Rotation Watch: Can Anyone Emerge From Philadelphia’s Backcourt As Fantasy Relevant?

by Will Overton

The preseason is upon us and it’s time for fantasy owners to really be kicking their scouting and draft preparation into another gear. There is going to be a whole lot of stuff to watch as the preseason unfolds so it’s important that you know what specific things to watch for and focus in on.

One team that I am going to be paying a lot of attention to this preseason is the Philadelphia 76ers. We all know that bad teams can often create good fantasy players out of pretty mediocre talent. So when I’m in the middle rounds I’ll lean towards a guy who may get 30 MPG on a bad team over a more talented player who is getting less playing time on a better team. Read more

Buyer Beware: What Should We Make Of Dennis Schroder’s ADP Rise?

by Will Overton

There is a growing buzz in fantasy basketball circles around Dennis Schroder and his upside now that he has taken over full time starting point guard duties. Watching ADP reports can be a very telling thing early on in the draft season. You learn which guys are really rising up the list, and one of those guys is Dennis Schroder.

On ESPN just in the last week has risen from being the 101st pick overall on average to the 72nd pick overall. Meanwhile on Yahoo! the average draft pick slot for Schroder is up to 65 and it’s also rising there.

When Schroder was going around 90 – 100 on ESPN he was a value pick, a steal really. Now that he has jumped into the sixth round range though, is he still a good value? And with the way and the rate he is climbing, I assume he’ll jump another 10 – 15 spots still potentially. So let’s dive into just how high you should be taking Schroder and where his true value lies. Read more

Identifying Five Draft Values By Looking At True Shooting Percentage Numbers

by Ray Lin

One of the most underrated harbingers of success in fantasy is volume, and in fantasy hoops that means minutes played. We don’t trust that coaches will always be able to identify their most efficient and productive players and give them the most playing time. However, we can to a certain extent project whose underlying numbers show they make the most of their playing time and could take a leap in overall fantasy projection the next year.

The stat I want to zero in on today is True Shooting Percentage. The stat (aka TS%) is an APBRmetrics (Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics) number that measures a player’s efficiency at shooting the ball. The goal is really to have a shooting percentage that takes into account all the different types of shots a player can take and make — 2-pt field goals, free throws and 3-pointers. Here’s how it is calculated:

TS%: Total Points / (2 x (Field Goal Attempts + 0.44 * Free Throw Attempts) Read more

Fantasy Fallout: How Jeremy Lin Signing With Brooklyn Has Significant Fantasy Impact

by Will Overton

This offseason was loaded with drama with free agency frenzy at a pitch I have never seen before and trades flying in here and there. This offseason featured a ton of player movement and significant player movement that is going to impact fantasy basketball in a really big way.

As we dive into our preseason basketball coverage we will discuss a lot of this movement and the impact it’s going to have on the fantasy world. We’re going to start today though by looking at one of the more under the radar signing of the offseason that might have one of the biggest fantasy impacts of all. We are going to breakdown Jeremy Lin signing with the Brooklyn Nets and why I think this has such a large impact on the fantasy basketball world.

The Brooklyn Nets made several valiant efforts to add players, but seemed to be foiled at every turn by teams matching their offers or players electing to go elsewhere. One move they did manage to pull off was signing Jeremy Lin to come and be their starting point guard. A move that has the potential upside to create a new top 15 point guard. Read more

Injury Report: Looking At Guys Who Are Hitting The Shelf And The Impact Of It

by Will Overton

With the season winding down there may be a lot of people mailing it in right now. We’re not going to be mailing it in here at RotoProfessor though, we’re seeing this thing through for those who are still in the running for their titles.

With just a handful of games left for each team now things get a little unsteady. Injuries that might cause a guy to miss a game, or an injury they would normally play through, leads to them being shut down for the rest of the season if there team isn’t in the hunt for the playoffs.

We’re going to take a look at some of the injuries that have taken place in the last week and what that means for the rest of the team for fantasy purposes over the next few games: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Guys To Add For The Stretch Run Of The Season

by Will Overton

While things feel like they are just heating up in the NBA with the playoffs right around the corner, the fantasy season is winding down. For those in the thick of the chase for a championship, or at least finishing in the money, the NBA playoffs are the farthest thing from your mind right now.

For those out there looking to finish strong and maximize their lineup over the final week and a half of the season we are here to help. I have identified a handful of guys who I believe to have favorable schedules and/or circumstances for the final 10 days of the season. These are guys available on a majority of waiver wires right now who you can add to your lineups for the stretch run.

Let’s take a look at some guys who could help bring you home a title: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Guys To Take A Flier On In Dynasty And Keeper Leagues

by Will Overton

If you reach this point of the season and you’re not in the running for the grand prize of your league it gets a little tough to stay invested for the final couple of weeks. That’s all different if you’re playing in a dynasty league or a keeper league, because in that case you can already making moves and grabbing lottery tickets for seasons to come while everyone else is focused on there here and now.

If you’re that guy who isn’t in the running, don’t just pack it in and wait for next season, there is still work you could be doing now. Here are some of the guys I personally like as the lottery type adds who could be in store for a breakout next year. These are all guys who are available in almost all leagues at this point in time. Read more

Back From The Dead: Has Michael Beasley’s Fantasy Career Been Resurrected?

by Will Overton

Our world seems to have an obsession with Zombies these days. It’s the big thing on TV and in movies and also in books. Everyone loves a good zombie story and we have a zombie story of our own taking place in fantasy basketball right before our eyes, playing out over the last month.

That’s right folks, it seems as though Michael Beasley, once written off as a dead man to fantasy owners, has come back to life and is suddenly on a whole bunch of radars with the way he has been playing for the Houston Rockets since they signed him at the beginning of March.

Over the course of his 12 games with the Rockets, not including last night’s game, Beasley has put up the following numbers:

19.2 Minutes Per Game
54.1 Field Goal Percentage
72.4 Free Throw Percentage Read more

A Look Ahead: Four Players To Add For This Week’s Games

by Will Overton

Today’s posts is dedicated to those who play in head to head leagues or weekly lineup roto leagues. This is the time of the year where you have to be at full strength and running out the best possible lineup. That isn’t always the best players, but the guys who will you get the most stats.

Part of that in head to head and weekly lineup leagues is playing the matchups and watching the schedules to find some sleeper pieces. We are going to highlight some guys available in a majority of fantasy leagues who you could pick up and plug in this week based on a combination of matchups and talent: Read more

Fantasy Fallout: Does Anthony Davis Being Shut Down Create Fantasy Value For Someone Else?

by Will Overton

I am honestly a little bit surprised that the New Orleans Pelicans waited as long as they did to shut Anthony Davis down if what they are saying about his injury is accurate. This is already a lost season for the team and has been for a while.

Regardless of the timing, the decision has been made now and Davis is going to be watching the rest of the Pelicans games from the bench the next few weeks. Davis joins a list of other Pelicans who are sidelined, a list that also includes Ryan Anderson for now who missed last night’s game with a groin injury.

While the Pelicans team doesn’t have much to play for, there are players on this team who are going to get a big opportunity here who have plenty to play for and because of that they may make for some nice fantasy surprises come fantasy playoff time. Read more