Bullpen Notes: May 24, 2019: Messy Situations Get Messier (Rays, Braves, Cubs), Intriguing New Names Emerging & More


Are you following @Rotoprofessor on Twitter? If not you should be, as we Tweet out all the important bullpen notes every morning from the previous day’s games. Who is in jeopardy of losing their job? Who is worth the speculative add? Here are this morning tweets (Please note we won’t be posting these on the website every day, so make sure you follow @Rotoprofessor to ensure you don’t miss a thing):


  1. Thoughts on a trade offer:
    Harper, Eickhoff, B Crawford
    Senzel, Carpenter, and Quintana

    12 team standard.

    As always, thank you for your thoughts!

    • I guess it depends on need. Harper is the best player in the deal, though the other two players are not must roster guys. The Senzel side has 3 usable parts, though the sum may not be worth it. Do you need depth or the best palyer?

  2. Thanks Prof!

    I have a bunch of mid-tier players (Myers, Puig, Piscotty, Mancini, etc) in my OF at the moment and am tempted to pull the trigger to add Harper to Altuve, Goldsmidt, and Sale.


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