Bullpen Notes: June 17, 2019: Is May Now “The Man” In Minnesota, Is Big Name’s Usage Leading To Significant Questions & More


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  1. Hey Prof,

    I own Jackson and recently picked up Minter as a handcuff. I’ve been thinking about it tho and are we sure that Swarzak wouldn’t get the opportunity ahead of Minter? He has been primarily used in the 8th lately and he has been surprisingly very good since joining Atlanta. I’m contemplating whether or not to drop Minter and grab Swarzak or if I should just stay with what I have, thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    • It’s not crazy, but I think they’d go with a RHP/LHP (as we expected them to do prior to the season). That would make sense to have Minter in thatm ix

  2. With the comment of watching the situation in Cincy, who would you think would be next? I haven’t been following the Reds.



      • thanks Prof, I picked him up just in case.

        Can’t tell you how many closers I’ve gotten out ahead of, over the years, due to this update. It’s led me to many a third place finish 🙂


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