Market Watch: Who You Need To Buy, Sell & Hold

by Matthew Bellerose

With trade deadlines looming, it is a good idea to evaluate the standpoint of fantasy rosters as well as the major league rosters. If you’re drifting in the back end of the league, maybe some owners will make some poor decisions that you could benefit from. If you are one of the leaders, stay consistent and be smart through the all-star break. Try not to get too cute, but also know your weaknesses. Enjoy the All-Star break!


E’Twaun Moore SG Chicago Bulls

This is a major risk, but could produce major benefits for a month or more. The star Bulls guard, Jimmy Butler, had been ruled out for around a month, and Moore has been asked to fill the starting role. He is a player who has never had an opportunity to showcase his talents as he has averaged just over 16 minutes per game for his career. The Bulls are not backing down from playoff contention, and if they believe in Moore, than so should we. I expect a decent scoring touch, upwards of 16 a game, with a handful of assists and rebounds, and a solid amount of steals. He is a quick boost, and possible a longer term asset depending on the extent of Butler’s injury.


Danilo Gallinari SF Denver Nuggets

This man is hitting the peak of his career, and there couldn’t be a better time for you to trade him. There are a lot of rumors surrounding a Gallinari trade to a contender, which would most likely limit his shot attempts, and therefore his scoring. He is a career 15 points per game scorer, and he is averaging just shy of 20 a game this season. His percentages this season are almost exact to his career averages, so expect the same for the remainder of the season. This is almost a trade dependent sell, because on the Nuggets, he is basically their only scoring option. However, if he slides into a backup role, his value drastically decreases.


Avery Bradley PG/SG Boston Celtics

In my opinion, the safest fantasy option on the Celtics regardless of what happens at the deadline. He has been scoring more as of late, and playing in the consistent 30’s all season. He has been shooting over 50% from the field and 56% from three in his past five contests. While he surprisingly does not provide much multi-categorical production, I expect the scoring trend to continue. Nothing on the Celtics is safe right now, but his role seems to be locked in regardless of who they may trade for. I would hold onto Bradley and expect a high playoff push from him and the Celtics in the remaining weeks.


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