Fantasy Basketball Links: Things You Need To Read

There wasn’t a lot of action yesterday with the NFL taking center stage. But there is plenty of good fantasy basketball content around the web from the weekend that you need to catch up on. Here are some links to feed your fantasy craving:

  • If you are playing in a weekly lineup league than ESPN’s Fantasy Forecaster should prove helpful in determining which guys to start this week.
  • To catch up on any action you might have missed over the weekend than make sure to check out Give Me The Rock this morning for breakdowns of the biggest stat lines of the weekend.
  • It looks like Vince Carter has been channeling a former version of himself in Dallas at time this year. Last week Ryan Lester from Lester’s Legends did a nice post on what you should do with Vinsanity.
  • If you’re looking for some good sell high or buy low candidates to target in trades this week than Jason at fBasketballblog should be able to help you out with a nice list of guys.
  • As always Mat Buser does a fine job of hitting on a variety of topics in this week’s Court Report on Yahoo Sports. The main topic is the imminent return of a few guys from overseas, but there is plenty more discussion to go with it.
  • If you need the lowdown on whether one of your guys will be going tonight or not, make sure you keep an eye on Fantasy Basketball Daily and their Pre-Game Report’s which should be going up later today. This is always a good source of up to date injury information.

Read all of this and you’re still bored? Feel free to leave a question or comment for me here and I’ll get back to you with an answer. Or you can also follow me on Twitter for more random sports musings and fantasy basketball advice.


  1. Art Vandelay says:

    18 team H2H fantasy pts league, in my utl slot who do I start? Iman Shumpert 4gms, Evan Turner 4gms or Amir Johnson 4gms?

    I would throw danny green in there too but he only plays 3.

    • Will Overton says:

      The Raptors have a tough schedule this week and it looks like Ed Davis has passed up Amir Johnson for playing time, so I wouldn’t use Johnson despite the nice game he had on Friday.

      Turner has been more consistent, but Shump has more potential for the big game. Plus I really like the Knicks schedule of games this week, playing the Wizards, Jazz and T’Wolves.

      • Art Vandelay says:

        thanks i put shump in, no matter what d’antoni says he keeps giving shump mins.

        turner could be a monster if he’d only get mins, too much of a time share in philly.


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