Evening Roundup (Maine, Bedard and more)


A few things for this evening:

  • On the Mets telecast on SNY tonight it was reported that Fernando Tatis suffered a separated shoulder, which obviously will end his regular season.  He was a great story, especially for those in 5 OF’er formats, but at this point you have to move on.
  • Bart Hubbach of The New York Post (click here for the post) is reporting that Omar Minaya was quoted as saying “Right now, John Maine going into next season is a starter”.  Obviously things could change, as Hubbach says even Minaya admitted to.  He was also quoted as saying “We’ll see what the free-agent market brings and we’ll see what the trade [market] does”, regarding if Maine could be an option.  For now I wouldn’t be expecting any type of major shift in his role, though I guess time will tell.
  • According to Larry LaRue of The News Tribune (click here for the post), Erik Bedard “will undergo exploratory shoulder surgery Sept. 26”.  At this point, there is no knowing if and when Bedard will be able to return to action, as no one seems to know exactly what is wrong with him.  Depending on what the surgery shows, we’ll have a better idea so stay tuned on this one.  It looks like it is going to be more of the same for the injury riddled Bedard as we move into the offseason.
  • Anthony Reyes won’t pitch again for the Indians this season, according to Paul Hoynes of The Plain Dealer (click here for the article).  Eric Wedge was quoted as saying, “There’s no sense in pushing it. He did a fantastic job. He showed us what we needed to see. We need to do everything we can to make sure he’s healthy for the start of next year”.  Makes sense to me.  Reyes has a ton of potential, which he was finalyl beginning to show after getting out of St. Louis.  He will be a low-end option on draft day ’09, with the potential to really outperform his draft position.


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