Market Watch: Who To Buy And Who To Sell: The Raptor Factor and More

by Matthew Bellerose

Basketball is in session. A solid two weeks in and the Warriors are still undefeated, mascots are endangered, and at least Nets fans have the 2019 draft to look forward too! This week was not too eventful, but there are still some players who have continued their slow start which only helps their value for buying purposes. There are not too many players who have started on a tear this season, but there are still a few whose value is higher than it should be.


Goran Dragic PG Miami Heat

Goran is off to one of the worst starts of his career trying to fit in with the new Heat offense. The past few years he has been able to offer 16 points, a steal and almost 5 assists and 4 rebounds a game. He is off to a cold start, shooting only around 40% when he is usually around 50%. Once the shots start falling, which should be soon, he can provide decent value at the point guard position.

Also this is a bet against the health of the Miami Heat team. Luol Deng, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are not the best bets to make it through the season, and if one or a few are to go down, Goran will step into a bigger role in the offense. If they do stay healthy his assists and shooting percentages should also rise, so it is a win either way. Especially without Chalmers in the way, Goran should heat up soon and get back to his old form.

Andrew Wiggins SF Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are a team of the future with two extremely talented young players to build their team around. Wiggins is the featured outside scorer on this team and has two great compliments in Towns and Rubio to help get him the ball and remain open. He recently put up two 30 point performances in back to back games, but sat out this last game due to injury. His three point numbers are up as well are his field goal attempts, but his percentages are down. He is playing over 30 minutes a game and once the defense has to close in on Towns that will leave more opportunities for Wiggins.

The category numbers will rise slightly but don’t expect any more than 5 rebounds or a few assists and just quiet defensive numbers every once in a while. Wiggins will be the go to guy on this young team and try to go acquire him before he gets more of those 30 point games and people realize his potential this year.

Wesley Matthews SG Dallas Mavericks

Coming off of an ACL surgery, the Mavericks gave Matthews $70 million to play for the next four years. He must be good because Mark Cuban knows how and where to invest his money. He, along with Parsons, are the post-Dirk era in Dallas. His minute restriction was just removed so he could begin to see 30+ minutes per game for the remainder of the season. He is an excellent 3 point specialist and has consistently put up over 15 points throughout his career. In the efficient Mavericks offense he should have the opportunity to fire away, along with more opportunities for assists. Look for him to drastically improve upon his low shooting percentage, and he will help as a shooting specialist. He can provide excellent value later in the season once he is fully healed and adjusted to the new offense.


Alec Burks SG Utah Jazz

Burks production appears to be higher than it actually is. Coming off the bench for Utah he is averaging 15.6 points a game but with only one three, less than a steal and fewer than four rebounds and assists. His few big 20 point scoring nights make him appear to be a shiny new asset, but he has also had his fair share of lower scoring games this season. He has never been an excellent contributor in any category, and only puts up a moderate amount of points. Convince someone that he can give solid points, or leave him on waivers for Nik Stauskus or T.J. McConnell.

DeMarre Carroll SF Toronto Raptors

Who here has seen Jurassic World? Remember how the raptors could run? Well DeMarre Carroll can’t. He has plantar fasciitis, which is a form of heel pain. It is a lingering injury that has cost Pau Gasol, Tyreke Evans and Dwyane Wade all to miss 20 or more games with this injury. This could easily cost him a good chunk of the season.

Also, for those Jurassic World fans, remember that the raptors helped each other? Well DeMarre Carroll is doing the opposite by turning the ball over more than assisting his teammates. He also is not a prolific scorer and has put up an awful field goal percentage of 34%. While he is still an excellent basketball player, he is not desirable for fantasy so ask someone if they want the real player and get a solid fantasy player in return before this injury gets too dangerous.

Robin Lopez C New York Knicks

This one here isn’t much of a sell high because center is a shallow position right now, but rather more of trying to get him off your hands if you can get something in return. Phil Jackson assembled a franchise of Karl-Anthony Towns and LaMarcus Aldridge to go along with Carmelo Anthony that will bring home championships for years to come. Oops, silly me, he got Kristaps Porzingis and…Robin Lopez? If Phil Jackson was looking for the all good looks team he stuck gold with baby face and afro-beard.

However, we are playing basketball here and we are not modeling, so we need skill, and that is simply not what Mr. Lopez can provide for us. He has done almost as much damage to our fantasy teams as he did to the Raptors mascot. With only one double-double this year and fairly low defensive stats, he is not someone that needs to be on your team, so go sell Mr. Mascot Hater for Jared Sullinger or Mason Plumlee and whatever else he can return.


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  1. Chase B says:

    I just offered someone Alec Burks for Goran Dragic. We’ll see if he buys it.

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