Branyan to the DL, Braun not going?


It’s a slow afternoon, but I thought this was worth noting.  Tim Haudricourt of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (click here for the post) is reporting that the Brewers have placed Russell Branyan on the DL, recalling Laynce Nix to replace him on the roster.  As Haudricourt points out, it has been Craig Counsell getting AB’s as the “left-handed-hitting option at third” of late, so this doesn’t really change things for Bill Hall owners.

The more telling thing is that an OF’er was called up, which certainly will help with Ryan Braun currently sidelined with “an intercostal strain”, though not going on the DL.  As Haudricourt points out, this “gives an indication that the Brewers don’t think Braun will have to go on the DL. Otherwise, they would have put Braun on the DL and called up Nix”.

I’m not going to say that, without a doubt, this means Braun is not going to be DL’ed, but this certainly buys them another couple of days.  They have a little bit more depth at the position now, so they can afford to leave Braun on the bench and hope he heals up.  It is always possible that three days from now, Braun is still hurting, so they then decide to make the move, retroactively.  Keep that in mind, but at this point, daily owners should just have him on your bench until he proves he can return to the line-up.


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