketball is circumstance and situation and I like the situation Deron Williams is in better. If Lawson was in Dallas and Williams in Houston I would be going the other way here.

Lawson is going to start in Houston which is good, but he has a defensive stopper sitting behind him in Patrick Beverley and Beverley is going to get playing time. He is also playing next to James Harden and we all know this is Harden’s team and that Harden wants to have the ball in his hands. Lawson’s value was tied heavily to his elite level assists numbers. I don’t see anyway Lawson averages 9.6 assists in Houston or even close. I’ll be surprised if he can make it to 7.0 APG in Houston.

Meanhile, I realize I am banking on Deron Williams not being washed up, but I am willing to take that risk. While Lawson can get to the rack with his quickness, Williams is the better scorer and definitely the better shooter.             Williams was banged up last season which had a lot do with the dip in his numbers and I don’t believe he is totally washed up yet. I think the Mavs are a good fit for Williams here he is going to play a fair amount of minutes and will have the ball in his hands a whole lot.

I think given Lawson’s situation in Houston Williams can be competitive with him in assists while Williams will also be knocking down more threes and scoring more points. For this season at least Williams is my guy.

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