Buy ‘Em or Deny ‘Em: Do Khris Davis or Elvis Andrus Hold Value In Their New Homes


In a surprising swap inside the division, both Khris Davis and Elvis Andrus get a chance to reestablish their values in a new environment. Will either one of them be able to find themselves? Are they lost causes that should be ignored? Let’s take a look:

Khris Davis – Texas Rangers

Once among the most prolific power hitters in the game, Davis lands in Texas where he isn’t guaranteed playing time. Is it possible that he’s more of a platoon player, falling on the short side, as he platoons with Willie Calhoun at DH? That isn’t a crazy thought, given his performance against southpaws the past two seasons:

  • 2019 – .285/.380/.538
  • 2020 – .303/.415/.394

The question is whether or not the power will translate to Globe Life Field? While Oakland was always considered a cavernous ballpark, his new home ballpark was the least favorable ballpark to hitters in 2020.

Even if we want to ignore the debacle that was ’20, in 2019 he averaged just 396 feet on his home runs. So to summarize:

  • Declining power…
  • Uncertain playing time…
  • Even less friendly home ballpark…

In other words he appears to be a player to continue avoiding.

Elvis Andrus – Oakland A’s

Andrus becomes the replacement for Marcus Semien, at least on the short-term. While he struggled over his 111 PA last season, back in ’19 he had hit .275 with 12 HR and 31 SB. While he only had 3 SB last season, they all came in his 57 PA in August. That would put him on past for roughly 26 SB over a 500 PA season. Given the state of speed around the game, even at just 20 SB there’s going to be value.

Granted that’s not coming with much power, though 8-12 HR isn’t a complete void. He’s also done it with a strong enough approach, where a .260ish average is reasonable.

The A’s aren’t going to score a ton of runs, and that’s going to suppress his RBI/R totals. That said .260/10/20 would be more than enough to hold value as a middle infielder (if not a low-end starting SS). He wouldn’t have had the opportunity to post those numbers as a utility player in Texas, but as the starter in Oakland it can’t be ignored.

He’s not going to be a sexy pick, but there’s value (and even more post-trade) that can’t be ignored.

Sources – Fangraphs, Baseball Savant


  1. Barry,

    I suspect strongly RP’s more recent 1 week vanishing relates to playing catch-up on the Draft Guide. No inside knowledge, but it would explain the return followed by an immediate absence.

    • Same here! I hope all is well and I know sometimes as people we simply burn out doing the things we were once passionate about. And that’s ok too. While we hope to see you back Eric, know that I am grateful for all the days you killed my work productivity because I spent an hour reading and researching things you talked about.
      Take care of yourself!


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