Market Watch: Buy Low on Joe Johnson, & More

by Matthew Bellerose

We have come to the point of the season where the teams are starting to discover their futures. You should know by now whether you have a shot at making the playoffs, or are within enough point of your roto league championship. I wish you the best in your league. Keep building that team for the final push. It’s the last weeks that matter most, and moves now can set you up the best for the future.


Emmanuel Mudiay PG Denver Nuggets

This is quite a risk. However, the reward is sky high. Playing on a mangled Nuggets roster, there is plenty of room for his potential to show through. Coming back from an extensive injury, Mudiay is stepping into a larger role. This team is sort of a lost cause this season, and they might as well develop their budding star. He has played over 30 minutes in 3 of his last five games and has scored double digit points, 6 or more assists, and just under 2 steals a game in each of those games. He is not an option for your team if you are in a turnover league, or need to improve your field goal percentage. But if you need a long shot boost, get Mudiay.


Joe Johnson SG Brooklyn Nets

Johnson showed some flashes of his former self in recent games with a drastic increase in minutes. The Nets have a depleted roster, and the veteran Johnson cannot keep up his current pace for long enough, as shown by his two point performance in his most recent game. He averaged over 16 points a game in a four game stretch which is 5 higher than his season averages. At his age he is also a bit of a health risk, and he is not necessary for the future of the Nets. His value is at his highest of the season, so I would move him as soon as possible.


Jrue Holiday PG New Orleans Pelicans

I am a big fan of the backcourt for the Pelicans with Holiday and Evans. Now without Eric Gordon for a month, Holiday is going to step into a bigger role, and there is always room for assists with Anthony Davis on your team. He has posted 9 or more assists in his last four games, as well as averaging over 15 points a game. Those are excellent numbers, and I expect them to continue. These are around his career averages, and he should return to those, if not improve upon them for the remainder of the season. If you have him hold him, if you don’t, I would definitely throw out an offer to the owner.

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