Market Watch: Who You Need To Buy, Sell & Hold

by Matthew Bellerose

With trade deadlines looming, it is a good idea to evaluate the standpoint of fantasy rosters as well as the major league rosters. If you’re drifting in the back end of the league, maybe some owners will make some poor decisions that you could benefit from. If you are one of the leaders, stay consistent and be smart through the all-star break. Try not to get too cute, but also know your weaknesses. Enjoy the All-Star break!


E’Twaun Moore SG Chicago Bulls

This is a major risk, but could produce major benefits for a month or more. The star Bulls guard, Jimmy Butler, had been ruled out for around a month, and Moore has been asked to fill the starting role. He is a player who has never had an opportunity to showcase his talents as he has averaged just over 16 minutes per game for his career. The Bulls are not backing down from playoff contention, and if they believe in Moore, than so should we. I expect a decent scoring touch, upwards of 16 a game, with a handful of assists and rebounds, and a solid amount of steals. He is a quick boost, and possible a longer term asset depending on the extent of Butler’s injury. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Five Guys On The Wire To Help You In The Assists Category

by Will Overton

Last week in the waiver wire feature we discussed a position that is very hard to fill through the waiver wire, and that’s the power forward/center position. This week we’re going to hit on another waiver wire dry spot, the assists category.

I say it all the time, but to work the wire and make trades properly you need to know your standings and you need to know where you have a chance to gain ground, or avoid losing ground. If the assists category is one that is close in your league it can be frustrating trying to find guys to help you get over the hump on the waiver wire. We’ve done our homework though and we are going to discuss some of the best options on the wire to help your team in that particular area. Ideally these guys also give you at least a little something else in the way of steals or threes as well.

Here are some of the finds we made when scanning the waiver wire for assists: Read more

Fantasy Fallout: What Does The Marc Gasol Mean For Fantasy Owners?

by Will Overton

We posted our injury report yesterday discussing players going on the shelf and players coming off of it. As you could have almost guaranteed would happen, later the day that article was put up big time injury news broke. The Memphis Grizzlies announced yesterday that their franchise cornerstone and center Marc Gasol had broken his foot and would be out indefinitely.

There will be some trickle-down effect from this injury. We’re going to take a look at who is going to get the biggest bump from this injury, and whether or not there is a ready-made replacement at center for your fantasy team on the Grizzlies if you owned Gasol.

What we can do to start with is look at what happened Monday Night when the Grizzlies had to play three quarters of the game without Gasol. The Grizzlies relied on Zach Randolph to be their “center” while Matt Barnes and Jeff Green logged big minutes at forward. Read more

The Injury Report: Who’s Out And Who’s Coming Back

by Will Overton

Staying on top of the injury news around the league can be one of the ways to get a leg up on your competition in fantasy basketball. It’s a two-fold thing, you have to watch who is getting hurt and also who is coming back from injury. Both of these things will have an effect on the fantasy value of the specific players and the others on their team.

We’re going to look at a handful of guys who have recently gone on the shelf and also a few guys who are now on the mend as well and I’ll break down what it all means:

On The Shelf

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG – Detroit Pistons: The injury to the Pistons third year shooting guard came at a bad time after he put together a really strong month of January. Caldwell-Pope is now dealing with a groin strain that has him out until at least the 19th of this month. Fortunately for the Pistons and KCP owners, the all-star break falls during that time frame. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Finding Big Man Help On The Waiver Wire

by Will Overton

One of the most difficult positions to fill on the waiver wire is the big man position, guys who can board and block shots, and ideally score some points too. Part of this is the way the NBA game is moving. More minutes are being given to guards and wings, and wings who are actually playing the four now. Meanwhile a lot of teams just cycle three big men into one spot in their rotation.

Don’t get too discouraged though; there are options out there if you look hard enough. In fact we’ve helped you out and done your homework for you. I’ve got few options for you from standard league guys to deeper league ones for you to grab for your team: Read more

Can Devin Booker Translate January Success Into The Long Term?

by Will Overton

The month of January finished up last night and Devin Booker finished strong against the Dallas Mavericks. Booker had 19 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in the game and he looks like he is getting better and better with every game he plays.

Booker is just 19 years old, and while many thought the Suns had gotten a steal by taking Booker with the 13th pick overall, no one really thought we’d see much from him this season or even the next couple seasons as he matured and improved. Instead, Eric Bledsoe went down with a season ending knee injury and Booker was called upon over other options to take his place.

Booker has not only managed to keep the starting gig, but he has taken the reins and is running with it. In 14 games in the month of January, Booker is averaging 17.4 PPG. It’s helped that the Suns have also been without Brandon Knight the last couple of weeks and Booker has been the go to guy on offense, but even before that he was excelling. Read more

Three-Point Play: Three DFS Options To Use On 1/29/16: Archie Goodwin Running The Point and More

by Will Overton

We are about halfway through the regular season in the NBA at this point and if you growing tired of you’re struggling season long fantasy team, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go in daily fantasy games. You get the excitement of box score watching and anguishing over last minute lineup decisions, but at the end of the day you know whether you won or lost and you can just move on to the next day.

If you’re looking to jump into a game tonight I have a few sleeper options that will help you fill out the rest of your lineup with big names by saving money on these guys:

Archie Goodwin, G – Phoenix Suns @ New York Knicks – $3,000
You really can’t go too wrong on value with either of the Phoenix Suns backcourt guys right now. However on Fantasy Score, Devin Booker is checking in at $4,700 and so the value is with Goodwin. Also, Goodwin is the guy who has been running the point with Brandon Knight sidelined which means he’s racking up more counting stats right now. It also means he’s more likely to draw the defensively poor Jose Calderon while Booker has a tougher draw with Arron Afflalo. Goodwin is averaging 20.5 PPG in his last four and has a good chance to top 20 again tonight. Read more

Three-Point Play: Three Options To Use For DFS On 1/28/16: David West Is Starting & More

by Will Overton

It’s been a busy week of NBA action so far with several games every single night. Tonight will be no different with eight more games on tap for DFS players to enjoy. With a relatively full slate in place there are lots of lineup possibilities that you can use. Here I will give you some of the names I like as value plays tonight so you can find room for the likes of Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, G – Detroit Pistons vs. Philadelphia 76ers – $4,900
The month of January as a whole has been a big one for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who has really stepped up as a scorer for the Pistons, averaging 16.9 PPG for the month so far. Pope has been more than just a scorer though too, racking up steals and threes too. With a matchup against the Sixers tonight I think we can expect for KCP to keep the strong numbers rolling. It’s quite possible that we see KCP lead the Pistons in scoring tonight even as the perimeter defense of the Sixers is their weakest spot. Read more

Market Watch: Buy Low on Joe Johnson, & More

by Matthew Bellerose

We have come to the point of the season where the teams are starting to discover their futures. You should know by now whether you have a shot at making the playoffs, or are within enough point of your roto league championship. I wish you the best in your league. Keep building that team for the final push. It’s the last weeks that matter most, and moves now can set you up the best for the future.


Emmanuel Mudiay PG Denver Nuggets

This is quite a risk. However, the reward is sky high. Playing on a mangled Nuggets roster, there is plenty of room for his potential to show through. Coming back from an extensive injury, Mudiay is stepping into a larger role. This team is sort of a lost cause this season, and they might as well develop their budding star. He has played over 30 minutes in 3 of his last five games and has scored double digit points, 6 or more assists, and just under 2 steals a game in each of those games. He is not an option for your team if you are in a turnover league, or need to improve your field goal percentage. But if you need a long shot boost, get Mudiay.


Joe Johnson SG Brooklyn Nets

Johnson showed some flashes of his former self in recent games with a drastic increase in minutes. The Nets have a depleted roster, and the veteran Johnson cannot keep up his current pace for long enough, as shown by his two point performance in his most recent game. He averaged over 16 points a game in a four game stretch which is 5 higher than his season averages. At his age he is also a bit of a health risk, and he is not necessary for the future of the Nets. His value is at his highest of the season, so I would move him as soon as possible.


Jrue Holiday PG New Orleans Pelicans

I am a big fan of the backcourt for the Pelicans with Holiday and Evans. Now without Eric Gordon for a month, Holiday is going to step into a bigger role, and there is always room for assists with Anthony Davis on your team. He has posted 9 or more assists in his last four games, as well as averaging over 15 points a game. Those are excellent numbers, and I expect them to continue. These are around his career averages, and he should return to those, if not improve upon them for the remainder of the season. If you have him hold him, if you don’t, I would definitely throw out an offer to the owner.

Three-Point Play: Three Options To Use In DFS On 1/14/16: The Stifle Tower & More

by Will Overton

Another night that typically doesn’t have many games, has double the normal amount tonight with six games scheduled to be played. Do keep in mind that the Raptors and Magic are starting at 3 PM EST so lineups need to be in by then. All the talk today is going to be about Cavs vs. Spurs and that is going to be a fantastic game. There will be plenty of other fantasy value though too for DFS action. Here are three value plays I like on tonight’s slate:

Rudy Gobert , C – Utah Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings – $4,300
You always look and see who the Sacramento Kings are playing for DFS lineup construction. There aren’t many Jazz players I trust, but the one I do like for tonight with a solid price is Rudy Gobert. While the numbers for Gobert so far this season haven’t been as outstanding as some would expect for it to be, he is still a good bet for a decent amount of points because of his shot blocking ability. Gobert hasn’t advanced as a scorer as much as you’d like, but he is one of the best, if not the best, shot blocker in the whole league. Gobert is starting to round back into form and his numbers should only keep getting better from here. Read more