Bullpen Notes: June 11, 2019: New Name Emerging, Big Names With Significant Stumbles & More


Are you following @Rotoprofessor on Twitter? If not you should be, as we Tweet ut all the important bullpen notes every morning from the previous day’s games. Who is in jeopardy of losing their job? Who is worth the speculative add? Here are this morning tweets (Please note we won’t be posting these on the website every day, so make sure you follow @Rotoprofessor to ensure you don’t miss a thing):


  1. Hey Prof,

    Just wanted to add that in the Atl game, Minter and Swarzak were used in the 8th. Jackson was brought in for the 9th and right before the inning began it started pouring and caused the delay/early ending. So, for now at least, it still seems like Jackson is the “man”.

  2. As a Smith owner (and him being my most reliable closer) who would you view as the guy to step into the role if he was traded? Watson seems to be the 8th inning guy, but I think I should grab a handcuff in case Smith does ultimately get traded.

    • As much as I’d love to see Moronta, chances are it’s a mix of Watson/Melancon (and they could easily share the role)

  3. Great stuff! Do you plan to release a list/article that discusses the top RPs to buy/sell based on the most likely trades over the next few weeks? I’m in a deep saves and holds league and am constantly looking to get an edge on the next RP to see a surge in value.

      • Great! Ha – do you have any recommendations off the top of your head? All closers and most solid handcuffs are already taken in my league so I’m looking at guys like Trivino, Suero, Herrera, Dyson, etc.

        • It’s really tough to say without looking at it too closely. I’m not sure most of those guys will benefit from a trade, I’d be looking more at SF, for instance


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