Injury Report: Looking At Guys Who Are Hitting The Shelf And The Impact Of It

by Will Overton

With the season winding down there may be a lot of people mailing it in right now. We’re not going to be mailing it in here at RotoProfessor though, we’re seeing this thing through for those who are still in the running for their titles.

With just a handful of games left for each team now things get a little unsteady. Injuries that might cause a guy to miss a game, or an injury they would normally play through, leads to them being shut down for the rest of the season if there team isn’t in the hunt for the playoffs.

We’re going to take a look at some of the injuries that have taken place in the last week and what that means for the rest of the team for fantasy purposes over the next few games:

Brandon Knight – PG, Phoenix Suns: Brandon Knight is dealing with a sports hernia, an injury that seems to be going around right now. It’s not determined how serious it is, but it’s enough to put him out the rest of the season. In his place will be Ronnie Price starting at point guard it seems, and Archie Goodwin getting a ton of run as well I assume. I wish the Suns would just go all out with Goodwin who would put up a lot more fantasy appealing stats with the minutes that Price is going to get instead. I don’t love Price’s value, but he’ll at least get some assist which aren’t hard to come by. If Goodwin gets a start at some point or starts seeing 25+ minutes I’m a lot more excited for that.

Brook Lopez & Thaddeus Young – Brooklyn Nets: I talked a bit about this on Monday, but with both of the Nets frontcourt stars going down the door has opened wide for Thomas Robinson to be a temporary fantasy force. Lopez and Young are not only the Nets starting frontcourt, but also their two top scorers as well. Since they both got shelved for the remainder of the season Robinson has responded with four straight double-double’s, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see him roll them off each game here on out given the lack of talent around him. The other beneficiaries right now are Henry Sims and Chris McCullough who are both getting solid minutes right now. Robinson is the prize, but Sims and McCullough could have deeper league value for a few more games

Kristaps Porzingis – PF, New York Knicks: While Kristaps Porzingis is hopeful that he’ll be able to return from his shoulder injury and play again this season I’m not so sure the Knicks are willing to take that chance on their future. The biggest beneficiaries to Porzingis missing the rest of the season would be Derrick Williams and Kevin Seraphin. The guy who has the most potential  value would be Williams because of his ability to score points in bunches at times and the lack of any other offensive weapon outside of Carmelo. Keep an eye on Porzingis status for future games and if he’s sitting you should insert Williams in your lineups.

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