Stat-Stuffers: Three Point Snipers You Can Have In The Mid and Late Draft Rounds

by Will Overton

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a lot of fantasy basketball drafts happening and we’re trying to equip you with the knowledge you need to do the best you can in your drafts. Part of it is knowing who to pick and who to avoid. Part of it is strategy though.

Early on in the draft I promote a best player available strategy for the most part. That doesn’t mean I think you should take five point guards in the first five rounds just because they’re your highest ranked player, but I wouldn’t get too cute with my early picks either.

If you wind up coming up short in a couple categories after your early picks you can make up ground in the later rounds. When it comes to the middle and late rounds of fantasy basketball drafts it’s not as much about the best player as the right player for your team based on you who have already picked. If you took Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo early you have some rebound and assist heavy guards, but you’re going to be lacking in three pointers. So even if you have JaVale McGee ranked ahead of Doug McDermott, maybe you should be taking McDermott. Read more

All-In: Why You Should Be Buying Big On Kawhi Leonard

by Ray Kuhn

Yes, I know, I have to dial it back this season. In fact I already have. But is it enough?

The question of whether I am overvaluing Kwahi Leonard entering the 2014-15 season will not be completely answered until April, but at this point I will allow for the possibility that I am. Slightly. But in reality, my downfall here might just be that I am a year too soon.

However at this point as I value Leonard as being worth a third round pick, the risk is minimal. What I am banking on though, is that Leonard will ultimately exceed his value by the end of the season.

There is no disputing that the Spurs are Tony Parker’s team. That is meant as no disrespect to Tim Duncan who is still an exceptional player, but Gregg Popovich has been slowly phasing his big man out, mainly by limiting his minutes. As the same begins to happen with Parker, someone needs to step up to fill that role. And that player is Leonard. Read more

2014 – 2015 Position Breakdown: Top 25 Shooting Guard Rankings

by Will Overton

With October approaching draft day will be coming for fantasy basketball owners. With that in mind it’s time to get down to business and start looking at some rankings and position breakdowns. We started things off last week with point guards and now we are moving onto shooting guards. This is a position that lacks a depth of elite talent but really makes up for it by what seems a larger than normal mid tier.

I am going to give you my top 25 shooting guards and then break down who my sleeper, bust and deep sleeper is at the shooting guard position this year. Here is the breakdown:

1. James Harden – Houston Rockets
2. Eric Bledsoe – Phoenix Suns
3. Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors
4. Monta Ellis – Dallas Mavericks
5. DeMar DeRozan – Toronto Raptors
6. Dwayne Wade – Miami Heat
7. Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers Read more

Familiar Faces In New Places: Breaking Down Three Point Guards Who Have Relocated

by Will Overton

The offseason was a busy one and while we broke down some of the bigger moves we saw, there isn’t enough time or space to break down each move individually. To cover as much ground as possible and get enough information into your hands as possible we are grouping some of the offseason moves together by position. Last week we hit on shooting guards, and today we’ll break down some point guards who have moved teams.

In our point guard breakdown last week we hit on a couple of point guards moving teams, Jose Calderon and Isaiah Thomas. There were plenty of guys moving teams though and so we’re going to hit on three more today. As you can see when looking at my feelings on Calderon and Thomas, moving teams can move a player’s value up or down and it’s important to know which way each guy is headed.

Here are three of the point guards in new places this season: Read more

2014 – 2015 Position Breakdown: Top 25 Point Guard Rankings

by Will Overton

With October approaching draft day will be coming for fantasy basketball owners. With that in mind it’s time to get down to business and start looking at some rankings and position breakdowns. We are going to get started with the point guard position. One of the deepest in the league and essential to fantasy teams given how many categories your point guard can contribute in.

I am going to give you my top 25 point guards and then break down who my sleeper, bust and deep sleeper is at the point guard position this year. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors
  2. Chris Paul – Los Angeles Clippers
  3. Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder
  4. John Wall – Washington Wizards
  5. Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers
  6. Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors
  8. Ty Lawson – Denver Nuggets Read more

The Inside Scoop: Questions and Answers With Denver Nuggets Blogger Kalen Deremo

In an attempt to bring you as much information, and as good of information as we can this year at RotoProfessor we are turning to the experts. We will be posting a series of interviews with bloggers who cover specific teams in the NBA to take a close look at as many teams as we can before your draft day comes.

Our first interview was done with Kalen Deremo of Roundball Mining Company who covers the Denver Nuggets. We asked Kalen five questions regarding the Denver Nuggets and what we can expect from certain players on the team to try and give you an edge in your fantasy league.

Here is your Denver Nuggets inside information:

Q: Should we expect Kenneth Faried’s second half and World Cup performance to carry into a breakout season in 2014 – 2015? Read more

Does A Change Of Scenery Make Anthony Bennett Fantasy Relevant?

by Ray Kuhn

When we think about Anthony Bennett for this season, lets first forget that the Cavaliers selected him first overall last season. To call his rookie season a disappointment would be an understatement. It is always easier to look back than to look forward, but it is obvious that Bennett was not deserving of his draft slot.

There really is not a good way to try and rationalize that Bennett’s rookie season was a success, because it was far from it. The forward was out of shape, only averaged 12.7 minutes a game in 52 games, and quite frankly looked lost for most of the year. Yes, Bennett did battle some injury woes with his shoulder and wasn’t 100% healthy, but he can use that to fully rationalize why he was out of shape. Bennett having sleep apnea surgery this summer should also help to correct some of that, but again we can’t use it as a full excuse. At the end of the day, Bennett needs to be in better shape and he also needs to take responsibility for his condition before you buy into him from a fantasy perspective. Read more

Losing LeBron: What Should We Expect Out Of Miami With LeBron Gone

by Will Overton

The summer’s biggest storyline was what the Cavaliers did by signing LeBron James and trading for Kevin Love. So far we have looked at what these moves mean for the Cavaliers big guns, and we have looked at what it means for Ricky Rubio in Minnesota. The last piece of breaking down these moves is looking at what it all means for the Miami Heat minus LeBron James.

The King has gradually become more dominant year by year in Miami taking on a bigger role in almost every facet. With James leaving town and his talents going with him there is a gap to be covered, it’s just a matter of who it will be to cover it.

Let’s break down who benefits most by looking at the key pieces on the team and their potential value as it stands now:

Mario Chalmers – Point Guard Read more

Instant Impact: How High Should Our Expectations Be For Jabari Parker?

by Ray Kuhn

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Jabari Parker is the best player on the Milwaukee Bucks.

When doing overall rankings for this season, Larry Sanders comes out ahead, but that is based on the fact that he is a center who blocks shots at a high level while rebounding well and adding some scoring. Aside from Sanders, the Bucks do have OJ Mayo and Brandon Knight in their backcourt, but to say that Parker becomes the focal point of the offense and Milwaukee’s best player would not be an understatement.

Of course these are high expectations for the second overall pick of this past June’s draft that only played one year of college basketball for Duke. Yes, Parker did enter college with an NBA ready body and it is clear that he is a talented player, but there were some growing pains. Read more

Familiar Faces In New Places: Breaking Down Three Shooting Guards Who Have Relocated

by Will Overton

This was an incredibly busy offseason in the NBA, and maybe it was just the magnitude of the names that made it seem that way, but there were lots of under the radar moves too. The impact of the offseason is far reaching, and too far reaching to break down each of these moves one by one. So that’s why I am grouping some of them together to try and hit on as many familiar faces in new places as I can get to.

A change of scenery can really change the landscape of a player’s fantasy value in a big way and it’s important to not gloss over this piece and assume they’ll put up the same numbers in their new home as their old one.

Today we’re going to hit on three shooting guards who landed on different teams this offseason and dissect what that means for their fantasy value: Read more