Fantasy Basketball Top 200: 101 – 150

Here is part two of my top 200 rankings. This group of 50 is a mix of veterans, rookies and other young guys looking to take the next step. Once again I have included notes on a few of the guys I felt were worth highlighting at the end of the list.

101. Corey Maggette – SG/SF, Milwaukee
102. Al Harrington – PF, Denver
103. Jose Calderon – PG, Toronto
104. D.J. Augustin – PG, Charlotte
105. J.J. Hickson – PF, Cleveland
106. Jevale McGee – PF/C, Washington
107. Leandro Barbosa – PG/SG, Toronto
108. Yao Ming – C, Houston
109. Mike Miller – SG/SF, Miami
110. Ben Gordon – SG, Detroit
111. Elton Brand – PF, Philadelphia
112.Mehmet Okur – PF/C, Utah
113. Greg Oden – C, Portland
114. Tayshaun Prince – SF, Detroit
115. Tyrus Thomas – SF/PF, Charlotte
116. Serge Ibaka – C, Oklahoma City
117. J.R. Smith – SG, Denver
118. Ron Artest – SF, Los Angeles Lakers
119. James Harden – SG, Oklahoma City
120. Demarcus Cousins – PF/C, Sacramento
121. Wilson Chandler – SG, New York
122. Shawn Marion – SF/PF, Dallas
123. Anderson Varejao – PF/C, Cleveland
124. Thaddeus Young – SF/PF, Philadelphia
125. Josh Howard – SG/SF, Washington
126. George Hill – PG/SG, San Antonio
127. Richard Hamilton – SG, Detroit
128. Brendan Haywood – C, Dallas
129. Charlie Villanueva – PF, Detroit
130. Drew Gooden – PF, Milwaukee
131. Mike Bibby – PG, Atlanta
132. Anthony Morrow – SG/SF, New Jersey
133. Spencer Hawes – C, Philadelphia
134. Kalenna Azubuike – SG/SF, New York
135. Corey Brewer – SG, Minnesota
136. Peja Stojakovic – SF, New Orleans
137. Amir Johnson – PF, Toronto
138. Jonny Flynn – PG, Minnesota
139. Richard Jefferson – SF, San Antonio
140. Tiago Splitter – PF/C, San Antonio
141. Carlos Delfino – SF, Milwaukee
142. Jarrett Jack – PG, Toronto
143. Josh Childress – SG/SF, Phoenix
144. Darko Milicic – C, Minnesota
145. Travis Outlaw – SF, New Jersey
146. Evan Turner – SG, Philadelphia
147. Marvin Williams – SF, Atlanta
148. Jason Thompson – PF, Sacramento
149. Tyson Chandler – C, Dallas
150. Chris Anderson – PF/C, Denver

- I’m higher on Amir Johnson than a lot of people and I think he’s every bit worth this ranking based on where his ceiling is at. Amir is stepping into some big shoes left by Chris Bosh and while he won’t be the scorer Bosh was, he has the potential to be a big time sleeper. In the five games he started last year he averaged almost 18 points with six boards and a block. I don’t think that’s a realistic point scoring expectation, but he should be closer 8 boards and 1.5 blocks which is nice for where you’ll get him.
- I don’t think there is a bigger wildcard in all of fantasy basketball than Yao Ming this year. The preseason should tell some, but it’ll be interesting to see how much the injury has affected him and how productive he can be in just 24 minutes per game. The potential is there, but there are too many questions to put him any higher.
- How many chances does Darko Milicic get? Apparently at least one more cause reports are the Timberwolves love him and he’ll be their starting center on opening night. And more surprisingly than the fact that Darko is starting, is that I actually like him as a sneaky late round pick. Top centers are hard to come by and while Darko won’t ever be elite I doubt, he has the tools to be a steady guy bordering averaging a double-double with 1.5 blocks a game. That’s good value for where you’ll get him. Now let’s see if he actually plays up to his potential this time.
- Jose Calderon was a top 50 guy last year coming off back to back years with over 8 assists per game. Now here he is not cracking the top 100 list. If he can get back to where he was two years ago, which should be within reach he could be a good value pick. He is splitting time with Jarrett Jack, but if he returns to form that won’t last long.
- Travis Outlaw is another guy I am higher on than a lot of people, and that’s one that could make me look real bad or real good. He’s never gotten the chance to be a regular starter and he should get that chance this year in New Jersey, and it should be in a much improved offense that will allow him some decent looks at the basket. I think he still has the 15 – 18 point per game potential that everyone claimed he had when he came in the league. Now is his chance to prove it to everyone else.

What’s your take on these rankings? Who do you think I have to high and who do you think I have to low? Anyone you have a question about? Let me know what your thoughts are.

Keep an eye out for the top 100 coming over the next two days. And don’t forget if you have suggestions on what you want to see here on the site just let me know.

Click here to see 151 – 200 of the top 200


  1. kshiz says:

    I think Tyrus could have a better than expected season, finally. He’ll prolly be drafted low just because of his history, but it seems like Larry Brown has really taken him under his wing and built a better connection with him than any of his other coaches have in recent years …

    Great rankings!

  2. Tim Downs says:

    Hey Will,
    How bad do you think the limits to Yao Mings playing time will hurt him. of course he will be of no value on ir.

  3. kshiz says:

    Hey Tim, I actually tried to project Ming’s production this season using the productivity of his last healthy season, extrapolated to 24 minutes. You can see here what they are:

    I hope this helps …

  4. Will Overton says:

    Good info KShiz, thanks for that.

    I think those numbers are a good projection for a healthy Yao, not sure he’ll return to form or not. That’s why I have him where I do. It’s really a wait an see thing with him.

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