Bullpen Notes: April 2, 2019: Swarzak Already “The Man”?, Is Kennedy Out?, Is Parker In? & More


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  1. RP,

    In a 9-team AL-only 5×5 roto league with $100 FAAB/season, how much would you bid on Swarzak (and Armstrong?)? (My team is stacked, except at closer, so getting a second closer is more important for my team than most others in the league).

  2. RP:

    Two other as:
    – For Royals, why not Diekman or Zimmer?
    – For Yanks, do you think Britton might be a logical next up alternative to Chapman? Feels like that guy is stuck in an injury cycle and presently is trying to find his mechanics.

    • The Royals are going to be a mess for a bit. It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone emerged

      Britton is the next up, at least until Betances returns, but they aren’t going to pull Chapman from the role


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