Bullpen Notes: June 22, 2019: New Closers Rising in AL West (Texas/Oakland), Must Stash Next Up Options, Confusing Committees & More


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  1. Hey Prof,
    I’m puzzling through the end of my bench on an order to decide whether to drop any for Mazara who’s available in a couple 12 team leagues. How would you order the following players (from keep to drop) and where would Mazara fit? Thank you as always!

    F. Reyes
    E Jimenez
    W Meyer

    • I wouldn’t drop Jimenez or Myers, and Reyes is a tough drop at this point. I like both Dietrich and Mancini, but either I’d be willing to move on from in order to grab Mazara

      • Myers has been pretty horrid compared to Mazara, so unless Curious has some faith in him, he/she could probably cut Myers loose. Seems like a shallow league with Mazara on the wire.

  2. Just a not on Rogers and barnes. Roger’s was used for a 2 inning save on Friday night. The 2 inning save should be followed by a day off. It is understandable why he wasn’t fresh.

    Barnes on the other hand also pitched in back to back games and really seems to struggle when asked to do that so often. His workload also is questionable and can also explain his ineffectiveness. He has pitched in 12 of the last 22 days. That kind of workload is not sustainable.


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